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And my name is Miss Sidenius and I'm going to be carrying on teaching you about birthdays.

Can you see the candles behind me? There's lots of candles on a yummy birthday cake and they say happy birthday on them.

And today we're going to be making birthday cards that you can give with your gift.

So this is our birthday card lesson.

Let's see what's going to happen.

So today we're going to start by talking about birthdays and how we celebrate them.

Then we're going to make and write birthday cards to give to somebody special.

And at the end you can show it to someone that you live with or you can show it to a teddy or a toy because they would really like to see it, okay.

In this lesson you are going to need some paper, a pencil, some colouring pens or pencils, and at Teddy or a toy to help you.

Pause the video here and make sure that you've got all of those things, press play when you're ready.

Good job everyone.

Now let's go back to thinking about all the things that we do to celebrate birthdays just like we did on Wednesday.

What was some of those things? How do you celebrate your birthday? Turn and tell your teddy? I celebrate my birthday with.

I celebrate my birthday with eating a birthday cake with all of my friends and family.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have balloons? Do you sing happy birthday? Do you get some presents as well? Why do we do these things for somebody on their birthday? Hmm, we do them because we want them to feel happy on their birthday and make them feel really special because we are very lucky to know them.

So we like to make people feel special on their birthday.

Just like if you had a room with banners and balloons like this and a cake and party hats, it would make you feel very happy and special as well, okay.

So when we're making a birthday card we have to think about the things that make a birthday card special and different to any other card.

How do we know when something is a birthday card or just a normal other card? How are they different? Turn and tell your teddy.

A birthday card it's different because sometimes it has a picture of birthday cake or balloons on the front or a birthday party.

It might even have a number to tell you how old the person is going to be on their birthday.

What does it say inside, usually it says something in every birthday card, turn and tell your teddy what it says inside.

Inside the birthday card it says, it says happy birthday, that's right.

Inside the birthday card it says who the card is for, happy birthday and then it says who the card is from.

So we need to make sure that when we're making our birthday card, we have pictures on the front that show that it's a birthday card.

We write who it's to, we write happy birthday and we write who it's from, okay.

So let's start making our birthday card.

Hopefully it's going to look a little bit like this one on the screen.

So to start you're going to need to get your piece of paper and fold it in half to make your card.

So you need to make sure the edges go right up to join each other and then fold the paper down like that.

Then turn it around, make sure you're holding it the right way up and you could open it like a book.

And there you go, you've got your card.

So pause the video here and come back when you folded your paper in half.

Welcome back everyone.

Now it's time to start writing your card.

So you need to open up your card and start on the top left Then like I am in the video and you're going to write to, first you need to pitch and flick your pencil to pick it up and then you're going to write to, and whoever your birthday card is for.

So mine is for my Bunny so I'm going to write to Bunny and I'm trying to write it all on one straight imaginary line.

Happy birthday.

If it's difficult for you to write it without lines you can always ask an adult to help you draw some before you get writing.

Happy birthday.

Like that and then I'm going to write from, F-R-O-M, from.

F-R-O-M, from.

F-R-O-M, From Miss Sidenius, but you're going to write your name because it's going to be from you.

Great, let's have a read through and check that I've written everything, to Bunny, happy the day, from Miss Sidenius.

Wow, great I've got who it's for I've got who it's from and I've written happy birthday.

Now it's your turn to have a go at writing.

So I'm going to leave this screen here and you can write to, who your card it is to, happy birthday, from, who was the video here and have a go at writing your card, press play when you're finished.

Okay everyone, now it's time to decorate the front of your card so that it makes the person that you're giving it to feel really special and happy on their birthday.

Now, I was thinking about things I could put on the front of my card for Miss Bunny.

And I thought wouldn't it be nice to draw some of her favourite things? Can you think of the person that you're giving your card to and what some of their favourite things are? What's their favourite foods? What do they like to do or play? What's their favourite colour? Have to think about these things and tell your teddy or your toy.

I know that some of Miss Bunny's favourite things are fields that she can hop around in and carrots that she can crunch on.

And she loves pretty flowers as well.

So I've drawn all of those things on the front of her card to make her feel happy and special when she gets it.

And I've also drawn some balloons because it's going to be a birthday card.

So now let's see how I colour it in.

You can see when I'm using the green pencil to colour in the fields, I can go quite quickly because the fields are very big.

Well, I've gone outside of the lines a little bit, but it doesn't matter.

But if I slow down then I can get my colouring in all inside the lines, really nice and neat.

I'm making sure I don't colour in the flowers as well.

Now I'm doing my carrot and you can see here I was a bit quick doing that one.

So I went outside the lines.

Well, when I do this one, I go more slowly and carefully especially when I'm close to the lines.

And that helps me to stay inside the lines when I'm colouring in.

Its green all around my carrot, making sure it's a nice bright birthday card for Miss Bunny.

Next, I'm going to colour in Miss Bunny and she's pink so I'm doing her with a pink pencil.

It's a little bit tricky to see on the video.

Now I'm going to colour in the balloons and I know that Miss Bunny's favourite colour is blue.

So I'm going to colour them in a blue colour and you can see I'm going all around the edges first before I do the middle.

So I can be really careful when I go near the lines and then I can colour in the middle quickly, like that.

Now I'm going to be very careful when I colour in these two flowers down here, and Bunny likes the colour purple.

So I've coloured in the flowers purple as well.

And a little bit of yellow in the middle.

I'm really pleased with this bright colourful birthday card.

And I hope Miss Bunny is to.

Just finishing off with the green tops of my carrots.

And I think I finished.

Do you think she'll like it? Okay, pause the video here and complete your birthday card.

Remember to draw pictures of things that you think the person who you're giving it to will like.

I had to colour them in, in their favourite colours, press play when you're finished.


I hope you feel really proud of the birthday card that you've made for somebody special.

What's your favourite thing about the birthday card that you made? My favourite thing about my birthday card was the two blue balloons floating off into the sky.

And I think Miss Bunny would like them too because they're blue and that's her favourite colour.

Turn and tell your teddy what your favourite thing is about your card.

Well done for writing a birthday card for someone that you know.

It's going to make them feel very happy when they see the pictures that you've drawn on the front and the message that you've written inside.

You can share your birthday card with somebody in your household or a teddy or toy.

And you can even ask a parent or a carer to share it on Twitter with @OakNational and the #LearnwithOak and #ONAreception.

And then I will get to see the amazing birthday cards you've made too.

And that will put a really big smile on my face as well.

Well done everyone.

See you next week.