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Hi, it's Mr. Roberts again, and this is our third athletics lesson.

So we need to make sure we've got enough space and we need to make sure that we've got the right equipment and we've got the right things on our feet and we're good to go.


Can I just remind you that for athletics lessons, you must have a grown-up with you.

Maybe you can even get them to join in.

You need to make sure the lesson takes place in a space that's big enough for you to run around in.

That should really be outside if you can find an outside space.

Make sure you've got enough space for you to work safely in, especially above your head.

Use non-slip traders on your feet.

Make sure the floor is not slippy and wear comfy clothing and have your hair tied up if you've got long hair and remove all jewellery.

And that applies for all of our athletics lessons.

Right? So we've got two parts of the lesson today.

So the first part of the lesson, we need to have 10 items to carry.

So that can be 10 small objects that could be balls, toys, beanbags, or anything you want.

But you must be able to carry it with one hand.

And we need to have two target areas to put them on.

So that could be a hoop, that it could be a towel, or it could be a bucket, but you need to have two of these.


Now the second part of the activity is a throwing lesson.

So again, as always, you need to have items for throwing.

And you have five throwing objects.

That could be balls, bean bags, rolled up socks, scrunched up newspapers or whatever.

And we need to have a variety of different targets.


We could be using buckets, cones, bottles, cricket, wickets, hoops, anything you want, skittles, but you need to have a variety of different targets to use.

So, pause the video, go and see if you can find that equipment and be ready for the next activity.

So come back to the video when you've got all that equipment ready to go.


So we've got three main parts of today's lesson.

The first part is the Energiser or the Warm Up, and that's going to be called Magpie Running.

So can you think about why we might use the word Magpie? The second part of the lesson after we've done our Warm Up, is called Hit the Target and the third part of the lesson, which is the Cool Down and that's called the Hoop Stretch.

Three activities and I'm sure you're going to have loads of fun and I'm sure you're going to make loads of progress.


So you got two key words from today's lesson.

The first key word is Pace.

And Pace just refers the way that we change our speed when we're running.

So we change speed according to how tired we are, or according to whether we need to run fast, we run slowly, or we want to conserve our energy.

But that's the word Pace.

And the second word is the word Release.

And the word Release means when we actually let go of the ball that we're throwing.

And I'll explain that a little bit later when we come to this throwing in the lesson.

Okay, so this is called the Magpie Run and that's our Warm Up today.

And it's very simple to set up.

You need two areas to put equipment in.

So it could be two hoops, two towels, two buckets, or a combination of the different things I've just said.

And in one of those areas, you need to have 10 items. So 10 small items that you can carry.

That could be beanbags, it could be toys, it could be tennis balls, but you need to have 10 different items in one of those hoops.

And then five metres away you put another hoop down and that one's empty.

That's how you set this activity up.


So the way we set this activity up is we start off by the empty hoop.

And when you're ready, you've got to run as fast as you can.

And you must collect all of the items from the other hoop, but you can only collect one at a time.

So you must run out, collect a tennis ball, run back, put it, not throw it or drop it, but put it gently inside your empty hoop then you must turn and run and collect the next one.

And you must carry them with one hand and you must turn as quickly and as efficiently as possible until you've done all 10 items. You're going to see how quickly you can gather up all of those items from the other hoop and bring them back to your own empty hoop.

When you've got all 10 of them and the other hoop is empty, that is when you've finished.

Okay? Right.

So you've collected the pool of the toys from the other hoop and you've put on your own, just like a magpie would.

So you'll know the story of a magpie bird that it steals shiny objects and takes them back to their nest.

Well you've been a magpie, but you've been collecting up peer equipment.

But now you need to put it back.

And that's the next part of a Warm Up.

So this time you're going to skip.

So when you're ready, you take an item out of your own hoop, you skip out the hoop that was full and is now empty.

One at a time you going to put them all back, but you can only skip and you're not allowed to run.

When you've done all items one at a time and you've put them and placed them rather than thrown them or drop them, and you get back to your hoop now being empty, that is when you've finished your Warm Up and that's when you can get a good rest.

And when you've had a rest, come back to the video for the next instruction.

Okay, so this is activity number two in the lesson, and this is called Hit the Target.

And the way we're going to do this, is you're going to set up a target range of five different items. You need to have two items that are three metres away from your throwing line.

So they could be skittles, they could be wickets, they could be bottles, they could be hoops, they could be a bucket or a carpet box or a shoe box or whatever.

But you need to have two items that are three metres away from your throwing line.

One item, which is in the middle, which is five minutes away from your throwing line.

And another, another two items, which are seven metres away from your throwing line.

So you need to have five different items on the ground for you to hit, and you need to have five different things to throw.

Now it could be beanbags, it could be tennis balls, it could be scrunched up newspapers or whatever.

But you need to have five different items to throw.


So the object of this activity or this game is you've got to hit those targets.

You've got one point for every target you can hit.

You throw one at a time and you can throw with any style you want to try and hit these targets.

So I want you to try and see how you get on.

And once you've had all five and you've managed to hit some targets or you've missed some targets, have another go and try it three times, you've 15 throws altogether.

And after you've had 15 throws, then you come back to the video, and we can actually look at what we can do to improve or what we can do to make it a little bit harder.

I would like you to throw five times with your right hand.

You can pick any target you want, but see if you can vary it and actually go for all five targets rather than picking on the same target with every throw.

Then collect up your ball or your objects and then have another go.

But this time you use your left hand and use any style of throwing you want.

Okay? When you're ready, pause the video, go and have a go.

And once you had all 10 throws, come back and I can give you the next instructions.


So you had thrown with both your good hand and your not so good hand.

Now I want you to stick with your best hand, and I want you to try throwing just with a slinging action.

And your slinging action is where you throw from by your hip and you swing your arm straight and you release at the right time.

So if you release too early, it's going to hit against the floor and if you release too late, it's going to go very, very high in the air.

And you going to work out what's the best time to release the ball to hit the target you're aiming for.

The other thing you need to do is make sure your shoulders are pointing towards the target.

Make sure that you're swinging with a straight arm and let's see how we get on.

So I want you to have another go.

Have five throws with a swinging action, collect them up and then have another five gos, collect them up and have another five gos.

And when you're ready and you're happy with your technique and you've hit the targets a lot, you can come back to the video and we can talk about the next instruction.

Well done.


So you've done really well in today's lesson, but now we need to do the Cool Down.

And the Cool Down today is called the Hoop Stretch.

And Hoop Stretch is a really simple activity where you only need one piece of equipment and that could be a hoop.

But if you haven't got a hoop, you could use a towel.

But you need to lay it on the ground.

And the way we do this is you would have to put two feet inside the hoop, and you're going to try and find different stretches where you've got your feet inside the hoop.

So you might, for example, go down on the ground, put both hands on the floor, both feet inside the hoop and you're going to try and stretch out in that position.

And that's called a press-up or a front support position.

Once you've done that for five seconds and you've held your breath for five seconds, you going to stand up and you then try and work out different position you can get into.

So here's an idea.

You could maybe have one foot inside the hoop and one hand on the ground but outside the hoop and the other foot and the other hand are in the air.

And you hold for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds and then stand up and see if you can come up with a different position.

Try and be creative.

Just remember you've got to have one or two feet inside the hoop and one or two hands outside the hoop and always hold for five seconds.

After you've come up with five different positions and you've held them, then you can stop.

Well done.

So you've done three main parts of the lesson.

You did your warm-up, which was a Magpie game.

You did your throwing for accuracy, which is your Target game.

And then we finished off with a easy stretch, which is called Hoop Stretch.

Now I've got one final question for you.

And the question is, what top tips do you think you would give someone for when they're throwing for accuracy? Have a think, and I'll give you five seconds.

And I want you to come up with some top tips that you might use when you're trying to teach someone else to throw with accuracy.

Well done.

So what ideas did you come up with with for the top tips for someone being taught to throw? So I've got two to think about.

Now I want you to think about whether you think these are really important.

Which of these two are important or could it be both of them? Do you think it's really important to focus your eyes on the target? And do you think it's really important to stand sideways onto the target when you're throwing.

Have a think about that one.

You've got five seconds to think about which of those two or maybe both are really important teaching points.


Okay, I think it's both of them.

I think your eyes should be focusing on the target and also you need to be standing sideways onto the target when you're throwing if you're going to be accurate.

Anyway, well done today.

You've done really, really well.

And I look forward to catching up with you in your next athletics lesson.