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Summer Learning: Flexible Resources

Whether you're teaching in school or setting work for home, we’ve created new tools and curated our English, Maths, Science, Geography and History resources into our Summer Teacher Hub.

Teaching in school over summer?

Here’s how we suggest you make the most of Oak’s new tools and resources:

I know the areas where my pupils need support

Head straight to our Summer Teacher Hub to find our priority units and lessons and pick the ones your pupils need. These have been curated by teachers based on the topics they think are most important to progress to the next academic year.

I’m not sure where my pupils need support

Start by sending your pupils to our unit quizzes. Get your pupils to share their quiz results with you, so you can identify gaps in their knowledge. You can then search through our priority units and lessons for the resources to best support them. Our priority lessons stand alone or run in sequence - they are not timetabled because you know your pupils' needs and availability best.

You might find our sequence useful for supporting transition from Years 6 to 7 and to support those heavily impacted in ‘exam years’ Years 9 to 11.

I want to support my pupils beyond the classroom

We know pupils’ physical and mental wellbeing has been affected by lockdown so we’re also offering a selection of creative, active and wellbeing resources from partner organisations on our enrichment pages.

Setting home learning?

As with teaching in-school, you can use the unit quizzes to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge and set home learning based on their needs.

With home learning, you might choose to set a sequence of lessons or you might suggest some relevant, single lessons to be followed. You might also choose to have work submitted.

In preparing for Year 6 to Year 7 transition, consider looking ahead to topics for the next academic year, and what key topics your pupils may need to consolidate. In supporting those most disrupted in their exam years, you might seek to consolidate previous learning.

Don’t forget, we also have our creative, active and wellbeing resources – this may be all some pupils need. With Oak’s Summer Learning Support, the choice is yours.