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Hi everyone.

I'm Ms. Harris and welcome to today's.

RE lesson.

What's your name? Great.

Lovely to meet you.

Now, today, we are going to have our second RE lesson.

Can you remember what our RE means? Hmm, you remember? It means Religious Education.

That's the lesson we're going to be doing today.

And we're going to be looking at how Christmas is celebrated.

So let's take a look at our agenda.

So we're going to be looking at "When is Christmas?" We did this last December, we are going to recap when it is on our calendar.

We're going to look at where Christians' place of worship is.

We're going to look at "What do Christians do on Christmas?" We're going to look at some Christian traditions, and then we've got our "End of lesson quiz." You will need an exercise book or a piece of paper, a pencil, a coloured pencil, so that you can tick or fix your answers, and your teddy bear because we're going to watch part of a video in today's lesson.

So be really great if you could sit with your teddy bear on your lap to watch it.

Okay? Here are our star words, so we are going to say them first to our screen.

So my turn, then your turn.

You ready? "Nativity." "Carols." "Christian." "Tree." "Gifts." "Bells." "Church." So that one more time church.


Celebrate Christmas.

Can you remember, who celebrates Christmas? Hmm Do you remember? Christians well done, but it didn't have to be a Christian.

Celebrate Christmas.

Also people who aren't Christians do still do celebrate Christmas.

It's a celebration of life.

Can you remember when Christmas is? have a look at my calender When is Christmas? Can you put your finger on the date of Christmas On my calendar? So it's on the 25th of December, but what day in December Hmm let's find out we're going to go along the corridor.

I'm ready up for status to read the calendar.

What day does it say at the top of my arrow, Friday Christmas this year is on Friday, the 25th of December.

What date? The it's Friday, the 25th of December weather.

Where is the Christians place of worship? Where do they go to worship God? You might know this already.

They go to somewhere called a church.

Christmas is a time when Christians remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The son of God, the story of the birth of Jesus is very important to Christians and celebrating.

Christmas is one way that some Christians can remember him.

Some Christians go to church at Christmas but not all Christians go to church at Christmas.

And when they're at church they do lots of wonderful things.

They read parts of the Bible, and then they sing hymns and carols, which are awesome there were lots of special services around Christmas like the nativity service, Christmas Carol services.

And we're going to learn all about the different traditions that Christians may do.

But remember that some Christians celebrate Christmas even though some people celebrate Christmas even though they're not Christians because that's okay.

So they might send carols.

They might reenact the Christmas story that we had.

Last lesson and bells, are sometimes wrong that's secular bells are sometimes wrong at the church so that it's a signal to start Christmas service in church it's to remind people, come on, come to church.

We are going to celebrate Christmas.

I'd like you to take a moment, to have a think.

Where do some Christians go to celebrate Christmas? What was the place called? a church Well done.

Now we're going to have a look at what some Christians do on Christmas.

Now, some children may have an activity performance at their school.

This is to teach us about the Christmas story.

And we act out the story of the things they might do is that people sometimes have wreaths made from evergreen trees on their doors.

This evergreen reminds Christians of the everlasting life of Jesus.

And the wreath itself is made of evergreen which signifies continuous life because evergreen trees never lose their leaves.

The circle of the wreath, which has no beginning or end it's continuous all the way around.

It symbolises the eternity of God the everlasting life that we can find in Christ.

So you might see these on people's doors around Christmas.

Other things you might do is that you might give presents, presents are given just like in the Christmas story.

When gifts were given to baby Jesus.

Now what's her wanting to do is I would like you to pick up your pencil or your pen.

And we are going to fill in the gaps.

We are going to write each sentence and choose a word from the bottom.

So the first one we're going to fill in the gaps.

Some Christians go to, celebrate the birth of so I'm not going to say the word that goes in the gap.

So pick up your pencil.

You guys are, write this sentence down on your piece of paper and you are going to fill in the gaps, pause the video, have a go at that.

Well done Wow.

Now pick up your coloured pencil because we are going to tick or fix ticking means we got it right We can give ourselves a little tick.

Just a nice little one.

Oh, we can fix it.

If you didn't get the answer, right.

That's okay.

Because we can use our coloured pencil to make our corrections.

You ready? So some Christians go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

If you wrote church give yourself a tick if you wrote Jesus, give yourself a tick.

If he didn't do worry you can pause the vignette now and make your corrections.

Well done let's look at the next one.

So in a church Hmm I'll run to signal the of the Christmas service.

Pick up your pencil.

You're going to write that sentence and fill in the gap to use the words at the Bolton that you think would fit.



The video have gotten that now.

Well done.

Now pick up your coloured pencil.

We're going to take all facts.

So we're going to check our answers.

So in a church both I'll run to signal the start of the Christmas SEPs.

The two was that bells stopped.

Did you write them great if you didn't, don't worry.

You can use your colour pencil to put a nice neat line through the word that you got incorrect and write it at the top.

Great job.

Let's look at the next one.

People hang made from evergreens on their doors.

People hang made from evergreens on their doors.

Pause the video, have a go at that sentence now Well done let's check our answers now Adults pause the video, I have a go at that sentence now.

Well done People hang wreaths made from evergreen on that doors.

Great job.

Did you get those right? Fantastic.

If you didn't, don't worry.

You can put a nice neat line through it and write the word wreath above it to pause the video.

I've got that now.


So another tradition is thinking you might see lots of Christmas trees around Christmas.

They were originally put up in houses outside but now we put them inside.

This is to remind us of the warm spring to come.

That's why we put trees inside.

We also have Christmas dinner.

It's my favourite time to sit down with my family and celebrate Christmas and how they delicious feast.

Now, what you're going to do is you're going to design your own Christmas tree.

So you can use this picture here to guide your outline of your Christmas tree.

And you can design it any way that you want pulls the video have a go at that map.

I can't wait to see your Christmas trees.

Now, if you would like to share your work with us you can ask your parent or carer to share a photo of your work on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter tagging Oh confessional.

I'm using the hashtag.

Learn with Oak.

You have what incredibly hard today.

You should be really, really proud of yourself.

I will see you next time for me.

Continue on learning about the Christmas story.