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2020–21 Oak Curriculum


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Despite the intention for all pupils to return to school, there remains the potential for local lockdowns, continued shielding or classes on rotas.

DfE has released guidance to support school leaders to think about this. With the backing of the DfE, Oak will be available throughout 2020/21 as a free, optional, resource to support any school’s contingency planning.

To help planning we’re now publishing our curriculum plans for most lessons next year so you can see in advance what resources will be available. There’s some bits we’re still working on, but we wanted to publish as soon as we could.

What we’re offering

We want to support teachers to create, as far as possible, a seamless transition between learning in school and any that is done at home. And our teachers want to support their colleagues through a  challenging year ahead. So we are offering:

  • A broad, flexible plan for Reception to Year 11 that teaches the most popular topics and gives you the choice over how to order them
  • An expanded range of specialist content
  • The majority of lessons in this plan – that’s around 10,000 free lessons – available by September
  • Improved integration with existing learning management systems
  • Wherever copyright allows, an ability to download and edit resources to support lesson planning

For (nearly) every subject and key stage we have produced a detailed outline of the curriculum. Shortly we’ll also produce a summary overview so you can see all units and lessons for each year group.

These plans have been developed by our fantastic partners for next year and provide:

  • An overview of the principles we’ve followed
  • How we’ve organised and structured different elements of the curriculum
  • The units that make up the curriculum
  • One or more optional sequences you can teach these in

How to use Oak’s resources

Our simple aim is to support schools through a challenging period. It is up to schools to decide if and how you want to make use of Oak and what works best for your school.

We are running a series of webinars, led by our team of headteachers and school leaders, to explain our offer and how you might want to use Oak. You can sign up to these or access the full recordings.

We can envisage a number of options you might want to consider. To assess these we’d recommend you go through the following process:

1. Map against your curriculum

Go through Oak’s units and map them against your existing curriculum to assess where they match.

2. Consider using Oak where we match

Where our curriculum matches your own, you may consider using Oak as a ready-made back-up plan. Your teachers can feel free to use the resources in any other ways that might be useful – for example, supporting cover supervisors or HLTAs who might be covering classes and planning lessons.

3. Consider your back-up plan where we don’t match

For areas where our curriculum doesn’t match, you may wish to either:

  • Create your own remote teaching resources, such as recording lessons or creating worksheets etc.
  • Use high-quality curriculum resources available from education publishers and other resource suppliers
  • Choose to teach Oak’s units for this year, using our video and downloadable resources to help

Alternatively, you may choose not to plan any alignment between what is taught in-school and remotely. You still can know that Oak is available for any pupil who needs to be taught remotely, at any point in the year.

More detailed guidance on implementing Oak will be available in our School’s Pack.

We’re missing some bits

With our aim to produce the majority of the ~10,000 lessons for the year before September we have faced constraints. There are some areas of the national curriculum we simply haven’t been able to cover and some things we still need a little more time to finalise. We’ve made good progress on, but still need to finalise:

In some areas we’ve more work to do, but we hope we’ll be able to include them early in the new academic year:

  • Primary Art
  • Secondary RHE (PSHE)
  • Primary and secondary Design & Technology.

We’re sorry not to have got all of these complete, but we wanted to publish the majority as soon as we could.

How we decided what to create

Choosing what lessons and resources to produce were our hardest decisions. We are here to serve the whole school community so have tried to consult as widely as possible. We’ve sought to pick what best matches as many schools as possible, but know we can’t replicate the full diversity of school curricula. The full process and those involved are outlined in our blog and includes:

  • A sector advisory group with representatives from unions and membership bodies to help us meet the needs of as many schools as possible
  • A curriculum advisory group to help us develop our overall approach and principles
  • A wide range of experts and advisors, including many subject associations, working directly with our Subject Leads to agree the content for each subject
  • Lessons and resources created by serving teachers

We have worked with a range of schools, school trusts and nationally representative organisations (such as the National Centre for Excellence in Language Pedagogy and National Centre for Computing Education) to identify schools with capacity and resources to create these lessons over the coming month and are hugely grateful for their generosity. Our full list of curriculum partners for next year is available. This has again shown how teachers go over and above to support their colleagues.

Download detailed curricula

View summary curriculum map