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Oak National Academy

Half term: please visit Oak Activity Club for this week’s activities

Information for teachers and schools

Hear how we can help you plan for more remote teaching, or plan for a phased return to school.

And learn more in our guidance below.

Oak National Academy provides a sequenced plan of video lessons, following a clear curriculum. Your school can use it as you wish, to complement your existing remote teaching.

Many schools are thinking ahead to the different options that might happen as and when lockdown is eased. 

This includes the continued use of remote teaching, or considering how to manage if some children return while others remain at home.

If you need more staff in school, we know that will mean less time for teachers to deliver remote learning. 

Oak National Academy can help you meet the needs of your school right now, and give you options for whatever happens in the future.

To help with this, we’ve put together a pack of resources for schools with documents and videos you can download if you’d like to implement Oak as part of your remote teaching plans.

Guidance to help schools plan

Find out how we can help you plan for remote teaching or a phased return to school.

How Oak works


Oak National Academy is a free platform which is accessible on any device including mobiles. There are no sign-ups or logins required. 

Our online lessons follow a ready-made and sequenced curriculum for the summer term. Every week we’ll create over 180 hours’ worth of lessons. 

The quality assured lessons are tried and tested, with 4.5million lessons accessed in our first two weeks alone. Oak has been backed by the Department for Education.

What is in Oak’s curriculum?


To help you plan, the full curriculum of what we’re teaching is published online. 

There is a plan for primary and for secondary. 

Primary covers English, maths, modern foreign languages and foundation (covering history, geography and science through a topic-based curriculum). Secondary covers a wider range of core subjects. You can see all the subjects in our online classroom

This will provide:

  • Three hours a day for primary school-aged children
  • Four-to-five hours a day for secondary school-aged children

We’re also covering the Early Years Foundations Stage, informed by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This covers the seven areas of learning, the characteristics of effective learning and has play at its heart.

We’ve recently expanded to include a specialist curriculum. 

We’re working to expand our offer further, as we know we don’t yet cover the full range on offer in normal times, nor cater for the full range of pupils.

How you can use Oak with your pupils


You can use Oak to complement or deliver your remote teaching planning, whatever happens with pupils returning. 

All our lessons follow a sequenced curriculum so you can use them in order. But you can also use each lesson independently. 

You decide what works best for you and your pupils. 

You can adopt Oak to help you in two ways:

  • Full curriculum: If you’d like your pupils can study our full curriculum. Direct pupils to the Schedule view in the online classroom. This gives them a daily schedule that guides them through the full curriculum in order. All our past content is on there, so start from Week 1 and get them to follow along. 
  • Pick and mix: You might want to use us to help your pupils study specific parts, to fit alongside your own curriculum. Direct your pupils to the Subject view. You’ll need to tell them which lessons to do, when. To help, each lesson can be found through the Subject view and has its own web address. You can copy this to send to your pupils.

As well as directing pupils to the Oak classroom, you can also send a lesson to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams in just one click. 

To do this, once you’ve found a lesson you’d like to use, there are sharing buttons above each. When you click, you’ll be given an option on how to share. 

How your pupils and families can use Oak


Our classroom resources in no way replace the crucial teacher to student relationship. They’re a means of supporting and complementing your own work at this difficult time.

Oak is designed to work as a standalone resource. You can provide it to pupils, parents or carers to help their remote learning. This frees you up to provide support to those who are in school, or who need extra help.

Our lessons are designed to be undertaken by children without detailed support of parents, except for some lessons in the strand for pupils who attend specialist settings. 

All lessons are sequenced to allow them to be used as a comprehensive curriculum. Each lesson is an hour long and contains elements such as quizzes, video explanations from teachers, and worksheets. 

Each lesson can be paused and tracked back to give children time to understand and complete tasks. Everything is accessible from the same website.

How you can check your pupils are completing their work on Oak


We’ve made Oak with accessibility in mind so there is no requirement to log-in. This means we do not store personal data and so cannot store or send any information on work completion from individual pupils.

We know that you may want to check on work completion, and what pupils have learnt. Schools can do this by:

  • Asking pupils to take a screenshot of end of lesson quizzes with their score, and uploading these to the school’s learning management system (e.g. as an assignment in Google Classroom), or emailing them to class teachers
  • Setting their own quizzes on their learning management system, asking about content taught in Oak lessons
  • Regularly contacting parents to check how pupils are managing with Oak and speaking to the pupil to ask them questions about what they’ve been learning
  • Having a teacher available at set times to answer questions from pupils 

How does Oak help provide the wider educational experience?


We’re delighted that parents are finding Oak’s resources helpful as part of their school’s online learning. So over half-term, we’re launching a range of extra-curricular activities to help families continue to manage their daily routines. 

These extra-curricular activities will continue after half-term, with one hour per week for each activity.

And after half-term, we’re also launching a week’s worth of careers activity, aimed at KS4 students.

What’s Oak’s background?


Our online classroom has been developed by more than 80 state school teachers. We were built at speed to support the sector, and we’ve recently expanded to include a specialist curriculum. We don’t yet cover the full range on offer in schools in normal times and we don’t yet cater for the full range of pupils who attend specialist settings.

We’re supported by the Department for Education and will be open at least until schools fully re-open.

How can I get involved?


At the moment, we’re not able to build in other resources as we have limited capacity. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of our colleagues in the teaching profession in sharing their ideas to improve our classroom. 

We’re trying to reach as many schools as possible. Please share Oak with colleagues and families you feel might benefit from our online learning. 

If you have more questions, please visit our FAQs.

Do you have any more information on remote teaching and learning?


If you’re looking for more information on remote education, please check out these resources from the Department for Education. These include information, guidance and support for teachers and school leaders on educating children during the coronavirus outbreak.