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Physical activity required.

Adult supervision recommended.


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My name is Mr. Lindley, and I'm going to be your PE teacher for today.

We've been working on athletics in this unit of work and we've been thinking about all the skills needed for great athletes.

Today's session is all about balance.

We do need to keep ourselves safe in today's PE lesson.

If you're unsure of doing any of the activities please make sure you've got a trusted adult nearby When you start.

We're going to need a clear space.

Ideally three by two metres.

This could be indoors or outdoors.

Please also check above your head.

We wouldn't want you banging your head on anything.

Please also make sure you've got something sensible on your feet, a pair of trainers.

And please don't just do this in a pair of socks in case you slip, make sure the floor is not slippy and also make sure you're wearing something comfortable like shorts and a t-shirt.

Pop your hair up if needed and remove any jewellery.

In this lesson, we're only going to need six household items just six items that we can use.

Any six.

There are my six I've chosen, as you'll see later on.

Pause the video now to go and find six items. Make sure they stand just up above the ground and that will help you with the activities.

Click resume once you've found them.

In today's lesson, we're going to have a warm up very shortly.

The first activity will be a toe tap activity.

This will then become an extension task to that one.

Before we have a go at our personal challenge then you can finish with the exit quiz.

Oh, it's time for the warmup.

Time to get active, ready for today's session.

Here we are with today's warm up.

Let's get moving.

We'll start with a bit of a pulse raiser as we like to do.

Let's just get jogging on spot, okay guys? Keep that jogging nice and smooth.

Get the heart pumping the blood around the body.

muscles Let's get jogging.

Keep that going.



Every time I say twist, I want you to twist 180 degrees and carry on jogging.

You ready? Twist Twist Twist.


Okay, were going to add in a jump or a touch the floor as well as the twist.

Are you ready? Keep jogging jump twist touch the floor, twist, twist, jump.

Touch the floor, twist keep jogging, twist jump twist touch the floor keep jogging floor jump keep jogging.

Well done, guys.


Let's get going with some spotty dogs okay, it's a really good one to get your body moving.

Okay, keep going keep going for about 20 seconds.

let's do some facing the other way.

Great, back to jogging.

OK, let's work those legs a bit more now.

With some mountain climbers.

Okay, here we go let's get those legs really pushing up and you're back up on your feet again.

Superb, give me 10 star jumps.

Here we go.

Five more.

And back to jogging, and back to walking.


Let's get those joints all mobilised, and stretched out.

So give me some squats, please.

You know, how many of the leg muscles this really helps stretch out? Okay, four more, two more, superb.

We're going to do some lunges now I want you to do different angles.

knee nearly to the floor.



As always our groin muscles as well.

Let's get those ready for action, superb.

up and round and then back over.


To help with that one, back to a plank position, bring that foot up to there, before swapping that's it.

I'm really stretching it out, lovely.

Now stand up.

So top halves, want to do some twists.

That's nice.

Top half of the body really mobilised and really in action.


Now we'll do some toe touches that's it.



And with our arms, circles with the shoulders backwards.

We do that forwards.


Big circles.

We can do one going the other way.

One going forwards, one going backwards.

We swap over.

Or just big circles backwards or big circles forwards.

Give your body a little bit of a shake and we're ready for today's session.

Well done with the warmup while you get your breath back here something to have a little think about.

An effective warmup sequence consists of.

Can you think of what we put into the warmup? There were in that fact two main sections to our warmup.

And actually we'd like to often have three parts.

The first part is a light aerobic activity, a pulse raiser.

And we certainly did that one.

The next part was stretching and we certainly did that one.

And the third part of the warm up, sometimes we like to do a skill-related practise or a sports-specific activity.

In many of our lessons that often has been activity number one.

key words for today then.

Well, the first one there is extension.

Extension is the straightening of a joint.

We are going to be extending our legs, feet, toes everything in this first activity.

And activity one is toe tap.

Have a look at the demonstration, listen carefully to the explanation, before having a go yourselves.

Activity one in our balance work today is toe tap.

You're going to need six items, as I mentioned earlier, I've gone for the ones that ruin my pictures.

I've got my spare trader I'm going to set them out all the six items, in a circle.

Approximately two metres down that's for certain two good strides.

I want to give myself a very basic challenge Not too hard at the start, 'cause I can always adapt it and make it harder later.

So then, standing on one leg, I'm going to go with my right leg first 'cause it's my most dominant leg I'm going to then try and toe tap all six items. Without this foot moving at all.

So here I go.

Can I do the first, second, third that was a nice, easy one for me.

Fourth, a little bit more challenging.


Don't want to fall, sixth.

And I managed it.


Once I've had a few goes with that one, I'll try my other leg.

Not sure how successful I'll be but that's something I'm going to practise.

Starts off easier, can't fall.

Touch your toe, touch it.


A little bit more challenging.

Something I'm going to practise.

As always, we can make things more challenging if we wish.

So for this one, it's going to be space, Isn't it? Number one.

Can you start to push the items just slightly further and further apart.

And also for the task.

Could you give yourself a time limit for this one? That would be an idea.

A time limit to actually toe touch.

All of them with both legs.

Have a go at toe touch, keep your balance.

Right, there you go.

Quite a tricky one.

Pause the video, have a few goes at this one and click resume once you've finished.

And if you need any of the information how to set this one up, it's all on this slide here.

A dynamic balance is performed without movement.

Would you say that is true or false? Dynamic balance.

That one is false.

Static balances are still, dynamic balances involve movement.

More keywords for today.

Core strength, core strength is the development of the body's core muscles which helps stabilise and move the trunk of the body.

We're going to be focusing and working on our core strength later in today's session.

So activity two, this is an extension to our toe tap activity.

Have a quick look at the demonstration before you have a go at this one.

So, activity two is extension task and it's an extension task to activity one.

I've still got my items in my circle formation in activity one of course I had my foot planted in the middle.

Strong position, trying to balance and toe tap all six items. In this one, I want you to go up to the balls of your feet, okay? I do this side and you might just see a little bit of air at the back of my foot.

So while I'm up on the ball of my feet can I then still manage without falling over.

Whoa, no.

It'll need a bit of practise for this one.

So here I go again.

It's not going to happen the first time round you have to really focus.

Keep balance, there we go.

Then three, four, ugh! I'm going to have to keep practising on that one.

You might have to as well.

With this one if it's too hard or too easy we can always again adapt it using our STEP: Space, Task, Equipment, and People.

This one or with the space, we can always bring those items in a little bit closer if you need.

And again, for the task, I've got six.

Maybe that's a bit of a challenge.

Can I reduce that down to four? It's up to you.

How you change it, adapt it.

But make sure it is a challenge.

Good luck.

Little bit more challenging this one.

Time to have a practise yourselves and then develop that balance, pause the video and click resume once you've mastered touching all six items or possibly a few less, when you're up on the balls of your feet.

Stability, another key word for today.

Stability is when an object is in fixed far more steady position that is not easily moved and we need to be really stable in this next activity.

Balancing on hands and feet or possibly one hand and one foot, but being really stable and keeping that balance.

The personal challenge activity have a look at the demonstration and listen carefully to the explanation.

And here we are with activity three in our balance work.

It's our personal challenge activity.

I've moved the six items further out from my slightly smaller circle from activity one and two.

Because in this one, we're not going to be balancing on one leg.

We're going to be using our feet and hands to balance.

Now what I got to do is make sure my feet are either side of one item.

And then balancing on those two feet and one hand, I can attempt to tap that item.

Before moving on to a second item ensure my feet are either side, balance and tap.

And again move round my circle and tap.

Keep moving around the circle ensure my feet are either side of the item reaching out and tapping.

Keeping a good core strength but also keeping well balanced.

With this one, Space, Task, Equipment, People to help make it more challenging.

I was thinking of this task.

I'll just ask you to do that using two feet, one hand to balance.

But possibly, could it be one foot and then one hand? Yep! Without falling over, keeping that balance.

Maybe you could swap to your non-dominant hand, so you then.

For me, it'd be one hand, one foot and then try to touch with the other hand.

You can experiment, be creative but it's all about challenging yourself with balance or control.

Could you time yourself for this one? Thinking about p, someone else could come and time you and get involved and motivate you.

But, yeah, I want you balancing and challenging yourselves.

Have a go, see how you get on.

So, it's over to you for having a go at this one pause the video to take part.

And once you're finished click resume.

Here's a question then, which of the following are exercises that strengthen the core? Option one, the plank that position we got into today before then we were reaching out.

Option two, the crunch a little bit like the sit up.

Option three, a jumping jack, a star jump.

Or option four, the Russian twist where you balance on your bottom and twist from side to side, maybe lifting something up and putting something down that Russian twist.

Which of the following exercises strengthen the core? All three of those, the plank, the crunch and the Russian twist all focus on that core.

So what have our learning outcomes from today's session been? Well, in this lesson, we have developed our ability to demonstrate high quality techniques.

Because of our core strength and our ability to perform dynamic balances and our commitment and resilience.

Well done, everybody.

Thanks for taking part today.

I hope you've enjoyed yourselves.

And in fact, I hope you've enjoyed all the athletics lessons in this unit.