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Hello everyone and welcome back to your lesson with me, Miss Sidenius.

Today we've got a really exciting lesson because we're going to be making our very own sea creatures.

Let's find out a little bit more about what we're going to do.

So today we're going to create our own sea creatures using junk modelling.

So first we're going to have a look at some of the different sea creatures that you can think of that live under the sea.

Then we're going to have a go at creating one of those.

You can have a go at doing that as well at home.

And finally, you're going to share your sea creature with somebody in your household or your teddy or a toy 'cause they would love to see your work as well.

You're going to need a lots of things for this lesson so I hope you've got some of this lying around in your house.

We're going to need a tube.

So something like a toilet roll would work really well for this one or some kitchen roll.

So an empty toilet roll, some paint, some paper, some scissors and some glue or some tape.

That's five things that I can see you're going to need for this lesson.

Pause the video here, make sure you've got those things and come back when you're ready.

So what animals can you think of that live under the sea? I'm going to give you 10 seconds to think about it and you can turn and tell your teddy when you think you know.

I wonder what animals you thought of.

I put some pictures on the screen to help you remember some but I could think of some colourful fish that live under the sea.

I can think of jellyfish which is that funny fish in the middle that has long strings coming down from its head.

I thought of turtles, I thought of sharks and dolphins and whales.

Did any of you think of those things? Did you think of some different animals that live under the sea as well? Well done for thinking of so many different sea creatures.

Now, I'm going to create a jellyfish today because they're one of my favourite sea creatures.

I like them because they're so beautiful.

They have different colours and they've got really long strings that come down from them.

Some of them even light up but you don't have to make a jellyfish.

If you like, you can make your favourite sea creature, it doesn't have to be a jellyfish but that's what I'm going to show you what to make today.

Before I make my jellyfish, I need to think about the features of a jellyfish.

What does a jellyfish look like? I put some pictures on the screen to help you.

What do you notice about the jellyfish? Have a think about it and turn and tell your teddy.

I noticed that the jellyfish has a funny blob for a head and it's got long strings that come out of the blob that look a bit like hair but actually those strings are tentacles and they can sting you so you have to be careful around the jellyfish.

The smooth blob that looks like their head is actually their body and they have a little mouth right in the middle of their body as well.

To move around the water, the jellyfish push themselves with their tentacles.

You spray water out their mouths to push themselves around in the sea.

It makes them move in a funny way like this, my hand.

They glide through the water really nicely.

So when I'm making my jellyfish, I need to make sure it's got a smooth blobby head, some tentacles and some colour.

Is that all? Such beautiful, different colours.

And what's really fun about jellyfish is they come in all different kinds of colours and some of them light up and some of them even look a bit sparkly like they've got glitter on them.

So you can really decide whatever colour you want your jellyfish to be.

So, step one for making our sea creature jellyfish.

You're going to get your toilet roll and you're going to paint it whatever colour you like.

I chose green because I love the colour green.

You might choose to do a blue jellyfish or a pink jellyfish.

Maybe even an orange jellyfish.

Really doesn't matter.

And make sure you paint it all the way around your toilet roll to make your jellyfish body.

And that's going to be the body of your jellyfish.

See how it looks nice and shiny and smooth.

A bit like the blobby head of a jellyfish.

Right, so I'm making sure I've gone all the way around it and I'm going to leave it to dry standing up there.

But before I leave it to dry, I'm going to add some glitter because I think my jellyfish is a bit like those ones that can light up in the deep dark sea.

So I'm putting some white, shiny, glitter all over it.

Look at that.

I'm rolling it in the glitter now to make it really shiny.

So pause the video here, paint the body of your jellyfish and maybe even put some glitter on it too if you've got some at home and come back when you're finished.

We're ready for part two.

So now have a look here.

I'm going to paint some different colours on my piece of paper.

I've started with a nice red one.

It's actually got some glitter in this paint already.

So I've got red glittery stripe all the way down to the bottom of the page and back up again.

Up and down, up and down.

Now I think I'm going to choose a different colour.

look, I've got some lovely sparkly gold paint now as well.

I'm going to make sure it goes all the way to the bottom of my page.

All the way down and up again.

So now I've got red and I've got gold.

I've got two different colours, I think I might go in with one more colour.

So I've got nice pinky purple colour here as well and this one's got a bit of glitter in as well.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any glitter paint, you can just use normal paint, it's fine.

Up and down all the way to the top and all the way to the bottom again.

All the way to the bottom.

And I've got a little bit of paint left so I'm going to do one more strip of red colour red.

Just a bit of red.

And there we have it.

I finished painting my picture and I'm going to leave it to dry now.

So we have to wait around a bit now.

After you've painted your page, you're going to need to leave it to dry or we can come back and finish making our jellyfish.

So pause the video here, paint your piece of paper and come back when you're finished.

Great job everyone.

So now it's time to cut up the tentacles for your jellyfish.

So I'm using some adult scissors here because I'm a grown up but you would need to use some child scissors, some little scissors, or you can ask somebody in your household to help you cut your tentacles.

So I've got some that are mixing all of the different colours there.

I think they look really pretty.

I might do some going the other way as well so that I have different coloured tentacles.

Got lots of different tentacles to choose from.

Cut up all of my paper and see how many tentacles I can get on my jellyfish.

So keep going until you cut up all of your paper and you've got lots of tentacles to choose from just like mine.

Okay, pause the video here and come back when you're finished.

Right, this is step number four now.

So you can see I've got some glue and I'm sticking the tentacles to the inside of the toilet tube, not on the outside because there's lots of paint and glitter on the outside, it probably won't stick very well.

I'm sticking it all to the inside of my jellyfish tube.

My jellyfish has three tentacles and they're actually all different colours which I think is really nice and it will make my jellyfish look really special in the sea.

It's getting hard to fit them all in now, you might find it easier because you've got smaller hands so you can really get in there and stick all the tentacles on.

Pause the video here, add the tentacles to your jellyfish and come back when you're finished.

So this is the final part.

Now we're going to draw two little eyes on our jellyfish.

One, two.

I'm just going to make the other one a little bit bigger and give my jellyfish a big smiley face because he loves living under the sea.

Look at all the tentacles swimming around there.

Pause the video here, add the eyes and face to your jellyfish and come back when you're finished.

Well done everyone.

I hope you love your jellyfish as much as I love mine or if you made a different sea creature, I hope you love that too.

What are the features of your sea creature? This is going to be really interesting if you made something different.

My sea creature has a smooth body.

It's green and sparkly and it's got lots and lots of tentacles coming out of its body but your sea creature might be totally different.

Your sea creature might have a fin like a shark or it might have a tail to help it swim through the sea really fast.

Turn and tell your teddy what the features of your sea creature are.

And finally, what is your sea creature's name? I'll give you a bit of time to think about it and then you can turn and tell your teddy.

My sea creature is called Jack the Jellyfish.

What's your sea creature's name? Turn and tell your teddy.

Oh, I wish I could hear what yours was called as well.

Well done.

That was such a fun lesson.

Remember to share your work with a parent or carer and ask them to share it on the Oak National Twitter using the hashtag Learn with Oak and the hashtag ONA Reception.

Let me know what you named your sea creature because I would love to hear all the different names that you've come up with.

And I can't wait to see what colours you've used, if yours had really long tentacles or if they had short tentacles.

I can't wait to see especially if you made a different sea creature to me, then I'll be super impressed.

Well done everyone.

I look forward to seeing you next week.