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Hi, welcome to our lesson on collecting and representing data.

Today's lesson is all about you and you choose how you're going to run it.

So what I would like you to do is to collect some data from around the house and present it using a line graph or a pie chart.

There's some examples here of data that you could collect.

So you can see that on the left, we have some data that will be best for line graphs.

So something that you could do was to make a paper aeroplane, record how far each member of your family can throw it.

So you'll have to measure it using a ruler or a tape measure.

So you'll be practising your measuring skills as well, and then represent your data using a line graph.

Another example would be to do some reading.

So to time yourself reading each chapter or each page of a book, and then represent it using a line graph.

The ideas on the right are best for pie charts.

So the first one is to sit in the garden or in the park with a parent or carer, and record the number of different animals, insects, maybe, or birds that you see, and record in a pie chart.

And then another one would be to observe the different coloured cars that passed.

So you could either look out of the window onto the road below, and see which, record the number of different coloured cars that passed within a certain timeframe, or go down to the road with a parent or carer, and observe that at the road level.

Those ideas would be best presented in a pie chart.

So if you can think of any more creative or inventive ideas, I would really love to see your work.

So if you can share your work with Oak National, make sure that you ask a parent or carer to share it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using the tags on the screen.

Good luck and have fun.