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Hi there, my name is Ms.Davish, and for our math lesson today, we are going to be converting and talking about dates and time.

So, before we get started, if I could just ask you to take yourself away from any distractions, and sit in a nice peaceful quite environment and ready for the lesson.

Okay, our agenda for today is first of all we will be talking and discussing different dates and then we'll be looking at seconds, minutes and hours and doing a comparison and doing some conversions as well, and then as always, there will be a quiz for you to complete at the end of the session.

So before we start you will need a sheet of paper or a note pad, pencil or a pen, and a ruler.

If you want to grab those things and then we can start.

Okay, so first of all is, I said we are going to be discussing and talking about dates.

When I say "dates" ah ah ah I don't mean these kinds of girlfriend boyfriend dates.

Oh no no! I am talking about dates, birth-dates, days of the year, Important days in our calendar.

Um, people being born, babies being born, your birthday, Christmas, different times of the year.

Okay, so, how many hours are their in one day? Let's do a recap.

There are twenty four hours in one day, of course.

That's easy right? Okay, how many days are their in one week? There are seven days in one week.

Again, very easy question.

And the last one, how many months are their in one year? Twelve months in one year.

Fantastic! Nice and easy.

Now, Things get a bit complicated, so stay with me.

How many days are their in one month? Depends, Right? So, obviously there are 12 months in a year, got January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October November, December.

Now, each month depending on the month, as we know, will have different days.

So, February, for example, I've done February in a different colour.

So, My friend is actually born on- I have a friend who is born on the 29 February, So her birthday only comes once, every four years.

Now, February is different from all the other months.

The other months, either have 30 or 31 days.

Well done.

So, January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, either they have 30 days, or 31 days.

But February, either has twenty-eight or Twenty-nine days.

Do you know why? So, I asked you, how many days there are in one month, Okay? So, answer that question.

I'm just going to take a little pause and I'm going to ask you a different question, we'll come back to that, okay? How many days are there in one year? So, there are approximately, 365 days and a quarter in one year.

But, It seems a bit silly every year to have 365 days and a quarter, right? Imagine going to bed, waking up, oh! It's, it's that day where it's quarter of a day.

It's weird.

So instead, Let me just grab something.

Oh! Here is my nice, big globe.

So, the earth, orbits the sun in 365 days and a quarter.

How long? 365 days and a quarter.

Let's just shot that.

Okay, so, because it takes it 365 days and a quarter for our earth, our planet to orbit the sun, we have to somehow make-up for that quarter of a day so, once every four years, February will have one extra day.

Okay? And that's why.

So, technically in a year, there should be 365 days and a quarter, but if someone was to ask you, "how many days are there in one year?", you would say 365 days because, once year four years, February then has the extra day to make up for and one quarter.


So, Let's just go back quickly.

How many days are there in January? 31.

February? 28 or 29.

March? 31.

April? 30.

Sometimes, I don't know if you know, the knuckle trick, so that would be January.

So if it lands on a knuckle it's 31, if it lands in between, then that would be 30 or if it's February then it's different.

So, January, February, March, April, May, June, July 31, August 31.

So July and August are two consecutive months.

That means two months that come after to each other, where both have 31 days.

Okay, now let's have a look at some conversions.

So, Yasmin, is recording a film And only has June and July to complete the recording.

How many days does she have before she needs to complete it? So, Yasmin's recording a film and she has to complete it.

She has got June and July to complete this film.

So she's got two months, but, how many days is that? So, have a think or use your knuckles to think how many days are there in June, how many days are there in July.

Okay, so, June there are, of course, 30 days and July there are 31 days.

So, the total number of days, in both June and July, 61 days.

Well done if you said that.

Okay, Let's have a look at another word problem.

So, Xavier is also recording a film and only has July and August to complete the recording.

So, Yasmin had two months to complete the recording, Xavier also has two months to complete the recording.

But he has to complete the recording in July and August.

How many days does he have before he needs to complete it? Is it the same as Yasmin? Or different? They both have two months to record, is that the same number of days, or different to Yasmin? So, Xavier has to finish recording the film, he's got July and August.

Where as Yasmin had June and July.

What do we know about July and August? They are two consecutive months, as of June and July.

Two months that come after each other, but, there are 31 days in July, and 31 days in August.

So, Xavier has 62 days to complete the film.

Where as Yasmin had 61 days to complete the film, so, she had one day less to complete the film.

Even though they both technically have two months, so sometimes when we use language like, "You've got two months to do this!" "You got a month to do this" It depends, which month it is because, it could be the difference of days.

Okay, let's look at another conversion.

If a baby is 32 weeks old, how old is this baby in months.

Usually when mothers talk about their babies, they don't say they are "this many years old", Or "this many months old", sometimes they do but usually they do like to use weeks, Okay? So, this baby is 32 weeks old.

So, how old is this baby in months? Give you some thinking time first of all.

Okay, so, I know that in one month there are four weeks.

So, in two months, there eight weeks.

So, I'm going to go back, we know the baby is 32 weeks old.

So that's four weeks, and four weeks is eight weeks.

Twelve weeks, I'm going to keep going till we get to 32 weeks.

16 weeks, 20 weeks, should I keep going? 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, do I keep going? That's it.

Okay, so, 32 weeks, is the same 8 as months.

So, we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight months.

There are four weeks in one month.

So the baby is eight months old or, 32 weeks old.

Okay, Lets have a look at another conversion.

So, if there are seven days in one week, well, there are seven days in one week.

48 weeks, how many days is that? How many days are there in 48 weeks? I'll give you some thinking time.

Okay, Lets have a look.

So, 48 times seven is 336 days.

So, if a baby was 48 weeks old, for example, then we could say they are as 336 days old.

So, 48 weeks is equivalent, or is the same 336 days.

Okay, let's have a look at another problem.

We know there are 12 months in one year.

What about 96 months? I want to know how many years is 96 months.

I'll give you some thinking time.

Okay, shall we have a look together? So, this time we do 96 divided by 12, there are 96 months in total and for every 12 months, that's one year.

So, 12 months is one year.

24 months, two years.

And so on.

So, we've got eight years.

96 months is equivalent to eight years.

Okay, Well job.

Now it is time for you to pause the video and have a go at the independent task that I have left for you to do.

Good luck with it, have a go, do your best and then come back and we will check through the answers together.

Okay, welcome back, should we go for the answer together now? Okay, let's have a look.

So, the question said, "If I am 372 months old, how old am I in years?", And then "Can you work out how old you are in months?", And "In months, what is the difference in our age?".

So, now you are going to find out exactly how old I am.

I am old.

So, I am 372 months old when I recorded this anywhere I was.

How old am I in years? So, in one year there are 12 months, so 372 months is the same as, how many years? What's the calculation we would do? 372 divided by 12, I am 31 years young! Yes.

Okay, well done if you said 31 years young not 31 years old.

Okay, so, now we are going to have a look at some answers.

We'll look at three different answers if you're nine years old, if you're ten years old, if you're 11 years old, we'll just look at these three.

Okay, so, in one year there are 12 months, laying out the question, so if you're nine years old, then how many months is that? So, you would do nine times 12.

Which is equal to 108 months.

So if you are nine years old, you are 108 months old.


So, if you are ten years old then, how old would you be in months? Ten times 12 is, 120 months.

You would be 120 old if you are ten years old.

And then if you are 11 years old, you would do 11 times or, multiplied by 12, which is equal to 132 months old.

Now, what you could do, is add on how many months there are since your birthday.

So, if you were born in July, and you are doing this in September, then you need to add on the extra two months.

Okay, Well job.

Now, if you would like to share your work with us here at Oak National, then please ask your parent or your care to share your work for you on twitter and tag @OakNational and to use the hashtag #LearnwithOak So, before I leave you to do the quiz, I just want to say well done on all the brilliant learning that you have done today.

You have worked very hard and you should be proud of yourselves.

Good luck with the quiz.