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- Hello everyone, and welcome to your first RHE lesson.

My name is Miss Plummer, and the title of this unit is Community Care.

Over the next few lessons, you will be learning about belonging.

Belonging to your friendship groups, maybe even a sports group.

Today, the title is All About Me.

So we will be thinking about you and what makes you special.

Let's get started.

Today, we're going to start by learning about a scrapbook.

After that, I'm going to share with you a little bit about my family, and you're going to think about who you live with.

Then I'm going to show you a special enchanted mirror.

And finally, you're going to think about you and what makes you special.

Let's begin.

A scrapbook is a book full of pages that we can fill with lots of memories.

Here is my scrapbook, and inside I've got lots of cards and photographs of my time as a teacher.

Special things that I want to keep.

I thought it would be really nice if we could create a scrapbook all about you.

Groups that you belong to, your family, people who you live with.

Pause the video now if you want to go and find your scrapbook.

If you don't have one like this, you could just get some paper and we can make it into a book together.

Come back when you're ready.

This is my family.

There's me, my mum, my dad, and my two brothers.

I also have a little dog called Missy.

This is a picture from her on her birthday.

I loved her party hat, but I don't think she enjoyed it that much.

Do you? Now that you've thought about the people that you live with, let's think about you.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I've got a special enchanted mirror.

It doesn't just show you what you look like on the outside, it shows you what you're like on the inside as well.

Let's see what happens when some of my friends look into the mirror.

- Ooh, I like my outfit today.

- [Mirror] Look again and you will see your special qualities.

- I'm funny and caring.

- [Mirror] Look deeper into the mirror and you'll see what you're like on the inside.

- Okay, I'm kind and I'm a good friend.

- Did you like my special mirror? It's clever isn't it? It doesn't just show us what we look like and what people see, it shows us our special qualities, what we're like as a person.

What are you like as a person? What are your special qualities? Are you kind? Do you share? Are you caring? Are you a good listener? Have a think about what you're like.

Your task today is to describe what is special about you.

First of all, you're going to look inside your enchanted mirror.

Look deep inside and look for those special qualities, what you are like on the inside.

Then you're going to draw yourself in your scrapbook or on your paper.

Draw what you're wearing, draw your face, draw your body, draw your hair.

And then, most importantly, you're going to list all around the outside all of the special qualities about you.

Are you kind? Do you share? Do you listen? Do you let others join in your games? Can't wait to see what you've done.

You've been amazing today.

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See you soon.