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- Hi, and welcome to our lesson today with me, Ms. Wacker.

Our learning objective is to identify different types of family.

Hi, my name's Ms. Wacker, and I'm going to be your teacher today.

What's your name? Oh, hi there.

What is a family? I bet you said, a group of people who love one another.

They may live in the same house.

This is my family.

I have, can you see the picture of myself? Me there? I am married to my husband and we have three children.

This lesson you'll need, your looking eyes your listening ears, a basket, some items for a baby.

That could be some clothes or some toys.

Don't worry if you don't have these items you can use the things at home.

She's having a baby.

It's a girl! We're going to read the book.

We're having a baby by Dr.

Amanda Gummer endorsed by Dr.

Amanda Gummer.

The publisher is Campbell but it's also published and imprinted of Pan Macmillan.

So they're Macmillan books.

let's have a read of this story.

Shall we? We're having a baby.

That's the title of our book.

Mummy's tummy is very big.

She is going to have a baby.

Nancy is going to be a big sister.

Do you think the baby will look like you? Nancy's very excited.

Grandma and Grandpa have come to stay.

They are going to look after Nancy while mommy goes to hospital to have the baby.


Bye Nancy.

See you soon.

Mommy's had a baby boy.

Nancy is a big sister.

Her new brother is sweet and small and a little bit crumpled.

You were as small as that once Nancy.

Nancy's new brother is called Teddy.

He has lots of visitors.

Nancy helps Daddy change Teddy's nappy and clothes.

Nancy loves her new baby brother but sometimes he is very noisy.

Aah-waaah Soon he'll grow and be big enough to play just like his big sister.

Look at me, Teddy.

Clever girl.

Do you remember my friend? She had a baby girl.

We were so excited for her.

Well, I want to go and see her and the baby but I can't go empty handed.

I want to take her a gift but not just for her, for her baby too.

She had a baby girl.

So I bought some things to make a hamper for her.

If you don't have any, don't worry.

You can use things that you've got at home already but I'm going to make this for my friend when I go and see her baby.

So to create a hamper, which is like a basket of things to give to your new addition you will need a basket, or if you've not got one you could use a box, some tissue paper.

I'm just going to use that to put at the bottom.

Some things I've got some clothes, some hair band some pretty little shoes, some little baby toys.

And for my friend, I got her a box of chocolates.

So first I'm going to crumple up my tissue paper to put it at the bottom as like a base There we have it.

Now I'm going to insert my chocolates because that is for my friend.

Then I'm going to put the dress, oh I've got two here.

Got this pretty little dress that I'm going to stick in here.

I don't want the hanger showing and look at this cute little one for the baby.

And that's gonna go there again.

I don't want the hanger showing I'm gonna do that.

The chocolates can stand up a bit better.

Now I can put the hair bands, look at these little hair bands.

The baby's gonna look so cute.

And the shoes.

Now I've also got the toys that I can put in as well.

I bet my friend will be so happy with her hamper.

You have a goal.

Your task today, is to create a hamper for your new addition.

It could be a girl or a boy.

First get a basket or an empty box.

Next add items you would like to give to your new addition.

Then add a message to say who it is from.

You could give this to someone who's just had a baby.

If you'd like to share your work with Oak National I'd love to see pictures of the hampers you've created.

If you'd like to please ask a parent or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter tagging @OakNational and #LearnwithOak.