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In today's lesson we will be thinking about our lockdown heroes, heroes that have been helping us in our new world.

Hello and welcome to another session with me, Ms. Vali, and my friends.

We have got Maximus, Percy, Billy, and Rosie.

All sending you a healthy hug.

I'd like to start today's session by showing you some wonderful work that I have got to see.

A really big shoutout to Heath Vielskue for some lovely lily pads that you have created, so that you can keep a safe distance from each other in school.

They were wonderful to see.

Really big well done to Leisha and Rubin for showing me their understanding of how to keep clean.

Really big, well done.

And I can't wait to see many more of these coming through.

Let's get started, shall we? In today's lesson, you will need your favourite teddy, a basket or a box, some treats, coloured paper or card, some coloured pencils.

Pause the video and find the items. Don't worry about the treats right now.

It will be explained later.

I wonder what today's lesson will be about.

Before we start, shall we say hello to my friends? I need their help today.

Hi, guys.

How are we all doing? Hello.

Hi! I'm doing wonderfully well, Ms. Vali.

I'm great, now I know some games I can play outside.

Yes, that's been fun! Yes, that's been fun! Oh, that's great to know.

Well, do you know we're all fit and well to play these games in school and outside, because of some special people who have been working tirelessly throughout these strange times in our world.

Strange? Yes, Maximus, strange.

Do you know why? Yes, it is strange, because everyone in our world have been in lockdown until now.

And we had to stay at home so we don't get ill.

That's right, Rosie.

But now it is getting a little safer to come out, and that's because we have followed the rules, and some special people have worked really hard to make sure we have everything we need to stay happy and healthy.

I wonder if you could guess who they might be.

Can you help too? Riddle one.

A black uniform.

A blue siren.

A notepad and pen.

Can you guess who the special person might be? Pause the video and tell teddy.

A police man.

Yes, that's right.

Did you get that at home too? Well done.

Give yourself three claps.

The police have helped keep our streets safe during this lockdown.

And we could not have been safe without their help.

Riddle two.

A thermometer.

A watch.

A blue outfit.

Who is my special person here? Pause the video and tell teddy.

I know, doctor! Ooh, not quite, but very close.

This person works very closely with a doctor.

Oh, yes, a nurse.

Exactly, Rosie.

How did you do at home? It was a little bit tricky.

If you got that right, give yourself a pat on the back.

All doctors or nurses have been working extremely hard looking after the sick.

They have been making sure we are all keeping healthy with the right medicines and care.

Riddle three.

A lanyard.

A room with table and chairs.

A laptop.

I wonder who the special person is here.

Pause the video and tell Teddy.

I think you know this one.

Shout it out.

Teacher! That's right, give yourself a cheer.

Teachers have also been helping people by working with some children who have been in school during lockdown, and preparing lots of learning you could carry on doing at home.

But my mummy is special, and she has been working really hard in lockdown in the grocery shop.

Aw, Maximus, you're right.

Your mummy is special.

There are many lockdown heroes like doctors and nurses that have been working hard during this time.

Most people have had to stay at home to keep safe.

Let's take a look at some.

Hello, children, my name is Kalija.

And I work at the Halal counter in Morrisons.

I am a customer service assistant on a daily basis.

My job is to help all the customers within this pandemic year, wearing my safety mask and my gloves to keep myself safe and others too.

thank you very much.

Maximus was right.

The shop assistants have been working extremely hard to make sure we all still get to buy food from the shops and stores, and the shelves are stacked up with lovely food for us all to enjoy.

Hello children, my name's Linda, and I'm a seamstress.

I've been very busy making masks for people to wear so that they feel safe.

Aren't they great? It is safer to wear these masks when we are out to keep those germs away.

What an amazing job the seamstress is doing.

Let's see who else we have.

Hello, children.

I'm a delivery driver.

And I've been delivering parcels to people, because they haven't been able to go to the shops.

Today, I've got hand sanitizers to help keep ourselves clean and away from the virus.

Yes, of course, the delivery drivers have been working all day and all night to make sure all the packages are delivered to us on our doorstep.

I got a new game for me to play in my garden.

Did you? My mummy bought me a new dress.

How lovely, Rosie.

There's so many shops that have been closed.

It has been the delivery drivers job to get people what they might need to their homes.

We are very lucky to have all these people to help us.

We can't do everything on our own.

Can you build a house? Can you build a tap? Can you grew some vegetables? Besides our parents and teachers and emergency helpers, there have been others like you who have been our heroes by staying safe and keeping your distance.

Some of you may have been out clapping for the NHS, which is our doctors and nurses with your families.

But today I want to think about our delivery drivers, who are working extremely hard day and night.

I get many packages delivered, and I want to say thank you to them for making sure I get things I have ordered on time.

I am going to do that today by creating a hamper.

Let's have a look, shall we? To make my hamper, I'm going to use a basket.

You could use a box, if you don't have one.

Then inside it, I'm going to leave some packages of treats.

These packages have gotten lots of lovely treats in there.

I've got a drink.

I have some snacks, some nuts, and some mints to keep the drivers going.

I've also kept a thank you card with a literal message inside.

You could write your message on a piece of card.

I think we need to say a big thank you to them.

Thank you for working so hard.

And tell them to take one pack to enjoy on the rest of their deliveries.

I'm going to show you a message and write it out.

I'm going to start with my capital letter.

And the first words I'm going to write down, can you guess? Thank you.

I'm going to write a message though, and I'm going to carry on by writing, "For." "Thank you for working," and you can use your phonics to write these words.

Ing sound at the end, "Working so hard," with an exclamation mark at the end.

And at the bottom, I'm going to tell them, and I might choose a different colour for this part, tell them to take a package and enjoy.

I think I might use a pink one.

Take a pack and, conjunction, enjoy.

Once I've written my message, I'm going to leave it in my hamper, so the delivery drivers can see clearly and read it whilst they make the deliveries.

I think they'll be really pleased to see a message like this left for them.

I'm going to build my hamper up.

I'm putting more packages in, 'cause I've got lots of packages coming through.

And there we have it, my hamper for my delivery drivers.

Your challenge today is to create a hamper for a delivery driver that may come to your house.

You will need a basket or a box to put all your items in.

Add some treats in a pack for your delivery driver.

They will have been working really hard.

Create a thank you card, or write a message to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Finally put it all together and leave it outside your front door.

I really look forward to seeing all your hampers in our next session.

You have been fantastic today.

Some superb listening.

Why don't you share pictures of your hampers through our social media.

Ask a parent or carer, and remember to put on #LearnwithOak.

See you next time.