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Everything you need for a full year of teaching

Oak National Academy is staying open and free to support schools, teachers and pupils.

A group of pupils paired up at computers.

Know your way around

The Teacher Hub is a dedicated area for teachers to find planning resources. For complete lessons for pupils to use independently, send them to Oak’s online Classroom.

What's new for this year:

  • new-and-improved, fully sequenced curriculum maps spanning the national curriculum for long-term planning
  • more upfront detail and lesson summaries including core knowledge and objectives
  • shareable unit quizzes offer a formative tool to help to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge in all English, Maths, Science, Geography and History units of work
  • all quizzes are now also downloadable and printable as question and answer sheets
  • for those working with Key Stage 4, our new GCSE English, maths and science revision documents provide direct links to our most useful resources for mocks and resits

How Oak can help you

Our research shows that 71% of teachers are using Oak to support in-class planning this year. Explore some of the other most popular ways our free lessons and resources are being used to help save teachers time and reduce workload below.