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Hello, everyone.

And welcome to a history lesson with me, Miss Emms. Let's see what we're going to be doing today.

So in today's lesson, we're going to be answering this key question.

How has food changed in the last 60 years? And this is lesson one of two you are learning with me, Miss Emms. So in our unit on changes within living memory, we've already thought about how music has changed over the last 60 years and how toys have changed.

And now we're moving on to food.

So let's have a look at our lesson agenda.

First things first, we're going to look at our Star Words.

So our key words that we need to have a good understanding of.

Then it will be time for a quick recap of previous learning.

And then we're going to move on to our timeline, to remind ourselves of the time period.

And then we're going to think about how food has changed in the last 60 years.

At the end of the lesson there will be an end of lesson quiz to help you see what you can remember from today's learning.

So you'll need three things in this lesson.

You'll need paper, you'll need a pencil, and you will need your brain.

Now you've already got your brain.

I'm sure it's working really hard.

You need to go and get your paper and your pencil.

Now pause the video and do that now, please.

Off you go Correct.

Well done.

So let's have a look at our Star Words.

My turn, your turn.

Star Words, Star Words, Star Words.

Well done.



We're going to have a look at how technology and the development of technology has changed the way that we eat, that we think about, that we cook food.

The next word is store.

So how we store food, where we keep it.

And finally cook.


So a recap, we learned that music, the way we listen to music, has changed over time.

From cassettes to CDs, to MP3 players, to smartphones.

And we thought about how toys have changed from being made from wood, to plastic, to electronic toys.

And we had a look at some examples of all three of these types of toys.

Can you quickly arrange these toys from oldest to most modern? You can either do it on a piece of paper or you can point where you think each one would go.

So which toy is the oldest? Point to it now.

Hopefully you've got the rocking horse because it's made from wood.

Which toy can we assume should go in the middle? Point to it now.


And we can assume that the most modern is the video game, the computer game here, and that should go at most modern.

Well done, everyone.

So our timeline.

Here's our timeline.

So we've got 1900, the beginning of the century.

2000, the end of the century.

And today 2020.

When my granny was born and when I was born.

We're looking at the last 60 years.

So just a reminder, we can ask our grandparents, carers, and parents about this time period.

And we can ask our grandparents, parents and carers about which foods they ate as well.

You've got 1960 all the way through to 2020.

And we're going to be thinking about how food has changed in this time period.

So, how has modern technology changed how we cook food? We know we've learned that as technology has advanced the ways in which we cook and eat food has changed.

So just like how we learned about with toys, we learned that technology advancing means that toys have changed the ways in which we cook and eat food have also changed as well.

So we can have a look at this oven from a period of time that's before modern times now, okay.

You might still see some ovens like this, but they're not as common now as they used to be.

With modern technology advancing, this might look more familiar or this.

So technology means that we are now able to cook food in new and more modern ways than we were used to.

And this means that it's quicker and it's more efficient.

I want you to use the key words to complete the following sentence.

Mm mm has changed the ways in which we mm and mm food.

And here are your three key words.

Cook, modern technology, which is two words, but it's two spaces to fit into, and eat.

Can you now complete that task? You need to pause the video and complete the sentence using those words.

Off you go.

All right.

Well done.

Hopefully you had modern technology has changed the ways in which we cook and eat food.

Pause the video if you need to tick or fix your answer.


Well done.

So, let's have a think about restaurants.

I wonder if you've ever been to a restaurant before, where you eat food, not in your home, but you go out to a restaurant to eat a meal.

Have you ever been to a restaurant before? Okay.

So restaurants like this, this, and this are places where you can go to eat food.

You have to pay for that food when you're there, but you might go either by yourself or with some friends or with some family members to eat food.

And now, there are many more options for restaurants than there were even 60 years ago, okay.

Depending on which city or town you live in, I live in London, and there are lots and lots of restaurants all over London.

And I'm sure that if you live in a town or a city, there are lots of restaurants there too.

If you live in a village or a hamlet, you might have to travel a little bit further to get to a town or a city where there are lots of restaurants.

But today there are many more options than there were 60 years ago.

And the options for the food that we can eat have increased as well.

Let's have a think about food delivery and takeaway.

Now we can not only go out to a restaurant to eat food in that restaurant, we can have food delivered to our homes.

So we haven't cooked it ourselves.

We've ordered that food to be delivered to our homes or perhaps to eat it in a park or an outdoor space as well.

So we've got some sushi, some pizza and some rice here.

Now modern technology means that it's much easier now to access food delivery and take away.

On a smartphone you can go on an application where you order certain food to be delivered to your home, and then you can eat that food in your home.

And that would not have been possible 60 years ago.

That's possible now because of the advancement, the advances that have been made in technology, okay.

It's much easier and it's also much more accessible, okay.

That means it's easy for lots of different people to access as well.

With the restaurants and with food delivery and take away, the options over the last 60 years for eating either in a restaurant or for eating in your home but having food deliveries have increased.

There are many more options, and this is largely to do with modern technology.

I want you to pause the video now to complete this task.

You're going to insert the correct keyword.

Options for eating in restaurants and ordering food to be delivered, have either increased or decreased over the last 60 years.

Can you either write down just the correct word, or if you're feeling ambitious, the whole sentence with the correct words in that place.

Pause the video.

Off you go.

Right, well done.

Hopefully you got increased.

That means there are more options for eating in restaurants and ordering food to be delivered now than there were 60 years ago.

So the options have increased.

Well done.

So, let's have a look at some popular dishes from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Now it goes without saying that people like to eat lots of different things.

And it would be really tricky to find one dish that everyone liked to eat in the 1960s.

But there are some dishes that were known to be very popular for each of these decades.

So from the 1960s to the 1990s, there were some dishes that were popular and lots of people liked to eat them.

One of them, in the 1960s is called prawn cocktail.

And that doesn't mean that we don't eat this now, but in the 1960s, it was really popular to have prawn cocktail, perhaps as a starter.

So what you had before the main part of your meal.

Here's a picture of a prawn cocktail.

In the 1970s, quiche were really, really popular.

You might have also tried a quiche.

Again, it's not something that only was eaten in the 1970s, but it was really popular in the 1970s.

So in the '60s we had prawn cocktail.

In the '70s, we had quiche.


And in the '80s, something called meatloaf was really popular.

So we had prawn cocktail in the '60s.

The '70s we had quiche.

And in the '80s meatloaf was really, really popular.

And of course there were lots of other dishes that were popular, but here are three examples.

Okay, everyone.

It's going to be time for your end of lesson quiz to see how much of today's learning you're going to be able to remember.

Good luck in your end of lesson quiz.

You tried really hard today.

You should feel really proud of yourself.

Let's do an awesome cheer to celebrate your effort.

It goes like this.

Watch me.



Ready? Three, two, one.


Well done, everyone.

I will see you next time.