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Hello, and welcome to today's lesson about the Reformation.

It's Mrs. Gouliée again, ready to teach you more about Morebath church.

I hope you've been enjoying the topic so far and you're ready to find out what happens next to your character.

For today's lesson all you will need is a pen and paper, and if possible, a pencil as well.

Please take a moment now to clear away any distractions.

If you're able to, turn off the notifications on any apps you've got running and find a quiet place where you can complete this lesson.

So once you're ready and I've got my PowerPoint open, we'll begin.

So, now I've got my PowerPoint open, I have minimised my webcam so it's easier to focus on my slides.

And the first side, I'm sure you're not surprised to see, is our big question.

In what ways did the Reformation matter to ordinary people? Because that's what we've been trying to get to grips with, isn't it? We've been thinking about this time of religious change, the Reformation, when England went from Catholic to Protestant to Catholic to Protestant, but we've really been focusing in on how that affected ordinary people.

And we've been doing that by focusing in on the story of one ordinary church, Morebath church.

And we've been focusing in on the experiences and lives of the ordinary people who lived in that village and went to that church.

So far, we found out why Morebath church mattered so much.

We met some of the people of Morebath church, and you've each got your own character, haven't you? And then we've looked at how that church changed.

We looked at how King Edward came along and made the church Protestant and forced them to get rid of their beautiful things.

And then in our last lesson, we looked at how Queen Mary came along and made the church Catholic again.

So with that in mind, I wonder if you can remember which of these pictures shows Morebath church in Mary's reign? Which of those shows how Morebath was at the end of our last lesson? So, just pause the video and make your decision.

Well, it is of course the picture on the left.

The picture on the left shows how Morebath was at the end of Mary's reign when she'd allowed them to get back their statues and their candles and their altar cloth and their rosary beads, and go back to being Catholic again.

The picture on the right shows what happened before Mary was queen.

That picture shows what Morebath was like as a result of Edward's, reign.

Because remember, if we think back to two lessons ago, we looked at how King Edward was a Protestant and not just a Protestant, but a really strict Protestant.

And he forced Morebath church to get rid of all their statues, all their candles, other than two, to get rid of their crucifix, the one that William Papa had called, he had forced them to stop raising money for that church.

And he had forced them to buy a Protestant prayer book and a lock box to raise money for the poor.

And so in Edward's reign Morebath church It had to destroy a lot of that precious and special objects.

But five years later, like we saw last lesson, Mary became queen and Mary was a Catholic.

And so she encouraged the people and the people of all the churches in England to get back their statues.


Now the people have more back though.

They couldn't quite get back all their statues because some of them like st.

Cipro had been sadly destroyed in Edward's reign.

They were able to get back all their candles again.

Now Mary was queen.

They were able to get back that alter cloth, fancy table, prophet sat at the alter the table at the front of the church.

And they were able to get crucifix.

Nope, quite beautiful golden decorated one that William Pop had carved to start with a simple crucifix that was going to make do until they had a better one to replace it with.

So William Papa was busy carving and carving away preparing for a new, big, better crucifix.

Whilst the villages of Morebath we're also busy busing away.

The young maidens like Marjorie Lake and the young men like John Time, or they were busy working together to raise money, to decorate that church.

And Morebath church was on the way to being what it had before.

Wasn't quite the same things were still missing, but it was on the way to being the beautiful church.

It had always been, but there's another but Things were about to change again, believe it or not because in 1558, there was another new Monarch queen Mary to people of Morebath church, distress, and sadness had died after ruling for just five years.

Now, the queen Mary had died.

Her younger sister, Elizabeth became queen Elizabeth.

The first, Elizabeth by the way, was the daughter of Henry the eight and his second wife and Berlin.

So queen Mary in 1558 died her youngest sister Elizabeth.

You can see on the signs there.

She was now queen and Elizabeth was a Protestant, not a Catholic like Mary, but to Protestant.

Although she wasn't as strict as Edward, she wanted everyone to feel part of her church.

She was aware of all the religious fighting intentions there had been and how the church had gone from protestants to Catholic and was now going to go Protestant again.

And she did want to make sure that all people were at least as many people as possible would feel part of her church.

And so these were her orders for the church.

Elizabeth's Orders.


the church is now Protestant, not Catholic 2.

the Queen is the head of the Church, not the Pope 3.

the Protestant prayer book, an English Bible must return 4.

Church services must be Protestant.


Statues are not allowed in the church.

They must be removed.


people can still raise money for the church.


I'm not sure how your character's feeling right now, but I can't imagine that feeling.

All their special objects are going to go again.

I mean, they can raise money for the church, but statues are going all over again, like going Protestant all over again.

How are these orders going to affect Morebath church? What will they have to get rid of? What will they have to buy for that church? I want you to pause the video now and see if you can figure out which of these objects they're going to have to get rid of and what are they going to have to buy? Wow, they're going to have to remove their statues again.

They also, I'm afraid to say, I'm going to have to remove that crucifix again and the results, the plain Protestant Church.

It's not quite as plain as it Edward's reign.

There's still some candles and there's still that altar cloth, that cloth over the altar table.

There's no statues and no crucifix.

And we've called those Protestants books again.

What the English Bible that Elizabeth made every church, including Morebath by we've got the Protestant prayer book again and also some more Protestant books as well.

Hi, before we find out anymore, let's see what you can remember so far.

What changed in Elizabeth's reign choose all the correct answers.

So just press pause, have a look at these answers.

And once you've chosen, the ones you think are correct, press play again.

What changed in Elizabeth's reign? Wow.

Option 1, 3 and 4 are all true option 1 The church became Protestant again.

Elizabeth was a Protestant.

And so the church did not stay Catholic.

It became Protestant again.

And as a result, option 3, Morebath had to get rid of the statues of their saints.

And it also option 4, had to get an English Bible and Protestant prayer book by Elizabeth the church Protestant Morebath had to get rid of their statues and buy an English Bible and a practising prayer book.

So with that in mind, I'd like you to just finish off this sentence on their piece of paper you've got in front of you.

so Queen Elizabeth made the church catholic or protestants.

and Morebath church.

or did they have to get rid of what did they have to buy so, Just pause the video now and finish that sentence.

Queen Elizabeth made the church and Morebath church.

What did they have to do? Great work, everyone.

I'm sure you've got a sentence.

Something like, Queen Elizabeth made the church Protestant and Morebath church had to get rid of their statues.

You might even have mentioned they had to get rid of that crucifix.

And they had to buy an English Bible and a Protestant prayer book, so, Morebath church is now protestant again.

But I'm sure people of Morebath, I'm sure your characters.

I'm sure you're thinking, wow.

Church has changed Protestant once before and then soon after it became Catholic again and now it's Protestant.

Chances are it's going to end up Catholic again.

And that's exactly what the people of Morebath hoped.

I mean, there'd been so much doing and following much swapping from Catholic to Protestant, et cetera, et cetera.

And they thought they'd just ride out the storm, they do as they were told and seeing things would go back to being Catholic again.

But That did not happen.

I'm afraid people have Morebath from that perspective.

I should stress.

Elizabeth had a very, very, very long reign.

The people of Morebath and hoped Elizabeth reign might not last too long.

They hoped that maybe they'd get another Catholic Monarch and then the church could go back to Catholic again, but that didn't happen.

Elizabeth ruled for 45 years following longer than Edward or Mary, Edward and Mary had only rode for five years each.

Elizabeth ruled for 45 and that meant in the end Morebath church became Protestant for good in the end, Morebath church stayed Protestant because along 45 years that Elizabeth ruled more back gradually and gradually gave up hope that things would ever go back to being Catholic.

Again, they gradually and gradually were forced to accept the new Protestant way of doing things.

And so as a result of Elizabeth's reign Morebath church, turn Protestant for good.

It would never go back to its Catholic ways that they had loved.


So what will this mean for Morebath church? Because it's not just going to affect the inside of the church.

It's going to affect affect the lives of the people in the villages of Morebath.

So we now need to find out the whole story, the story of what happens over Elizabeth Long, long reign.

So you are going to read the story of how Elizabeth Long reign affected Morebath church.

And as you read the story, you are going to create a storyboard by a storyboard.

You just need to draw little pictures to show what happened to Morebath church.

I would aim for one or two pictures for each paragraph.

So just to be clear by a storyboard, I do not want you to spend ages and ages and ages creating lots of little boxes on your bit of paper and spend ages drawing lots and lots of beautiful illustrations.

I just want you to do something a bit like what I've had a go at doing.

You can see that picture on the side.

That's my example of the I'm sorry of what your story board might look like.


So I'm just going to take you through what I've drawn.

So you get the idea.

So the little picture I've got on the left is meant to show the statues being removed.

So I've drawn some little statues you can see they're not in a lot of detail.

I'm sure you can do better with a cross rate.

I've drawn that picture because the first part of the story describes how the statues were moved from the church, but the people have more back didn't destroy their statues.

Instead they put them into hiding and St Christopher carried on reminding the villages where they were like every few months or so it just kind of give a little talk and say, right, this is where this statue is.

And this is where this one is.

So that's what I've drawn.

My second picture.

That's meant to be St Christopher You can see it's a very simple stigma and I've just built a little speech bubble saying this is where our statues are.

I tend to find stick people in speech.

Bubbles are quite good way of showing things that are a bit hard, at least for me to draw.

So that's why I've drawn the next part of my picture.

And then next paragraph of the story talks about how Morebath church had to buy lots of different Protestant books.

And so that's why I've drawn some books on the English Bible because they had to buy that.

And I've also drawn another book and written Protestant prayer book on it.

I've labelled them.

So I remember what they were looking back at it.

Now I probably should have had an English Bible rather than just Bible, but you get the idea.

So what you now need to do is pull your own storyboard with little pictures to show what happened to Morebath church in Elizabeth's reign.

Aiming for just one or two little pictures for each paragraph.

I'm sure you can do better than me.

So now you know what you need to do.

You need to pause the video, read the signs on the next page and use the information to create a storyboard type, pause the video, read the signs on the next page and use the information to create a storyboard.

Fantastic work, everyone.

I'm sure you've done much better than me.

I'm just going to talk you through the answers now and talk you through what you might have included in your storyboard.

I'm going to take you through what I would have included how I might have drawn it.

Now you've probably drawn these things in a different way to how I would, and that's absolutely fine, but it might be that as I go through what I would have included that you realise you've actually missed something out.

So if you've realised you've missed something from your drawings, then just press pause and add it in.


So as I go through the answers, just check that you've included these things, even if you've included them differently.

And if not, press pause and add in anything you've missed.

So firstly definitely need to have shown the statutes gone probably the little pictures and statues with a cross through them.

Next, I try and show that the statues were put into hiding.

So you might have drawn a little.

Sir Christopher light me telling the villages where these statues were, or you might have drawn the statues being hidden in a room or in a box, so next.

You need to show that Morebath how to buy the English Bible, the Protestant prayer book, and other Protestant books.

So you properly drawn some books.

I would make sure you've labelled them.


So if you've not labelled your books, just press pause and add those labels, Protestant prayer book and English Bible.

Next part of the story, Morebath church had to get used to having these Protestant church services.

And they had to have these, which meant, sorry that these Protestant church services, were in English not Latin.

Now I think the easy way of drawing that might be Sir Christopher, because he was the one as priest giving the church services.

We've got speech bubbles speaking in English.

That's probably the easiest way of doing it.

Next up.

We probably want a picture of Sir Christopher preaching, because that was part of these new protestant church statuses.

Sir Christopher gave his ideas.

Those preachers, these talks about Protestant ideas.

So I began to do a little search sir Christopher and I want a draw a really big speech with a lots of it lines in it.

To show how long his talk was.

And lastly, you might've wanted to draw Sir Christopher to have a special seat because he got a new special seat to get these preaches or talks from Next, Morebath's way of life was over.


These changes didn't just change the church, but the whole community, the church had less money, from buying all this Protestant things.

So you might have drawn a empty money back, or you might have drawn a tiny little pile of coins to show how they had little money at this point.

This point has a bit harder to draw, but I do think it's important to include people were less interested in giving to the church.

Now I think this could be hard to draw.

So I might just, for example, draw a few little people.

Of thought bubble coming out of their head saying we're less interested in giving to the church because now they can give money to the church for the statues and for candles to go before the statues, they weren't really interested in giving to it in the same way they happen.

And lastly, the ales just weren't the same as before they were still happening, but they just wanted the same because they had to go now and they just weren't as fun as before.

So again, this is a bit hard to draw.

You've probably done it better than me.

I think I would have just gone some little people with sat around a table with their ale on it.

Maybe just this straight expression on their face to show they not having as much fun.

So that is the story of Morebath church in Elizabeth's reign.

Fantastic work, everyone.

So I wonder how your character felt about the changes during Elizabeth's reign.

How might they felt? Just pause the video now and decide which of these words of these words sum up how your character might have felt.

Wow, I'm sure you've not picked any of the words on the left hand column.

Cause I can't imagine any of your characters would have felt happy or content that how did they feel? I have a feeling that Elena Nick, well, all the vintages would have felt sad and disappointed that their statues had gone.


I think Adam and Nicole who had loved praying to Si dwell, will feel especially sad that saints is never going to come back.

She might even felt empty.


She couldn't pray to Saint Si dwell for comfort.

I wonder where the monitory Lake might also felt sad and empty.

She and the other young woman had loved raising money for the candles to go before st.

Mary and St Si dwell and they can't do that anymore.

Or they can raise money for candles, but there's not much point without the statues.

And I heard it felt empty.

Now that lost this purpose.

I have a feeling John Timer would have definitely been sad and even miserable.

Maybe just disappointed that the ales weren't the same as before he loved organising these village feasts, where everyone could enjoy drinking ale.

Now they're just not the same.

I have a feeling William Popper would have been rather disappointed too.

After all his beautiful crucifix had been destroyed.

Once he'd been, it started work on another one.

And now that was gone.

I would think that the people in charge of the church might have felt a little differently.

They still felt I'm sure sad and disappointed.

I think they might have felt quite worried and stressed about having to adjust this new Protestant way of doing things.

Lucy, Sally and Thomas Norman and the Foeman.

I can imagine.

What about quite worried about how little money more about church had and how on earth they were going to pay for everything.

I think Sir Christopher, I can imagine felt the same.

So I wonder why Sir Christopher, maybe even some of the other villagers ended up just being very resigned to what had happened.

He fell like they just had to accept it, Even though they didn't want to have very little choice.

They said they just resigned themselves to getting by as best as they could.

There was nothing they could do.

There's no point fighting about it.

They just had to accept it.

So in what ways did the reformation matter to ordinary people? We now know the full story of Morebath church, and we know that this reformation, this religious change mattered to them.

But how did Elizabeth reign effect more back church? Which of these statements do you agree with? Elizabeth reign only changed the religion of Morebath church.

Elizabeth's reign changed than more than just the religion of Morebath church.

Elizabeth reign had an emotional impact on the people of Morebath.

Elizabeth reign affected the wealth of the church and its people.

Elizabeth's reign meant the community of Morebath would never be the same again.

just pause the video and press play once you've decided, which of these statements you agree with? well I think you could agree with all of them other than the first one.

Cause that first one isn't right.

Is it, it said Elizabeth only change the religion of Morebath church Elizabeth reign changed the religion of Morebath church didn't only change it, it's actually the second one.

That's more right there.

Isn't it? Because it said Elizabeth's reign change more than just the religion of Morebath church.

And the reason that's true is because it affect how people it effected the community as well.

It affected the village, not just the church.

I mean, if we go to the third statement, we know that's true.

Elizabeth reign had an emotional impact on the people of Morebath We've just spoken haven't we? How many of the villages were that disappointed stress about the changes Elizabeth reign affected the wealth of the church and its people? Well, that's definitely true because the church ran out of money.

We spoke about how stress Thomas Norman was about trying to get enough together.

And lastly, Elizabeth reign the community of Morebath would never be the same again.

I think I'd agree with this one too, because we said didn't we, that the ales, just one of the same, the villages, weren't coming together and raising money for the church and the same way they'd always done.

It had changed the community.

It had changed the way they worked and met and loved being together.

Now you've discussed them.

I'd like you to pause the video and I'd like you to write two to three sentences to answer the question, you could choose one of these statements to help you.

Well, you might want to combine a couple together or you might want to write it yourself.

Just pause the video and answer that question.

How did Elizabeth's reign affect Morebath church? Wow, fantastic work.


You've done a fantastic job.

We now don't know don't we? How the reformation affected or new people.

We know the story of Morebath church from the few changes Henry made to the massive Protestant changes we've made to how it went back to how it happened under Mary and how under Elizabeth the church finally turned Protestant for good and our next and final lesson will tie us together and focusing on the kinds of change, Morebath experienced, excellent work, everyone take care.


That brings us to the end of today's lesson.

Well done for all your hard work.

You've done a great job, please.

If you're able to take a picture of your work and ask your parent or carer to share it with your teacher so they can see all the fantastic work that you have done, please also make sure you complete the quiz at the end of the lesson to show all that you have learnt.

Wow, all that's left for me to say is thank you.

Take care.

And I look forward to my next and final history lesson with you.

Take care.