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About Oak National Academy

Everything you need for a full year of teaching

Welcome to Oak National Academy - your go-to resource hub made by teachers, for teachers.

Our Teacher Hub has clear information for every lesson including core knowledge and other subject-specific detail, and holds everything you’ll need for a full year of teaching:

  • new-and-improved, fully sequenced curriculum maps spanning the national curriculum
  • resourced in their entirety with thousands of high-quality, teacher-made lesson slides, videos, worksheets and quizzes - ready for you to download, adapt and share
  • from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 11 and specialist lessons covering a wide range of learning areas and therapies.

Our newly designed shareable unit quizzes are a formative tool to help to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge in all English, Maths, Science, Geography and History units of work.

Our quizzes are now downloadable and printable as question and answer sheets. Even more of our lesson slides are available to personalise.

Whether you’re a new teacher starting out or an experienced teacher updating schemes, we’ve got resources and ideas in one place.

And should disruption return, Oak’s teacher-led videos and easily shareable lessons offer a complete and instant back-up for remote learning.