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Hi am Rebecca, your computing teacher.

For this lesson you're going to need, either goggle slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, or an alternative slide show presentation software.

If you haven't got any of those then that's absolutely fine, you can design and create your presentation, using pen and paper that's absolutely fine if you need to.

Its also good idea to have a pen and paper as well on hand, if you want to make any notes too.

Now you also need to make sure, that you're remove any distraction out, of the way if you can, just that you can focus on this lesson.

When you've done all of these things we can begin.

In this lesson you'll be creating your presentation.

So use your design work to create your presentation, in presentation software.

Remember that it's okay to do this on paper if you wish.

If you're working with a classmate online, remember to be respectful.

Now remember that was an option to work with a classmate, and if you're going to do that then you need to make sure, that you got both parents or carer's permission, before you create this presentation together.

Pause the video now while you make your presentation.

Fantastic, now it's time to show your presentation.

So find an adult, sibling or relative to listen, to your presentation.

If you do not have anyone available right now, perhaps perform to your favourite toy, or if you've got pet you could perform it to your pet, or just practise it on your own, and that's absolutely fine too.

So pause the video now while you perform your presentation.

Fantastic, I really hope you've enjoyed this unit on collaborating online respectfully.

And you've got much wider understanding, of how to actually work online and use these online tools, securely, respectfully and safely.

If you'd like to, please ask your parent or carer, to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter tagging @OakNational and #LearnwithOak.

We'd really love to see those presentations, that you've done today.

Hopefully will see you soon for another unit.