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Fire burns, today, we will be thinking about dangers around fire.

Hello, and welcome to another session around staying safe with me, Mrs. Mulla.

I wonder what adventure we will go on today.

I hope you're ready, let me test you.

Can you point to your nose? Good.

Point to your eyes.

Point to your cheeks.

Point to your teeth.

Point to your head? Aaah, I caught you out, I said head not nose.

All right, give yourself a shake.

I think we're ready, do you? In today's lesson, you will need a favourite teddy, a black card or black paper.

If you don't have that, then any coloured paper will do.

A cardboard tube, usually found from tissue rolls, some scissors and some paint.

Be sure to ask a parent or carer to help you with your scissors.

Pause the video and find your items, come back soon.

Warning, there now follows a short video showing fireworks featuring flashing lights.

Wow! Did you see that? It looked amazing.

My favourite was when the stars filled the sky like that.

It was like it was on top of me.

Did you enjoy that? It was amazing, wasn't it? But do you know what they're called? Yes, fireworks, but what are fireworks? Well, they're a big explosion of colour in the sky.

And fireworks are used at festivals or celebrations like birthdays, weddings, Divani or even you, yes.

Lots of celebrations that happen throughout the year.

A celebration that we celebrate in this country is called Bonfire Night, have you heard of that? Yes, it's where people go to watch firework displays or even light them at home.

Fireworks make a big sound like a fizz and a crash and a bang.

That can be a little scary.

But when you look at the display, you can see how amazing it looks and it becomes a little less scary.

Angel? Where? When? How? Bonfire Night is lots of fun, but during this time we need to be really careful.

Fireworks are hot and can burn, you should stand way back.

Only adults are allowed to touch them or even go near them.

If we follow the safety rules, we can be sure to stay safe and enjoy the display.

There is one firework you can hold in your hand and they're called sparklers.

Have you ever held them before? Right, well, they can be dangerous, so we need to follow some safety rules.

The safety rules involve always staying with a parent or carer.

Then, to cover your hands to keep them safe, you could wear gloves.

Only hold one sparkler at a time and keep very still.

Be sure to do it outdoors in an open space and not too close to anything.

dip it away from your face because it can burn.

Those were our safety rules, can you say them again with me? Wear gloves, only do one at a time, have it in an open space and keep it away from your face.

Fantastic, you're going to be great at remembering these safety rules.

I would like you to watch this video now.

I want you to spot any dangers, the dangers that we have learned about.

Every time you spot a danger.

I would like you to pause the video and tell teddy.

Let's go through it together, I wonder if you spotted the same dangers I did.

Do not not hold more than one, stay still, don't stand too close.

Did you get them? If you spotted all those dangers, give yourself two claps.

Well done, I can see that you can spot the dangers around fireworks and know how to keep safe.

Fireworks can be fun to watch.

Today we will be creating a fireworks display to remind us about the safety rules.

Follow the steps ahead.

To make your fireworks display, you will need different coloured paints, a pair of scissors, some black card and a tissue roll, you could have more than one.

The first thing you will do is with your tissue roll, you will cut along the bottom until you get halfway up, a bit like that.

Keep going round and be very careful with your scissors.

Pause the video and have a go.

Once you've cut it, you should have a tube that looks like this, where it's got these strands that go all the way around.

I have three because I will be using three colours to make my fireworks display.

Next, you will use this to dip into your paint.

So I'm going to start with red and I'm going to dip it in, and I might just move it around making sure each strip of paper gets some paint on.

Can you do that too? Now, I'm going to put it on my paper keeping it very, very still lift it up really carefully.

Wow! Do you see that? My starry firework.

I have added the colour yellow and blue to my display, and this is what mine looks like.

You have a go at using different colours.

We know we need to stay safe around fireworks.

So I'm going to just add in a warning sign.

Can you remember what shape our warning sign was? Can you remember any of the safety rules that we need to follow? I remember one.

I wonder if you could guess what I'm writing.

K-E-E-P, that's right, keep A-W-A-Y, keep away.

Now I have my warning sign, I'm going to cut it out, and place it on my fireworks display, warning others of the dangers around fireworks.

To make your fireworks display, there are some steps you need to follow.

The video will have helped you but this is a reminder.

First, with the help of a parent or carer, snip the tissue roll to halfway point all the way around.

Then, dip it in paint, make sure you have each strand covered with paint and place it on your paper or card.

You can make it as colourful as you want.

At the end, do the padding on your danger sign and write a little caption or a message to warn others of the dangers.

I look forward to seeing your favourite fireworks displays.