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Download our Lesson & Resource Directory

Our complete downloadable directory gives an at-a-glance overview and easy access to every one of Oak’s 10,000 free lessons and resources.

Built to help teachers with their planning, the Teacher Hub is the gateway to Oak’s lessons and resources from a teacher’s point of view. It provides you with access to download, edit and share resources covering the vast majority of the national curriculum.

But 10,000 lessons means there is a LOT to explore… and Oak is here to save you time, not send you searching!

So we’ve produced the Lesson & Resource Directory - a helpful document which handily breaks down each subject and key stage on offer to unit and lesson level.

  • Quickly search and filter thousands of free lessons and resources
  • Instantly see all subjects, units and lessons available for each key stage
  • Make planning simple - find direct links to downloadable slides, quizzes and worksheets