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Hello and welcome to this unit of work, internet safety and harms, body image.

My name is Mrs. Smith, and I'm going to be teaching you through the next five lessons.

In today's lesson, we will be defining body image and understand how our perception of our body impacts our feelings and thoughts.

This lesson covers some content that might be a sensitive topic for you and we therefore recommend checking with a trusted adult before you start, or completing the lesson with a trusted adult nearby.

If you're ready to get started, then let's begin.

So for this lesson, you are going to need an exercise book or some paper and a pen to write with.

If you need to go and collect that equipment now, pause the video and do so, and press play when you're ready to resume.

Let's now have a look at our agenda for today's lesson.

We will start by defining the term body image, and then discuss our thoughts and feelings towards our own body.

We will then look at the importance of valuing ourselves, and finish with a reflection and exit quiz.

Our keywords for today's lesson include, image, a representation of something.

Perception, the way in which something is interpreted.

And realistic, representing something in a way that is true to life.

Let us begin with a definition of body image.

Pause the video and have a think about what you understand body image to be, and press play when you're ready to compare our definitions.

So body image is the perception we have of our body, and the thoughts and feelings this can create.

It also includes the picture of your body that you have in your own mind, which might or might not match your body's actual shape and size.

Now that we have our definition of body image what do you think we mean by the term positive body image.

Pause the video and write down what you think positive body image could mean.

A positive or healthy body image is feeling happy and satisfied about your body as well as being comfortable with and accepting the way that you look.

So now let's consider, what do we mean by a negative body image? Once again, I would like you to pause the video and write down what you think the definition for negative body image might look like.

Press play when you're ready to compare our answers.

So this is what a definition of a negative body image could be.

A negative or unhealthy body image is being unhappy with the way you look.

It's often associated with wanting to change your body size or shape.

What's really important here is that we all have body image, but sometimes it can be healthy or unhealthy.

For this activity, I would like you to create a spider diagram on your piece of paper, and in the centre I would like you to write what affects our body image.

Now, an idea to get you started might be your peers.

So your friends and people that are around you all the time.

They might affect your body image.

Whether it's you comparing yourselves to others or them comparing themselves to you.

Pause the video and see what else you can add to the mind map of what affects our body image.

Other things you might have included could be, your family, social media, genetics and or TV and film.

All of these things can have an impact on both our positive and negative body image.

So well done if you've got any of those.

For this next part of the lesson, we are going to discuss thoughts and feelings towards our own body and how we perceive ourselves.

What I would like you to do is to draw what you hear.

I am going to describe someone and I would like you to draw what I am saying on your piece of paper.

If you don't have colours, you can just add labels.

I have long hair, but it is starting to look a bit yellow.

It's really hard for me to style and I have to use a lot of product.

My forehead is quite big, so I like to sweep my hair over it to cover it.

I have blue eyes, but I know they are too big for my face.

My mouth is quite small and my lips are too thin so I wear lipstick to cover this up.

I also have a really long neck.

I'm just going to repeat some of the key points there for you.

So I have long hair, but it's starting to get to be yellow.

It's really hard to style so there's a lot of product in it.

I have a big foreheads and I use my hat to cover this up.

I have really big blue eyes and my lips are very thin so I have to add a lot of lipstick to make them look fuller.

I also have a long neck.

Pause the video to check that your image matches what I have described.

Let's now have a look at the image that I was describing.

Does it look the same? This is the perception that Bobby has of herself.

But what do you see? Do you see the yellow hair, the eyes too big for her face, the too thin lips and long neck that she described? What is important is that we all perceive things in a different way.

And our thoughts and feelings will vary from person to person.

I'd like you now to take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and write down what you see.

Pause the video to complete this now.

Next, ask a trusted adult to add to your list or to create a new list.

Pause the video now to complete this.

What it is you should be remembering is that you are good enough and how you view yourself is not always what others see.

When we look in the mirror it is completely normal that we think and feel different emotions.

This could depend on the time of the day, how we are feeling, how tired we are.

And these thoughts and emotions might include happiness, sadness, anger or even surprise.

Have a look at the four words on the screen for you now, which of these words would you connect with a positive body image? Jot those words down on your piece of paper now.

The words you should have selected to define a positive body image should have been, happy, satisfied and comfortable.

The word change we would usually associate with a negative body image.

And I will share with you again now our definition of a positive body image about being happy and satisfied with your body, as well as being comfortable with and accepting how you look.

How can we make sure that we are truly valuing ourselves? Let's do this through an activity where you think of someone who is close to you.

Now pause the video and write down their best qualities.

You have probably used words similar or the same as, they are kind, caring, funny and friendly.

You might've included other words as well.

And these are the reasons why you keep these people close to you.

Now, it is quite simple to imagine that these are probably very similar to how others view you, as kind, caring, funny and friendly.

And these are all qualities that we should look for in friends and peers and people that we surround ourselves with.

We shall now discuss some opinion spectrums. So what you need to do is I will give you a statement and you need to write down on your piece of paper whether you agree or disagree, and also your reasons why.

So our first statement is this, what other people think of you and your behaviour is more important than what you think of yourself.

So pause the video, write down whether you agree or disagree and give a reason why, and press play when you're ready to discuss this.

What is important to note here is that although it is hard to ignore others and what they are saying, what you think of yourself is much more important, and building up your positive body image and your self esteem is much more important.

Our second statement is, it's not being conceited or big headed to feel proud of yourself and your achievements.

Again, pause the video.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement and give a reason why.

You should be rightly proud of yourself and any achievements that you have made and those around you should be proud also.

So keep those positive people as close to you as possible.

And finally, it's not what you look like that matters.

It's what kind of person you are and how you feel about yourself.

For the final time, pause the video and write down whether you agree or disagree and give reasons for your answer.

So this statement epitomises having positive body image and it is really important to remember that how you feel about yourself and the kind of person you are to others is the most important thing.

We shall now end the lesson with a reflection.

Body image is the perception we have of our body and the thoughts and feelings this can create.

It is important that we recognise the thoughts and feelings when we look at our bodies, and it is even more important to value yourself and the contributions that you are making to both your own life and to others.

Thank you so much for joining me for this lesson for our body image unit of work.

If you would like to share any of the work that you have done today, please ask your parent or carer and use the hashtag LearnwithOak.

Thank you again and goodbye.