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- Today's lesson is all about following rules.

Our learning objective today is to know the importance of following rules.

Hello, and welcome to our second lesson with me, Miss Waka.

I'm going to be your teacher today.

What's your name? Oh, hi.

Can you remember what I am dressed up as? Yes, a caterpillar, because I'm going to be starting a new journey like you.

Remember how I explained to you last lesson, how I began my life as an egg, I then grew and became a caterpillar.

Do you think by the end of this lesson, I might turn in to a pupa, and then into a beautiful butterfly.

I hope you are excited to go on your journey to start our new class.

Last lesson we learned about managing our feelings and how we may feel worried and anxious, but you'll make lots of friends and settle down really well.

In today's lesson, you will need your looking eyes, your listening ears, your favourite teddy, a bowl, and two people that you can have a game with.

Pause the video and go and get the things that you need.

Who enjoys playing games? You do.

Me too.

My favourite games are connect four.

I like playing with my family, and we have competitions to see who can win.

I always win.

I do like playing hopscotch with my friends, making sure I keep my feet in the boxes, and following the rules.

I also like playing hide and seek with my family in the house.

We use all bedrooms, kitchen and living room.

I sometimes hide in the cupboard, but I always get found.

Can you tell me three games you love to play? Talk to your teddy.

Wow, that's some really nice games that you'd like to play.

Do you know to play these games, we all need to be following a set of rules.

But what are rules? What are rules? Rules are how adults teach children how to behave.

Parents make rules when their children are young.

This is to keep them safe.

For example, parents may have a rule that their young children can not run in the house.

This rule is there to protect the child from falling over and getting hurt by something really sharp or hard.

Rules help us to know what to do and keep us safe from harm or getting hurt.

There'll be lots of rules to follow in school.

When you are playing in school, we need to follow up the rules to keep our games fun.

Like these boys playing football.

They're following the rules.

They're not kicking each other.

And they're trying to kick the ball.

Sometimes when we don't follow the rules, you or your friend may end up getting very upset.

What would happen if one of the boys kick their friends here? They would get hurt and maybe cry.

That's sad isn't it? When you are in school, it is important to follow the rules in class to make your time there happy for you and your friends.

A group of boys and girls are playing football outside.

Should they A, kick each other when they try to get the ball, B, kick the ball and try not to kick each other, C, push the other team so they can't get the ball, or D, stand still and try not to get the ball.

Talk to your teddy and decide which option is the correct one.

Pause the video and come back soon.


Your correct.

In football, the rule is to kick the ball and try not to kick each other.

Let's play a game which has rules.

We're going to go through the rules first so you all know how to play and keep happy.

When people break the rules, the other children will get upset and sometimes it can be dangerous like in football.

Do you know how to play piggy in the middle? I want to share the rules with you.

First you will need two other players.

Number two, the two players on the outside throw the ball to each other.

Number three, the person in the middle tries to catch the ball.

Number four, if the ball is dropped, any of the players can try and get it.

Number five, if the person in the middle gets the ball, the person who lasts through the ball is now in the middle.

Now it's your turn like I have just modelled for you.

I would like you to first choose a game to play, play connect four, football, or even knots and crosses.

Next, read through the instructions so all the players know how to play.

Then have lots of fun and just enjoy it.

Rules are everywhere, like in games.

When you visit a new place or in school too.

They help us keep safe and explain how to do something or how to behave.

Make sure you follow the rules of an activity that you do.

This helps us keep safe and make sure we are all happy and can play together.

We all need to make a promise.

We all belong to a different group.

He is part of the Scouts group.

Shall we see his promise that he has to make to be part of the Scouts group? - I am in the Scouts group.

I make a promise.

My promise is, I promise to do my best to be the kind and love God.

I made this promise because, so I cannot break the Scouts law.

- In your school, you will have a set of rules that you follow, which help you to be the best learner.

These are some of the rules you will be asked to follow in your school.

They are to be helpful, to help your friends and other children in your class.

Be honest, meaning telling the truth all of the time.

Listen to others.

Use your listening ears and listen to what your teachers say and other children in your class sa.

Be kind, using kind words and actions.

Be gentle, using kind hands and kind legs.

Work hard, trying your best all the time.

Shall we make our promise together? Put your hand on your heart like this and repeat after me.

I promise to be helpful, to be honest, listen to others, be kind, be gentle and work hard as best I can.

Well done guys.

That was super.

Can you try and practise that promise when you are in school? That would be brilliant.

So tired of playing these games.

It was so much fun.

I think I need to sleep now.

I think I might just put and go to sleep.

I hope you enjoy playing piggy in the middle and another game of your choice.

Please share what you've learned today.

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