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Hello everyone.

I am Mr. Sidat and in this unit I will be teaching you about eating and living well.

In today's lesson we will take a look at how two people prepare for a race, but in very different ways.

By the end of the lesson we will know what three things make up a balanced lifestyle and create a prompt that will encourage people to live a healthier life.

The sequence of the lesson is as follows.

We'll start off by looking at what happened three month's ago.

We'll then move on to look at Ben's preparation for the race.

Then we'll compare it to Suhail's preparation for the race.

We'll then move on to the race day and see who won.

Finally we'll be creating a prompt that's going to encourage ourselves and our family members and household members to live a healthier lifestyle.

I hope you're ready to get started.

In this lesson you're going to need paper, or an exercise book, a pencil, some colours, this can either be felt tips or crayons, and finally you're going to need a nice, quiet space so you can get those creative juices flowing.

Challenge you to a race.

You are the fastest man on the planet.

I knew you were afraid.

No I'm not.

Oh, well if you're not afraid then you'll race me.

How, I'm not even fit.

How am I to race you? All right, fair enough, fair enough.

I'll give you three months.

Train as much as you want, but in three months you and me are going to race.

This is a normal meal for me, the fastest man in the world.

I love to eat a massive pizza, followed by some Maltesers and I like to swallow it all down with this, some fizzy pop.

What's the use in being the fastest man in the world if I can't eat whatever I want? So I've just been for a really long walk.

Yes, my phone said I was going maybe a little bit slow, but I'm the fastest man in the world when I'm runnin', so I don't need to practise for that.

I'll just focus on staying in shape.

I like to stay in shape by lifting really, really heavy weights.

Yeah, one, two, come on, three, yeah.

That's my exercise done for the day.

Time to go lie on the couch.

Oh, didn't see you there.

Yeah just finished that horror film I was telling you about and it's oh, whoops, four in the morning.

It's fine, I can skip tomorrow's training session.

I'm the fastest man in the world, what do I need to train for.

I'm going to go to bed until tomorrow when I watch another film and then in an hour I'm going to watch another film and another film and another film.

It's going to be great.

Ho, oh god, just the cat.

But yeah, totally not scared.

So that's it.

I don't have to change anything and I'm still going to win this race.

You better watch out, 'cause I'm the fastest man in the world, yeah.

So in order to prepare for this race I have been exercising religiously.

Every day I focus on spending at least one hour to prepare for this race.

It usually consists of training my legs, doing lots of short sprints and long endurance running.

I think it's really important to make sure you know why you are training and train towards your goal.

So, for example, if I was a football player I need to make sure I'm quick, have strong legs, and quick reflexes.

Whereas if I was a rugby player I need to make sure I'm strong both in my upper and lower body.

So, it's really, really important that you know why you are exercising and exercise according to your goal.

My exercise routine has definitely helped me sprint and I can't wait to show you on race day.

So my eating habits have changed massively.

Rather than eating fatty foods regularly, I now have lots more vegetables, more chicken and fish, and a lot less sugary foods.

Don't get me wrong, I do love a chocolate bar from time to time and sometimes I even treat myself to one.

But, I can't eat them everyday and regularly.

I think eating the right food is so important to my performance.

When I eat fruit and veg I feel full for a lot longer and have a lot more energy compared to when I have chocolate or sugary foods.

Because I exercise every day I'm more at risk of getting injured.

Sometimes my body does feel tired and lethargic.

However in order to fight this and avoid the risk I make sure I get enough rest.

This is just as important as eating healthy and exercising, because having a good night's sleep and resting properly means my body has time to recover, my brain is fresh, and I'm raring to go the following day.

This has really helped me in the preparation for the race and I just can not wait to show you how much I have improved.

Go Ah, ah.

Yes, I won the race, but it was largely down to the lifestyle changes that I made.

I decided to change my eating habits and eat healthier, replacing junk foods with more nutritious vegetables and fruits.

The second change that I made was getting enough sleep and rest to make sure my body and my mind had time to recover and feel fresh.

The final change that I made to my routine and to my lifestyle was making sure I exercised a lot more regularly to help me work towards my goal.

These are the three key components to a balanced lifestyle.

So please try and incorporate it into your own life.

So now it's your turn.

In today's lesson we learned all about a balanced lifestyle.

I would like you to create a prompt that you can stick up somewhere in the house.

The purpose of this prompt is to encourage and remind members of your household to live a balanced lifestyle.

So it must include the three key components, exercise, good food habits, sleep and rest.

This is an example I created.

As you can see it says the three key components which are included in the balanced lifestyle, exercise, eat, and sleep.

I've tried to make it as colourful as possible and I've tried to include as many pictures I possibly could.

I want to see you guys do even better than me.

Good luck.

Here's a quick reminder about the success criteria that we need to make a really good prompt.

The content needs to include the three key components, exercise, eating and sleeping.

The next thing I want you to think about is the drawing.

What kinds of drawings are you going to include in your prompt.

Make sure you include lots and lots of drawings which relate to the key components.

Finally the colour.

Make it nice and colourful to really catch your audience's eyes.

Just remember, this prompt is going to be used at home to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle, so it needs to be colourful and there needs to be lots of pictures and the content needs to be really, really good.

I can't wait to see what you guys produce.

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