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Hi, team, and welcome to this week's lesson with me, Mrs. Garrard.

Let's find out what we're going to do this week.

So today, our lesson is going to be to construct a flower.

Let's see how we're going to do that.

So the first part of our lesson, we are going to look at different parts of a flower.

Then we'll gather our resources.

We'll create our flower, and then we can share our flower, maybe with your family at home, maybe with one of your toys, or maybe even with me on Twitter.

If you ask your parent or carer to upload a picture, I can get to see it.

For this lesson, you will need your listening ears to listen to the instructions, your looking eyes to look carefully at what I'm doing and how I'm making my flower, and your construction materials.

I've chosen to use LEGO this week because that's what I have at home, but you could choose to use Duplo or wooden blocks if you'd like to, or something else that you would like to build with.

So the first part of our lesson, we're going to look at different parts of the flower.

We've got some pictures of flowers on the screen.

I wonder, can you think of something that is the same about all of these flowers? Let's have a look.

Well, they're all different colours.

So that's something that's different, but something that is the same is they all have long, green stems. Can you see them? They have green stems. They also all have petals and leaves.

Those are things that are the same about the flowers on our screen.

They have stems, they have petals, and they have leaves.

So when we're building our flower out of our construction materials, we'll need to make sure that we include those features.

All flowers have roots.

The roots are underneath the ground and the roots suck up the water and the nutrients to feed the flowers.

We won't be able to see the roots on our construction because they will be really tricky to make.

But flowers all have roots.

They all have a stem.

They all have leaves and they all have petals.

So we'll be really careful to include those features in our construction.

Pause your video now and go and gather your resources.

Come back once you're ready.


Now that you've got all of the things that you need, watch the video and listen carefully to my instructions.

So the first thing I have done is made sure that I've gathered all of the blocks that I'm going to need.

I have some larger blocks that I put at the bottom, and then I've used some square blocks, they are 2x2 squares and I've added two to make the stem.

Then I've added two smaller blocks to the sides to make the leaves, and then some more at the top to make the leaves also.

Now I'm going to make the head of the flower.

That's the centre of the flower and these smaller blocks are going to be the petals.

They're a little bit tricky to fix on.

So I'm having to use my strong fingers to push them into place.

Oh, it fell off.

I'll just use my fingers to push it down again.

There we go.

That's how I made my flower.

That was really quick, wasn't it? So I'm going to show you again.

I'm going to build a different coloured flower.

See how I've laid the pieces out in front of me? I didn't have a larger block, a 2x4 block this time, so I'm going to put two 2x2 blocks together to make the base, the bottom of our stem.

Then these are the leaves again.

See how I'm facing them inwards to look like leaves? And this is the stem.

They are two 2x2 blocks piled on top of each other to make the stem.

Now I making the petals again.

That's the centre, and these are the petals.

Working carefully to add them to the edge.

It's a little bit tricky.

Sometimes they fall off, but no big deal.

I just try again.

And there are two flowers of different colours.

It's a little bit tricky to see them, so I'm going to show you a picture of them.

There is a picture of the flowers that I made.

You can see how I've used the blocks to look like petals and to look like leaves.

I wonder how many flowers all you make.

I've made two.

One is yellow and one is white and purple.

Will you make two flowers or will you make more? Maybe you'll make a whole meadow of flowers.

So excited to find out how many flowers you'll choose to make and what you'll choose to make them out of.

Maybe you'll choose to make them out of junk modelling and paint them.

Maybe you'll choose to make them out of wooden blocks.

Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

That's the end of our lesson today, but you could share your construction with your family at home.

And maybe even with me on Twitter.

You'll have to ask your parent or carer to share your work for you.

They could take a photograph and upload it to Twitter, and then I'll get to see it.

Bye for now, friends.