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Hi, I'm Miss Davies.

in this lesson, we're going to be adding and subtracting integers.

Let's work out this addition using the column method.

Going to start off by adding seven and five, to give 12.

Then three tens add one 10, adding on the other 10 that we carried gives us five tens.

Then we can add zero hundreds and seven hundreds together to give us seven hundreds.

And then we've got two thousands.

Have a go at this one.

Seven ones add seven ones is 14 ones.

So four ones and one 10.

Seven tens, add four tens, add one 10 is 12 tens.

So we can write this as two tens and 100.

Nine hundreds add eight hundreds add 100 is 18 hundreds.

We can write this as eight hundreds and 1000.

Eight thousands add two thousands add one thousand, is 11,000.

Well done if you got that right.

Next, let's have a go at subtracting.

Seven ones subtract four ones is three ones.

Three tens subtract one 10 is two tens.

Zero hundreds subtract two hundreds would give a negative answer.

So we need to exchange our two thousands for 1000 and 10 hundreds.

Now we have got 10 hundreds subtract two hundreds, which gives eight hundreds.

Then 1000 subtract 1000 is zero thousands.

So the answer is 823.

Possibly dare to have a go at this question.

Let's go for it together.

Three ones subtract five ones would give a negative answer.

So we're going to exchange eight tens for seven tens and 10 ones.

This now gives us 13 ones subtract five ones, which is eight.

Next, we have seven tens subtract seven tens, which is zero.

And next we have got three hundreds subtract two hundreds, which is 100.

Finally seven thousands subtract nothing is seven thousands.

So our answer is 7,108.

Well done if you've got that.

Sophie has £861 and Alisha has £532.

How much more money does Sophie have than Alicia? Let's look at this word more.

What does it mean? Are are we going to add the two values together? No, let's look at a bar model.

We've been asked to calculate how much more Sophie has, which is this distance here.

To do this, we're going to subtract 532 from 861.

Sophie has £329 more than Alicia.

Here are some questions for you to try.

Pause the video, to complete your task and resume once you're finished.

Here are the answers.

Make sure that all of the digits are placed in the correct place value columns.

And that you've remembered to include any exchanges that you did.

Here are some questions for you to try.

Pause the video to complete your task and the resume once you're finished.

Here are the answers.

For part A, you needed to add up all of the numbers in the table.

for part B, you needed to work out 762 take away 540.

And for part C, you needed work out 1018 subtract 401.

That's all for this lesson.

Thanks for watching.