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Physical activity required.

Adult supervision recommended.


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Hello my name is Mr. Lindley, and I'm going to be your PE teacher for today.

In this unit of work we've been looking at athletics, and in today's session we're looking at flexibility and core strength.

Both vital in all disciplines of athletics from running, throwing and jumping activities.

As always, we need to keep ourselves safe in our PE lessons.

So, if you're unsure of any of the activities today please make sure you've got a trusted adult nearby when you start them.

You're going need a clear space of approximately three by two metres square and it's going to need to be free of any chairs or any other objects so you'll need to clear those.

You'll need to check above as well.

We wouldn't want you to jump and bang your head on anything.

So please check above yourself.

I put my trainers on.

I'd like you to do something similar.

Please don't do this in just your socks in case you slip.

Also, check the floor and make sure it's not slipping and wear something comfortable.

Shorts and T-shirt is great.

Put your hair up if needed and remove any jewellery.

As well as a clear space today we are going to need a couple of objects.

We're going to need a toilet roll or possibly two and a tape measure.

I've managed to find a paper tape measure, but you could find a traditional one as in the picture there.

So pause the video now and go and collect those items and click resume once you've done that.

Today's session we're going to begin with a warm-up very shortly.

Then our first activity is a sit and reach flexibility challenge before moving on to activity two, which is a bear crawl and activity three is a toilet roll tip challenge.

Really great for flexibility and core strength.

You'll finish with an exit quiz and we'll hopefully be really successful at that.

So as it is there, it's a warm up time.

Get yourselves ready and just follow me.

So, here we are with the warm up for today's flexibility and core strength session we need to just follow me and we're going to get jogging.

We're going to have a bit of a pulse raise of first, getting the oxygen around to those muscles that we're going to be using lots today.

So, just keep jogging on the spot.

That's brilliant, little bit higher with the knees.

That nice.

And let's keep that going for another 10 seconds or so.

That's it starting to move, starting to get nice and warm.

Brilliant, okay.

Let's just go forwards, touch the floor, jump backwards.

Jump in your little space that we've made sure is nice and clear today.

Jump, forwards, touch, backwards.

Jump, forwards, touch, backwards.

Jump, let's do another five of those.

Come on, get nice and warm.

Here we go.

And, that's it, three more.

Brilliant, two more.

That's brilliant.

Okay, this time a little bit a side step.

So you're just in your little space, however much you've managed to clear.

That's it, just side to side, manoeuvring around.

Getting nice and warm.

Keep that going.



Okay, back to a bit of jogging.

And let's start to do some star jump.

We're getting the heart pumping.

That's nice, nice and big, nice and stretched, fantastic.

And bring that back down to a walk.

Right, okay.

Let's just twist the top halves of our bodies around.

Got to mobilise all of our joints.

Got to be really flexible today for some of these challenges.

We're going to get a really good stretch, we'll work on that in a second.

We're going to go some toe touches, side to side nice and smooth, brilliant.

Couple more of those, lovely.

Okay, let's get down onto our hands and feet.

And we're going to be going forwards as far as we can in our little space.

Backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards, and backwards, forwards and backwards.

Two more, forwards and backwards.

Brilliant, okay.

Thinking about all those leg muscles now, let's do some squats for me.

Hamstrings going to be super important today because that's one of the key things we find help us to help us flex, give us our flexibility.

Which you'll soon see with our first challenge sit and reach.

Brilliant, okay.

Starting to lunge, that's it.

A few more of those.

Our groins then, let's just go up and around.

That's it.

And let's do that in reverse.

Back around and down, that's great.

Leave it there.

Okay let's just think about our arms. We're going to be reaching with our arms today.

So let's make sure they're ready, forwards and around.

And if you can follow this one, this is a great one for our biceps and triceps.

Angle, straight, angle, straight.

Can you follow that one? Gets our arms really ready for action.


I think we're ready for the first challenge of the day.

Great work on the warm up there.

Here's a a question, why do we warm up? So I mentioned a few things in the warmup as I went along, the sort of things we do to have a warmup, why we do them.

Have a think to yourself.

Okay, here's a couple of reasons what we do.

Of course it helps increase our flexibility, gets us ready.

It lowers the risk of any injury that we're about to do in this more strenuous exercise.

It increases our blood flow and the oxygen around the body and improves our performance.

Brilliant, so the first key word of the day, flexibility.

Flexibility is the range of movement possible at a joint.

And in this first activity, we are going to be as flexible as possible while sat on the floor reaching forward.

Sit and reach is the name of this one.

Watch the demonstration, see how it works before you get to have a go yourself.

So activity one in our flexibility and core strength session today is sit and reach.

You're just going to need a toilet roll as we mentioned, and a tape measure.

It could be one of the traditional pull-out tape measures you've got in your house or I've managed to find myself one of those paper ones.

So I'm going to put that down.

And all I need to do is sit myself down in a V shape position with my legs and with my tape measure I'm going to line that up on the inside of my knee.

Just there, okay.

So it's just right on the centre on that zero.

With my toilet roll, I'm going to place that down at start on zero.

And all I'm going to do is reach and roll as far as I can forward until I stop.

And that is, I look to the side, I've got 50 centimetres.

So I want to try that again.

Can I roll it? Check them on there.


Rolling a little bit further, roll it, roll it stretch, keep my leg straight, 53 centimetres.

So I managed to reach a little bit further.

I'm going to have a few goes at that before thinking, right? Let's stretch those muscles even a little bit more.

Now I did loads in the warm up, but if I do a few more dynamic stretches to help those, those hamstrings in particular, to warm up thinking it blooms out nice and warmed up and stretch it.

Maybe I'll do a few of these, just a few like that.

A few each side, getting a little bit higher each time.

Maybe when I return to my V sit, I might be able to push it a little bit further.

So I've kept the tape measure in place.

So I know where I was.

I'm lining up so I need my zero at the inside of a knee which is just there, back to where I was before.

There I go with my toilet roll.

Okay, V shape, going to roll it down, reaching, reaching, reaching.

55 centimetres, so I've managed to improve just slightly.

You need to have a few goes at that to see how you get on.

See if you can keep improving.

If you don't have tape measure, don't worry, because we always use our space task equipment people.

This idea, to help us it we're finding it too easy, we need a bit of a challenge, or we need to simplify things.

So this one with the equipment if you haven't got a tape measure, don't need it.

Just find something, maybe you can just mark and move along the ground.

So here I was in my V shape, and I'm rolling.

Start there, I'm rolling down as far as I can, I mark it with my market that I've managed to find.

And now I know I've got to improve and go further than that this time.

Yep, and I can move my pen slightly further on if I improve.

If you do jump up and do some exercises with this one, make sure you remember where you were sat so we know it's an equal measure and to see you improved.

Okay, guys, well done.

Have a go, see how you get on.

Let's see if you can keep reaching further and further.

So, you've seen the demonstration, heard the explanation so it's over to you.

You can pause the video, you can always reread any of the information here to help you see how you get on and keep reaching.

Good luck.

Well done with the activity.

I hope you managed to keep reaching and improving your own personal score.

So here's a statement.

Stretching your muscles helps improve your flexibility.

Is that true or false? Absolutely, it's true.

Stretching makes your muscles looser and also helps to lengthen them over time.

Which is why in the activity halfway through, we got up did some more stretching and then had another go at the stretch and reach game.

here's another key word for today.

Core strength.

Core strength is the development of the body's core muscles which helps stabilise and move the trunk of the body.

A good core strength helps us, not just in athletics, in any sport, but also helps us just with how we move around.

Activity two, bear crawl.

This one really focuses on core strength.

Watch the demonstration before having a go yourselves.

Activity two is the bear crawl today.

This is going to be one focusing on our core strength.

And all we need is a toilet roll or possibly two.

In the warmup, we thought about that bear crawl position because we were moving forward backwards in our warm up, but this time, keeping that strong core bear shape that we got there with our knees bent, we're actually going to try and balance a toilet roll on our backs.

So I'm going to get that into position.

Get into my strong core shape there.

And can I move forwards? Can I move backwards? Can I turn? Can I go this way? Keeping that strong core shape, great strength to make sure the toilet roll doesn't fall off.

Once you've had a go with that you could challenge yourself.

How could you, well, we like to use our space task equipment people idea to challenge yourself in this small space.

Could you set yourself up a little course around the area you're working in today? And see if it doesn't fall off once you've gone all the way round and set yourself a challenge.

Or it could be, slightly alter the task link it with the equipment.

Could you put one on top of another, on your back? It's your chance to really, really challenge yourself but keeping that strong core shape, no matter what you're up to.

Have a go, see you you get on.

Pause the video now to have a go.

All the information is on this slide.

See if you can keep that toilet roll balanced.

Over to you, click resume once you've had to go.

Here's another key word for today, posture.

Posture is the position in which you hold your body and limbs when standing, sitting and lying down.

And we're always after good posture, good straight back aren't we when we're sitting or when we're standing.

And that helps us in any sports we're playing whether it's athletics or anything else.

Activity three, the toilet roll tip.

This is a great challenge both flexibility and core strength.

Watch the demonstration before having to go yourselves.

So activity three is the toilet bowl tip challenge.

We're going to be attempting to tip over the toilet rolls when we're in a strong core shape position.

So it's working on our core strength, but also our flexibility.

I need to spread out my four or five toilet of rolls that you've got hold of for this one.

And I've spread them out over there.

I'm going to just check they're in the right position.

I need to give myself a challenge.

I'm going to be starting each time from here behind my line.

You don't have to have a line, but I'm going to be going from there.

So if I lie down, roughly where my hands are, my arms, that's where I need to place the toilet rolls which are all well in position.

Okay, so from my starting position I'm going to go down, I'm going to walk forwards into that strong position.

And then with one hand tip over the toilet roll.

Back to standing.

Well that was fairly easy.

Hopefully each time it's going to be a bit more of a challenge.

It looks like it might be.

So here I am , one hand, tip that one.

Back up to standing.

Okay, this one looks a bit more of a challenge.

I'm going to go to this one first.

And back to standing.

Before going to this one, which looks even further away.

And I've got it, back to standing.


Give yourselves a bit of a challenge by using a step, the space, the task, the equipment and the people.

The equipment for this one.

Could you find a few more toilet rolls to tip over? Or for T for time? Could you challenge yourself to tip all of them standing in between each one in a certain time limit? That'd be certainly a challenge for you to give yourselves.

With the space, just moving them further away to give yourself that challenge in terms of the reach challenge.

See how you get on.

I'll leave it to you.

Now you've seen it, heard what you've got to do.

Pause the video now, have a go, and click resume once you've done that.

So when we were doing the toilet roll tip, each time we went down to the floor before tipping over the toilet roll, we got ourselves into a hand plank position.

Now, what does a hand plank require? There are four options there.

I'm going to give you a clue.

It's more than one of those.

Have a look at them.

Which ones do you think required when we were in that hand plank position? It was in fact three of those options.

We had a flat back, a strong core and we had straight arms. Brilliant, well done.

Our learning outcomes from today.

Well, there you can see.

We've been working on our agility and our cognitive thinking skills.

We've been developing our flexibility, our core strength and you've been really competitive against yourself.

So well done with that one.

I hope you've enjoyed today's session.

I particularly liked the toilet roll tip challenge and I hope to see you again soon in another athletics lesson.