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My name is Mr Lindley, and I'm going to be your PE teacher for today.

This unit of work is all about athletics.

Running, throwing, and jumping, one of my favourite areas of PE.

In lesson one we're going to be looking at our agility skills.

We're going to be focusing on moving while changing speed and direction and we're going to be making fast and effective decisions with some of our activities.

We do of course need to keep ourselves safe.

If you're unsure of any of the activities today, please make sure you have a trusted adult nearby When you take part.

We are going to need a bit of a clear space, approximately two by two metres square.

You might need to move a few chairs.

Possibly even perhaps pop outside.

Please make sure you're wearing your trainers.

We wouldn't want anyone in just in their socks in case they slip over.

Please also be wearing something comfortable, shorts and T-shirt on myself.

Hair tied back if you got long hair and take your jewellery off.

Please also check the floor in case it's slippy.

We will need some specific items for today's lesson.

You're going to need four household items. They are going to act as markers.

I've chosen a Teddy, a toilet roll, a can of food and a spare trainer.

You will also need a timer, a stopwatch.

You can find one of these, of course, on your phone.

It looks a little bit like that when you've found it.

And we're going to be able to use that to time ourselves in one of the activities.

You can pause the video now and go and collect those items. Clear the space and resume When you've done that.

In today's lesson, we'll have a warm up shortly.

Then, we're going to have an activity called agility run.

This will progress on to a timed agility run which we're going to use as our personal challenge today.

That's when you're going to need the stopwatch.

Then, we're going to have a reaction run activity where you'll be reacting to my commands, my voice.

And finally, you'll get a chance to be successful hopefully at the exit quiz.

Alright, it's time for a warm up.

Get yourselves up, get, get into that space and let's get moving.

So let's get going with a warm up before we get into our agility work today.

All I want you to do is copy me.

We're just going to be jogging on the spot to start with getting ourselves moving.

We're going to go for about 30 seconds on this.

So keep up, increase the speed.

Make sure those knees are off the floor.

Pumping the arms to the side.

Another 10 seconds.

And stop that.


Now let's get going with some star jumps.

We're going to go for 20.

Here we go.

And another 10 everybody.

Superb, now think about these legs.

We're going to be lunging forwards and getting that knee down to a right ankle.

So both sides, we can go in different directions.

Let's do another few of those.


Don't let the knee bounce on the floor.

Another three of those please.

One more.


Let's work both legs together now.

We're going to do some squats.

Let's go down, squat, And up.

This time I'm going to go with a squat with a twist.

Twist round, squat, twist round, squat, twist round, squat, twist round.


Now we're going to open the gate with our legs, thinking about those groin muscles.

So bring it out and round.

We're going to do four or five on each side.

Up and round.

And another one on each side.

And superb, let's get ourselves down into a press up position and we're going to go for some mountain climbers.

So we just bring our leg up, like so, getting a little bit faster, each time, getting those legs nice and warm.


Stand yourselves up, thinking about the arms and get those ready.

Big shoulders, arm circles backwards, a little bit bigger each time.


And let's go forwards.

Again, getting a little bit bigger each time.

And give your whole body a bit of a shake.

And we are ready for our agility work today.

While you're getting your breath back from the warmup, here's a quick question for you.

Why do we warm up? There's an answer.

We warm up because we're feeling cold.

Now is that true or false? The answer, false.

And there's your correct answer.

We in fact warmup, because we have to make sure our muscles are ready for exercise.

There will be three key words in today's session.

The first being agility, the key one that we're focusing on.

The ability to move quickly and easily.

Our second key word is reaction.

Something done, felt or thought in response to a situation or event.

You're going to be reacting as quickly as possible to my voice today.

Thirdly, direction, the course along which someone or something moves and you will be moving in various directions as fast as possible.

Here is activity number one, agility run.

I'll give you a clear explanation and demonstration before you're able to have a go yourselves.

Good luck.

So here we are with a agility run.

Hopefully you've managed to find four house items, and have placed them in a simple square grid formation as I have done just here.

This activity is all about as agility, as I've just said.

So we need to be on our toes, ready to be agile and to move to all four corners.

All I want you to do is to run to a corner, place your foot by the side of the object, before returning to the middle and then heading off to a new corner.

Place your foot back to the middle.

We want to do this at speed.

And hopefully you'll be able to visit all four corners as quickly as possible.

It might look something a little bit like this.

Place your foot back the middle, try a new corner, back to the middle, into a new corner, back to the middle, Fourth corner, back to the middle.

And you can obviously continue and get faster and faster.

Have a go, see how you get on.

So you've heard the explanation, seen the demonstration so it's over to you.

Pause the video to have a go.

And when you finished, click resume.

After that agility run, let's just have a moment.

Here's a statement.

Being agile helps us to move quickly and easily, true or false? Yeah, true It certainly does.

On to activity number two, our personal challenge.

You're going to need the stopwatch I mentioned right at the beginning.

You're going to place that by your feet, in the middle of the grid.

When you're ready, you set the timer and you're going to visit all four corners of the grid three times.

So three circuits of the grid.

Each time don't forget to get back to the middle before heading off to another corner.

Once you've got, once you've repeated it three times press stop on your stopwatch and have a look How long that took you.

Get your breath back, and then see if you can beat your own personal time.

Good luck.

Pause the video now to have a go at the task and click resume once you've completed it.

On to activity three, reaction run.

Again, I'm going to give you a clear explanation and demonstration of this task.

Before you can get to have a go yourselves.

Great work with the agility run.

Now we're going to push things on and we're going to have a go at the reaction run.

You've still got your four items in your grid formation.

And we're still going out to each corner, placing our foot before coming back to the middle.

But this time each item has a number.

I'm going to keep things simple.

I'm going to go clockwise around, so this is my item number one here, I've got two, three and four.

I'm going to call a sequence of numbers and you're going to visit those, those, those items before returning to the middle.

It might be a short sequence of three numbers, such as one, three, two.

So I'll run out to one, back the middle.

Out to three, back the middle.

Out to two, back to the middle.

The sequence might get more challenging and longer as time goes on.

You'll need to listen to that from myself, or if you've got somebody at home, they could also call out those numbers for you.

Now is the opportunity to pause the video if perhaps someone in your household can call the numbers out for you.

If not continue playing the video and I'll give you a series of numbers to run to.

So here we got with the first set of numbers in the sequence.

I'd like to visit one, three, two, on your toes, Go! Great work.

Let's try another set of three numbers.

Are you ready? On your toes, listening.

We're going to go to four, one, three, go.

Great work.

Let's push this on and let's this time go to four different numbers.

The sequence is going to be ready coming at you.

So on your toes, I would like you to visit one, three, two, one.

Superb work.

Let's try another four number sequence.

This time.

Are you ready? It's going to be four, two, one, three.

Off you go.


Let's push it on even further, Let's go for five numbers in a row.

Got to memorise, You've got to concentrate as well as being agile.

Are you ready? We're going to go to one, three, two, four, one.


Good work, good work.

In that reaction run, which muscles did you have to use the most? Have a look at those four options there.

Option one, your biceps, option two, your quadriceps, option three, your deltoids, or options four your abdominals.

Which one do you think you use the most? Yep, it was option two, our quadriceps.

well done.

When in real life though, might you need to have quick reactions.

Look at those four options.

Choose which one you think is the most appropriate.

Brilliant, well done.

Of course, it's to catch a ball in a game.

Quick reactions when someone's called your name, you need to catch that ball quickly.

Great work today guys.

The learning outcomes of today, what have we developed? Well, we haven't just developed our physical agility skills but also our cognitive, our thinking skills.

We've looked at our decision-making.

You've been competitive and you've been resilient.

You've had to keep going, keep trying hard and especially in activity two, trying to beat your personal challenge.

I hope you've enjoyed today's session and I look forward to seeing you again in another athletics lesson soon.