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Everything you need for a full year of teaching

Oak National Academy is staying open and free to support schools, teachers and pupils.

A group of pupils paired up at computers.

What's new for this year

  • new-and-improved, fully sequenced curriculum maps spanning the national curriculum and re-worked lesson summaries to include core knowledge and other subject specific detail
  • even more of the 10,000 high-quality, teacher-made lesson slides are now available for you to download and adapt to create your own lessons
  • our newly designed, shareable unit quizzes are a formative tool to help to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge in all English, Maths, Science, Geography and History units of work
  • Our quizzes are now also downloadable and printable as question and answer sheets

How Oak can help you

Our research shows that 75% of teachers will continue to use Oak this year. Below are the most popular ways our free lessons and resources are being used to help save teachers time and reduce workload.