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Hello, and welcome to lesson seven of key stage four security.

I'm Ben and this lesson is all to do with being part of the solution.

Now, sadly, this is our last lesson in the unit, but what we're going to explore is some career paths that are available in the world of cybersecurity, as well as to reflect on some of the learning that we've done throughout this unit.

So, all you'll need for this lesson is your computer and a web browser and then other than that if you can clear away any distractions that you might have, turn off your mobile phone, and if you've got a nice quiet place to work that would also be great.

So when you're ready, let's get started.

Okay, so as we just discussed, this lesson is all to do with evaluating the potential for cybersecurity careers, but we're also going to have a recap of the learning that we've done in this lesson.

So let's start off with some cybersecurity careers.

Now, what I'd like to do straight away is I'd like to head over to your worksheet and look at task one.

Now the task was to watch the three videos on your worksheet to explore some of the different career pathways available in cybersecurity.

So, all I'd like to do now straightaway is pause the video and enjoy watching these videos to give you a sense of all the things you can do with these newfound skills, if you want to take this career pathway little bit further.

Okay, so pause the video, watch the videos on your worksheets and then unpause when you've done that.

Okay, so hopefully you've watched those videos and they gave you a flavour of some of the career pathways that you can choose if cybersecurity is something that really interests you.

Of course, there are more than what you saw in those three videos.

But hopefully that just gave you that little sense of the fact that there are careers out there and something that is really needed in the industry right now.

Okay, so just as a unit recap of what we've covered in this unit is that we've explored the cost and the impact that cybercrime has on businesses, as well as to know how it impacts us.

We've looked at non-automated and automated forms of cyber attacks.

We've looked at methods of defending ourselves and networks against threats.

And we've also looked at network policies that need to be in place to help us plan for recovery.

So some of those bullet points, like we've looked at the career pathways, because cybercrime does have a cost and it does have an impact on organisations, organisations are desperate for people with real skills that can help them solve this big problem.

And maybe that could be you.

So, what I'd like to do now is think about what your next steps might be.

So thinking about what you've learnt in this unit, think about what your next steps will be.

So I'd like to head over to task two on your worksheet and answer the questions on there.

They encourage you to think about some of the learning and think about what steps that you could take to defend you against any cyber attacks, but also think about your school network as well and think about what your school network could do to protect themselves as well.

Okay, so pause the video now.

Answer those four short questions and then unpause the video when you've done that.

Okay, so we've pretty much reached the end of the unit now.

So what I'd like to do now is have a go at the end of unit quiz.

So, this quiz will help you reflect on the learning that we've done this unit, as well as giving you an indication of what areas in this unit that you might want to revisit.

So complete the questions, submit them and just have a look at which ones that you might have got wrong.

And that will just give you an idea of the things that you might want to revise further before any examinations that you might have.

So I really hope that you've enjoyed this unit.

I've certainly enjoyed teaching it, as cybersecurity is something that I'm really interested in, and I hope that you are too.

Now, I'd love to see any of your work that you've done in this unit.

Maybe pick out the thing that you're most proud of and that would be wonderful to share with us.

So if you'd like to share it with us, please ask your parents or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, tagging @OakNational and using the hashtag #LearnwithOak.

Now throughout this unit I've referenced a few other units that might help expand on your learning of this unit.

For example, the impacts of technology, where we look at the laws associated with some of the crimes that we've explored in this unit.

Or maybe you might want to explore SQL a little bit more detailed.

When we looked at SQL injection, you might want to learn a little bit more about databases and SQL.

Now, luckily these are all units on the Oak Academy website.

So please do check those out as well.

And hopefully I'll look forward to seeing you there.

Okay, so I'm Ben and I'll see you next time, bye.