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Hello everyone and welcome to today's lesson all about keep calm and carry on.

Today we're going to be talking about what makes you feel calm when you're angry, or upset, or anxious.

Now this is different for everyone.

And that's what we'll be learning about today.

Are you ready to go? Great.

Let's get started.

In this lesson you will need a cardboard box, some arts and crafts materials like a pair of scissors.

Some glue, some felt tip pens.

Maybe some coloured paper.

You don't need all the items in that picture.

It depends on what you want to do with your box.

And then finally, you will need some things that you would like to put into your happiness box.

Items that make you feel happy.

So your favourite puzzle.

Maybe a cuddly toy, maybe a book.

Anything that makes you happy and belongs to you.

Pause the video while you go and collect these items. We're going to start off by looking at what makes you feel calm.

Then we're going to try out some strategies that may be new to you that you might not have tried before.

And these might make you feel calm and at peace.

Then we're going to make a happiness box.

So what makes you feel calm? Is it when you talk to someone? Is it when you stop and think and reflect and contemplate about what may or may not have happened to you? Is it when you nap? Is it when you drink a milkshake? What makes you feel calm? Some people find it's exercising.

Some people may find it's writing a diary.

It's different for everyone.

Let's explore.

I feel calm when I do lots of different things.

So the first picture where you can see the cup of tea and you can see the books.

That represents poetry.

I absolutely love reading poetry.

Poetry is something that takes me to different places and makes me think about different feelings and emotions that I might have had.

Or different memories.

Sometimes I relate poems to memories.

The next picture is a little boy doing yoga.

Yoga is something I love to do in my spare time.

It relaxes my body and mentally makes me feel calm.

I love going for long walks and that's what the picture with the bridge represents.

I love going for long walks where there's trees and woods and greenery and grass.

I like seeing nature and animals.

So a long walk is always a good idea for me when I want to feel calm and at peace.

I also love art, that's why you can see the paint brushes and the paint and the paint boxes.

Not paint boxes, bottles sorry.

So yeah I love painting and I love art.


I absolutely love to sing.

Even if you can't sing, I think you should try.

Because singing can bring you lots of joy.

And I absolutely adore performing in the bathroom especially.

So yeah, singing.

Then you can see the boat.

The boat is actually made out of paper and that represents origami.

Origami is a passion of mine.

I can make lots of things.

I can make a bull, I can make a boat, I can make an aeroplane, I can make a chatterbox.

I can make lots of things out of paper and I'm always learning new things.

At the moment I'm working on a bird I can make out of paper.

Cranes, so that's quite interesting.

And the final image is of a dancer.

I love to dance.

I sometimes get a bit nervous if someone's watching me so I tend to do it in my room on my own or in the living room with some music on.

And yeah dancing, I absolutely love dancing.

Now you might relate to some of these.

And you might think I love to do that too.

So we have something in common which is great.

Here are some strategies that you could try out which could help you to feel calm.

When you're feeling anxious or upset or angry.

Some of them may be new.

Some of them you may have heard before.

So why don't you take a look and see what works for you.


On this slide I would like you to choose three activities that would make you feel calm.

You may already do some of them.

You may not do some of them.

So the first one is dancing.

The second one is playing.

A boy playing with a kite.

Maybe you like playing outside.

Maybe you do it with a ball, maybe you do it with a kite, maybe you play badminton or tennis, or anything that you do outside.

Anything that you play with outside.

That's what that represents.

You may like to exercise.

So exercising is something that you may like to do.

That might be helpful to feel calm.

Singing, we've already had singing before from me.


Playing with your friends.

Solving puzzles like a Rubik's cube.

Anything like that.

Maybe playing video games.

Watching TV.

Watching TV may be something you enjoy doing.

Or origami.

Is there anything else that I may not have mentioned that you may like to do? Write these three things down that you love to do.

That help you to feel calm.

Here are some new strategies you could try that may help to make you feel at peace.

Drawing, art.

Challenge yourself to draw objects that you can see, cartoon characters, or animals.

So have a go at that.

Play or invent a game.

Play hide and seek, snakes and ladders, or do a puzzle.

When I was little I invented a game with my brother called my song.

My brother and I would listen to songs and we would say that those were our songs and then the other person couldn't sing them.

So that was always exciting.

He always picked the best songs.


Act out your favourite story or make puppets out of your old socks to be the characters.

Drama is something you could do with your siblings or you could also do it on your own.

And all you really need is imagination and maybe some socks.


Get active and get fit.

Start with 20 star jumps.

Go! Go! Go! Now is the exciting bit.

Now you're going to make your very own happiness box.

That's right, a happiness box.

This is going to be filled with all your favourite things and things that make you feel happy or things that bring you joy.

So get yourself a box and let's get started.

You've got to start by getting yourself a box.

Now this can be any kind of box.

You could have a shoebox, a delivery box, a cereal box.

Any kind of box that works for you.

Then you're going to decorate it.

And you're going to decorate it using materials that you may have at home.

You can use cards, you can use coloured paper, you can use foam, you can use felt, you can use glitter.

Whatever you may have lying around.

Remember felt tips, and colouring pencils, and paints.

All of them are okay.

Once you have made your box and you have decorated it how you wanted to.

Then you've got to put your special items in.

Now these have to be items that belong to you.

So it may be your favourite book, your favourite cuddly toy, a trinket, or a souvenir that you may have gotten somewhere that you've been to.

So it's anything that makes you happy and it must belong to you.

So don't take any of your brother's or sister's things.

Then use your happiness box.

Use it whenever you need to use it.

Whenever you're feeling down or upset or sad, that's your time for you to pull out your happiness box.

Okay let's go.

Okay guys so this is my happiness box.

It's got lot's of interesting little things in it.

One of my favourite things is the Rubik's cube.

I keep this in here because it's a puzzle and I love puzzles.

I love trying to work out where all the colours go.

Something else that I love is my perfume.

This is a perfume that my brother bought me a very long time ago.

And I love the bottle so much, that I kept it.

Another interesting thing in the box is one of my favourite books.

I read this sometimes when I need inspiration.

It's about remarkable women.

And then one of my other favourite things in there is my photograph.

It is a photograph of me and my little sister when she was only a little baby.

She was beautiful.

And then I've got another very special and personal item in there which is that gorgeous teddy bear that you can see.

This is a teddy bear that my grandma had and sadly she's not with us anymore, but I do think of her everyday so I like looking at that teddy bear and remembering my grandma.

So there you go! You've got a beautiful happiness box which I've decorated myself.

You can see these wonderful flowers and pictures.

And remember you can make your happiness box unique to you.

Whatever you want to put in it that makes you happy you can put it in.

You can put lots of toys in.

You can put diaries, books, photographs, whatever is special to you.

Okay, enjoy creating.

Here's what my finished happiness box looked like.

It's very full.

Got lots of interesting things in it.

And these are things that I use that make me feel happy.

As long as it is yours, makes you happy, and is safe to have in the box, you can put whatever you like in your happiness box.

Open up the box whenever you're feeling down.

Add to it whenever you do something special.