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Flush and wash, where we will be learning the steps we need to take to stay clean when we visit the toilet.

Oh, hello there.

Sorry I didn't see you.

Just checking to see that there's no plaque left on my teeth.

I don't want any cavities or a tooth ache.

I can put that away.

I think they're nice and clean for now.

Hello and welcome to another session with me, Mrs. Mulla.

Some of you may know me already.

I wonder what we will be learning today? Shall we get started? I can't hear you.

That's better.

Let's get started.

In today's lesson, you will need your looking eyes and listening ears and your favourite teddy.

Pause the video, find your teddy, and come back soon.

We have been thinking about daily habits, things that we could do every day.

Can you remember them? Let's go through them.

Wear clean clothes, wash your body to stay clean, stop the germs, and brush our teeth.

Those are the things we need to do every day.

I wonder what daily habit we will learn today? Today, we'll be thinking about a place in our house we visit lots of times in the day.

Can you guess where it may be? The kitchen? The fridge? No, although I do feel a little bit hungry now.

Be back soon.

Now my belly's full.

I'll show you where I mean, the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place where we go in private to take a bath or shower, but it is also the place that we go to visit the toilet when we need to.

That is what we will be thinking about today.

It is important you go to the toilet the moment you need it and not leave it too late so you feel better.

What might happen if you do leave it late? That's right, you will have an accident.

Does it feel good when you have an accident? It doesn't, does it? And do you go to the toilet the moment you need to? That's good.

Keep it up.

Now when we do go to the toilet, there are some steps we need to take to stay clean.

When you get that feeling down below, stop what you're doing and go, go, go.

Once you have been, remember to flush the toilet, see it go, and wash your hands.

I want you to think back to the last time you visited the toilet.

Did you flush and wash? Great if you did.

If you haven't, it's really important to do so.

Pause the video now and wash your hands using the steps that we have learned.

Wet your hands, scrub with soap, rinse with clean water.

Come back soon.

Great to have you back.

I'm going to show you what would happen if you didn't wash your hands.

Do you remember those mucky germs? Yes, you can't always see them.

Well, they live on your hands on your body after every visit to the toilet.

And what happens if you don't wash your hands? Yes, you spread them on everything around you, and then other people who come along touch it.

And if it goes anywhere near your mouth, ears, or nose, it finds a way of getting inside your body.

And what happens? You're right.

You fall ill.

We don't want that, do we? Can you tell me what steps we need to take to stay clean when we visit the toilet? That's right.

We need to flush and wash.

Pause the video and remind teddy so that he knows what to do, too.


There, we have it.

Another daily habit added to our poster.

Can you talk through all the daily habits that we need to do every day with your parent or carer? That's how we stay squeaky clean.

Another session completed.

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Look forward to hearing from you.

See you soon.