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Oak National Academy

Teachers: Hear about Oak’s updates for 2020/21

Information for teachers and schools

Across July we will be hosting a series of webinars for school leaders and teachers to learn more about how to use our lessons and resources.

To learn more about our 2020/21 plans and ask questions to our curriculum experts, please follow the links below to register for the webinar most appropriate for you:

Making the most of Oak: Primary curriculum for 2020/21 – 6th July

Making the most of Oak: Secondary curriculum for 2020/21 – 7th July

Making the most of Oak: Specialist curriculum for 2020/21 – 8th July


Our 2020/21 plans

Oak National Academy offers schools a full range of online lessons and resources. We provide a flexible, sequenced plan of video lessons, following a clear curriculum.

With the uncertainty ahead, we’re hoping for the best but we need a back-up plan available for every school. So we’re keeping Oak National Academy open for all of 2020/21 as a free, optional, resource for any school that wants to use it.

Despite the intention for all pupils to return to school, there remains the potential for local lockdowns, continued shielding or classes on rotas. To tackle these challenges we want to support teachers to create, as far as is possible, a seamless transition between learning in school and at home. Our plan, informed by lots of feedback from teachers and school leaders is to:

  • Develop a broad, flexible curriculum map for reception to year 11. This map will set out the most popular topics and give schools choice in how to order them. It will be available in early July.
  • Create the majority of the lessons in that curriculum map (up to ~10,000) and make these available before September.
  • Make it easier to integrate Oak into school’s existing learning management systems.

Oak National Academy can help you meet the needs of your school right now, and give you options for whatever happens in the future. 

To help now, we’ve put together a pack of resources for schools with documents and videos you can download if you’d like to implement Oak as part of your remote teaching plans. This pack of resources will be updated in July with more detail on how to make the most of our new curriculum for 2020/21. 

To learn more about how to use our lessons and resources next year, please sign up for updates.

Guidance to help schools plan

Find out how we can help you plan for remote teaching or a phased return to school.

How Oak works


Oak National Academy is a free platform which is accessible on any device including mobiles. There are no sign-ups or logins required. 

Oak will provide lessons for the entire academic year. Schools are free to choose which parts of Oak’s curriculum to use as they wish. 

Our content will be structured into a series of ‘building blocks’. We’ll set out which of the blocks within a subject can go in any order and which ones we think need to follow a sequence. Schools can then choose the blocks that work best for them and build them into planning. 

To help with planning, we’ll be publishing the entire Oak curriculum for the year in July, and the majority of lessons for the year will be released by September.  

To hear when our resources for next year are released, and to attend webinars on how Oak might help your plans, please sign up for updates.

What is in Oak’s curriculum?


You can view our current curriculum online, which includes lessons  up to the end of term.

For next year, we’ve enlisted the support of a broad group of curriculum experts from across the system who will help to steer our curriculum work.

As much as we’d love to, Oak can’t teach every possible option across the curriculum. But we want to align to schools’ plans as much as we can. We’ll work with these experts to identify the most common content from across the curriculum to ensure that the resources are as useful for as many schools as possible. This will be published in early July.

How you can use Oak with your pupils


Teachers are best placed to make decisions about which resources to use. We just hope that Oak will be a useful support if you choose to use it in this period of uncertainty.

Schools may choose to adopt Oak’s whole curriculum just for next year, with Oak delivering their remote lessons while their in-school curriculum would match Oak’s but continue to be delivered by their own fantastic staff. They may also choose to use Oak’s resources to support their lesson planning.

Alternatively schools may choose to pick the parts of Oak’s curriculum that match their own and use this to support online and in-person teaching. And then continue with different lessons where Oak and the school’s curriculum don’t match. We hope Oak simply frees you up to focus on the bits that matter most to you and your school.

How you can check your pupils are completing their work on Oak


We’ve made Oak with accessibility in mind so there is no requirement to log-in. This means we do not store personal data and so at the moment we cannot store or send any information on work completion from individual pupils. We are looking into this for next year..

We know that you may want to check on work completion, and what pupils have learnt. For now, schools can do this by:

  • Asking pupils to take a screenshot of end of lesson quizzes with their score, and uploading these to the school’s learning management system (e.g. as an assignment in Google Classroom), or emailing them to class teachers
  • Setting their own quizzes on their learning management system, asking about content taught in Oak lessons
  • Regularly contacting parents to check how pupils are managing with Oak and speaking to the pupil to ask them questions about what they’ve been learning
  • Having a teacher available at set times to answer questions from pupils.

What’s Oak’s background?


Oak was set up as a collective response by state school teachers to address the coronavirus lockdown. We were initially built at speed to support the sector, and we’re staying open for 2020/21 to support schools with their remote teaching plans.

How can I get involved?


At the moment, we’re unfortunately not able to build in other resources as we have limited capacity. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of our colleagues in the teaching profession in sharing their ideas to improve our classroom.

If you have more questions, please visit our FAQs.