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- Next up, Community Heroes.

Hi, I'm Miss Wacker.

And today our learning objective is to identify heroes in the community.

What is a community? Community.

Comm u ni ty.

Can you can say community? Comm u ni ty.


Say it to your shoulder.


Say it to the ceiling.

Comm u ni ty.

Comm u ni ty.


Community is belonging to something, to a part of something, to be a part of something.

Do you belong to a community? Belonging, a community is belonging.

Tell your Teddy what community means.

Community means belonging.

You do it.


A community means belonging.

So you may go to big school.

You are part of that big school community.

Which big school do you go to? Do know the name of it? Oh wow, I've heard of some of those schools.

Well done.

In this lesson, you'll need your looking eyes, your listening ears, some paper, and a pencil.

Do you know who this is? Yes, it's Superman.

And this one? Batgirl.

Spiderman, well done.

But what superpower does Superman have? Yeah, he can fly.

And Spiderman, what can he do? Yes, he throws webs.

Can you throw webs? They're not coming out, but why? That's right, because I'm not a superhero.

I am a human, but humans are heroes.

They may not be superheroes, but they are heroes.

We have heroes that live in our community.

We call them community heroes.

Remember the word community.

Community means belonging and a hero, heroes are strong, but heroes are kind and they are respected in our community in where we belong.

We have people that are kind, respectful, and helpful.

Shall we have a look at some of our heroes in our community? What are community workers? We have a variety of community workers.

Lots of people that work in different places, doing different things.

We have the refuse collectors up here in the green van.

What do they do? Yeah, they collect our bins.

Then we have a shopkeeper over here as well.

What does she do? She sells things and she gives things to the customer.

But what's that picture of, the one that we've not looked at? It's a builder, yes.

And what do builders do? They build houses or even walls.

Should we see some of the community workers and the work that they do? - Hello, I'm the business manager at a primary school.

And I make sure that the building is safe for you every day.

I also make sure that you have the money to spend in the right places to make sure you have all the pencils and equipment that you need to do your work in school.

- I work at the hospital for the NHS.

- Hi, I work in a shop and I help customers.

- I'm an electrician.

I'm fixing a switch.

- I hope you enjoyed learning about our different community workers.

They are our community heroes because without them, we wouldn't be able to get much done.

They are very kind and respected and helpful with all the work that they do.

We are going to list our community workers.

So we have a refuse collector.

So people that collect our bin, refuse collector.

Then we have a shopkeeper, sh op kee per.


Then I'm going to choose, oh, what about a teacher? Are they community helpers? Are they community heroes? Of course they are.

They help children learn, teacher.

T ea cher, teacher.

Now I'm going to choose one of these to talk about with my adult, my parent or carer.

I wonder if you can guess who it is.

Someone who collects the bins every week, and empties them.

You're right.

It's the refuses collector.

Well done.

Your test today is to list the community heroes and talk about their role.

First, list a at least three community workers.

Next, take your list to a parent or a carer.

Then choose one community worker to talk about.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about our community heroes today.

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