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Hi team and welcome back to your second lesson this week with me Mrs. Garrard.

Now I know that in the afternoons this week you have been learning about aid.

So today we are going to do a task linked to aid.

Our task today will be to construct a mosque.

So first of all, we're going to think about what is a mosque? Then we'll look at features of a mosque we'll gather our resources, we'll make our creation and then we'll get to share it with our families at home and maybe even with me on Twitter, you'll need to ask your adult at home to help you to do that.

For our lesson today, you will need your listening ears some different size boxes and tubes and a paper bowl if you have it.

Some paper, pencil, some paint, some scissors, some tape and some glue.

Let's find out, what is a mosque? People of different faiths worship in different places.

Catholic people worship in a church, people that are jewish, worship in a synagogue, Sikh people worship in a Gudwara Buddhists worship in a temple and people that are of the muslim faith, worship at a mosque.

So a mosque is a place that people who are muslim, go to worship.

Let's look at some of the features of a mosque.

I've got three pictures of mosques in front of me.

Have a look carefully and see if you can see some things that all of the mosques have in common, that means something that all of the mosques have.

Have a moment to think.

I notice that all of the mosques have towers.

Do you see them? They have towers, those towers are called minarets, and they also have domes.

They're curved pieces of the building.

Do you see them at the top? They are domes.

So two features of a mosque are that they have towers and a dome.

So when we build our mosque, we'll have to make sure that our mosque constructions have towers and a dome.

Pause your video now to gather your resources.

Once you've got everything together, you could restart the video.

Great, now that you've got everything, we're going to watch a video and listen carefully to the instructions that I give you.

Here we go.

Can you see I found three different size boxes in my recycling box 1,2,3 and I'm going to put them on top of each other but before I do that, I want to change the colour of them.

So you could paint them if you wanted to.

I am going to wrap them in some brown paper.

If you want to paint them, that's fine, you can do that.

So I'm going to fold the brown paper over the top of my biggest box and use some tape to stick the paper down.

I'm going to carefully fold the edges I'm going to make a triangle shape at the top.

Watch how I do it.

I'm going to smooth down that first, I'm going to cut some of the paper off because it's a little bit long and it's a little bit tricky to fold.

Going to cut some of the paper off and then I make a triangle shape at the edge a bit like unwrapping a present.

I'm going to fold the top under and then make a triangle piece at the top using my thumb to smooth down the paper and make a crisp edge and fold the top up and then secure it in place with a little bit of tape.

I'm going to do that with all of the boxes that I'm going to use.

I'm going to cover them all in brown paper because I don't have any brown paint.

To the other end You might need some help if you're going to choose to wrap your boxes, it's a little bit tricky so you could ask your adults to help you to do that.

Trying to find the end of the tape using my nail to pick at the end of the tape.

Stick the last piece in place.

That's my first box covered.

That's going to be the bottom part of my mosque building.

Can you see how I've added another box I covered that in paper too.

This one is a smaller box.

I'm going to fix them together and turning my piece of tape into a loop then I'm going to stick it on the bottom box and then stick the second box on top to make my mosque building.

Now I need some towers for my mosque.

I'm going to draw around this circle to make the top of the tower using the sellotape as a template to draw around, then I'm going to use the scissors to cut out the circle that will form the top of our mosque tower, the minaret.

Very carefully turning the paper so that I can cut carefully on the line and make a circle.

Once I've done that, nearly finished, just cut into the last piece now.

Once I've done that, I'm going to cut a snip into my paper to the middle and then I'm going to make it into a cone.

See how I'm overlapping the edge I've made a cone.

I'm going to take that in place and the cone is going to be the top of my tower.

Some tape stick it in place that will form the top of my tower.

I'm going to use a cardboard tube for the tower and attach the top cone I just made with another piece of tape.

This is a bit tricky too so you could ask an adult to help you if you're finding it a little bit too difficult.

I'm going to do that four more times so that I have four towers to put around my mosque, to form part of my mosque.

I've got two small ones and two tall ones.

If you don't have long cardboard tubes, they're from kitchen If you don't have those, you could always take two smaller ones together.

That's no problem.

Now I'm going to use some glue to attach them to the side of my boxes to form the towers of my mosque.

Another one One needs to use quite a bit of glue to get them to stick.

If you're having trouble using glue, you could use some tape.

That's another way of getting them to stick.

Now I have three towers on my mosque and the last one Next I need to make a dome for my mosque and that's where my paper bowl comes in.

Do you see it? It's like a dome.

Put in lots of glue around the edge to make sure it sticks Place it on top.

Now I need to make some windows and some doors for my mosque.

So I'm going to draw a shape on some blue paper and then cut it out.

When I've cut out the doors and windows, I can stick them to my construction, being very careful again to make sure that my thumb is not in the way while I'm cutting, turning the paper to help me cut along the line.

Using some glue again to stick them in place.

There we go, at the front I wonder how many doors and windows you'll put on your mosque some more glue to stick it in place.

There we go Let's see what my finished mosque looks like.

There it is, that's my finished mosque construction.

Do you see? It has the minarets, the towers and the dome.

Now to people that are muslim, they celebrate, eat, they go to a mosque to help with their celebrations but you might not be of that faith.

You might be jewish or christian or catholic and if you would like to build a building that you worship in, that is special to you and your family like if you're catholic, you might worship in a church, you could build a church, that's okay.

I'd really like to see your constructions once you've completed them, so you could share them with me on Twitter.

If you ask your family, maybe your parent or your carer to help you.

You could add them to Twitter with the hashtag #ONAReception, and then I'll get to see them.

See you again next week team for another exciting lesson.