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Hi everyone, I'm Miss Harris.

Welcome to today's religious education lesson.

We're going to be answering this question.

How can Christians show their identity? So we're going to be looking at different ways that we can recognise Christians, all the ways that they show that they're a Christian.

So let's look at what else we're learning about.

We're going to look at identifying the symbols of Christianity, expressions of faith, and then we're going to have our end of lesson quiz.

In this lesson, you will need an exercise book, a pencil, a coloured pencil, and most importantly, your brain.

If you don't have these things, you can pause the video and go and get them now.

Great work.

Now we're going to do our star words.

So you're going to say each word out loud to your screen after me, so my turn then your turn.

Ready? Cross.







Can we say it? Instead of saying it really fast, should we do it in slow motion? Necklace.



Well done.

Now think about this question.

What does a Christian look like? Hm.

What does a Christian look like? Do you know what a Christian looks like? Let's have a think.


So, like all religions, anyone can be a Christian.

We are going to watch a video all about Christian worship.

You will see how everyone is all shapes, ages, and sizes, but how God is able to bring them together.

Now here are some symbols.

A symbol is a mark or a character that is used to represent something.

It makes it quickly recognisable, and different religions have these too, but they represent the importance of something in their religion.

Can you recognise any of these symbols? Can you pause the video and say out loud what you think they are? Well done.

So as I mentioned, different religions have symbols too, and they represent the importance of something in the religion.

In Christianity, they have something called the crucifix.

In Christianity, they have.

It's also called the cross.

It's this belief that Jesus died on the cross.

The shape of the cross symbolises his sacrifice, that he died to save.

Let's watch a video about what is Christianity.

It's also to remind Christians that Jesus rose from the dead.

He was resurrected, that means he was brought back to life.

Now in your books, I would like you to draw a picture of the cross.

Pause the video, have a go at that now.

Well done.

Now here you can see a necklace.

You might have seen someone wear this before.

Now a cross necklace is a necklace featuring the Christian cross or crucifix, the cross.

Crosses are often worn as an indication of the commitment to Christian faith.

That means they would like to show you that they are a Christian and that they're really committed to the faith of Christianity.

And sometimes these are received as gifts for rites such as baptisms or confirmations, so you might see some people who are Christians wear these around their neck.

Have you seen someone wearing them before? You have? Well maybe you can ask them about their faith.

I'm sure they would love to talk to you about it.

Well done, you worked really hard today and I'm looking forward to seeing your work.

If you would like to share your work to show us, you can ask your parent or carer to take a picture of it and share it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the tag Oak National and the hashtag Learn With Oak.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, and I will see you next time, bye!.