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Hello! My name is Mrs Enock, and I'm really happy to be your design and technology teacher for healthy cooking and nutrition.

Today's lesson is a fantastic practical lesson working on making marvellous oat bars.

So, I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get started today.

Let's go see exactly what we're learning about in today's lesson.

Ready? Let's go and see! Let's see what we're going to learn about.

First we're going to recap on our design brief.

Then we'll recap on how to make an oat bar, and follow the procedures for safety and hygiene before we start our practical work.

We'll then go into the kitchen to prepare and combine our ingredients, making a healthy oat bar.

Then whilst the oat bar is cooking in the oven, we will recap on processed, fresh and precooked food.

Let's get started.

The equipment you'll need for today's lesson is a cutting knife a teaspoon and tablespoon, and a cutting board.

You'll need an oven and access to an oven hob.

A saucepan, and a large spoon which can be safely used when stirring ingredients in the saucepan.

Now please remember, knives and ovens must be used under the supervision of an adult.

The ingredients you need for today's lesson: Oats and honey, remember you can use golden syrup, a selection of your chosen dried fruit, butter and brown sugar.

And as always, please check for allergies before working with any ingredients.

Key words for today's lesson: Hygiene.

Can you say hygiene? Excellent.

Hygiene is the procedure to follow to keep healthy by being clean.


Can you say ingredients? Great.

Ingredients are the individual items of food which will be used in a recipe.

Today's recipe, being an oat bar.

Dried fruit.

Dried fruit is when water has been taken out of the fruit.

This allows the fruit to last longer while keeping the nutrients.


Can you say processed? Great.

Processed refers to foods that have been changed in some way to enable them to be eaten or used in food preparation and cooking.


Can you repeat that word? Super.

Pre-cooked refers to foods that have already been prepared and could be eaten either straight out of the packet or just after reheating.


Can you say fresh? Great.

Fresh refers to food that have not been changed in anyway.

Let's recap on our design brief.

Our design brief is to design a healthy packed lunch for a primary school child.

We wanted it to be super tasty.

All the ingredients, being tasty.

Super colourful.

We were aiming to have at least four different fruits and vegetables.

Super healthy, by being as low as possible in salt and sugar.

Super fun.

We wanted our packed lunch to look appetising and be fun to eat.

Let's have a quick recap.

We want the packed lunch to be: simple, sugary tasty, healthy, tasty fun.

That's right.

We want it to be healthy, tasty and fun.

The design criteria was for our products to be super tasty, super colourful, super healthy and super fun.

We responded to feedback that there was nothing to dip the vegetables in and that people were missing a healthy treat and they could still be hungry.

To respond to that feedback, we've already made a healthy dip, and today we'll be making a healthy oat bar.

Let's recap on how to make an oat bar.

When we reflected on the feedback, we learned that we're going to use oats and honey, and we had to think of dried fruit that we were putting in the bar.

Do you know what fruit you're putting in the old bar today? Press pause and say it out loud.


That fruit sounds delicious.

Let's have a recap of our design.

We had the two main ingredients of oats and honey, and then we had a look at different dried fruits that we could use.

I thought of dried strawberries, raisins, sultanas, apricots, apples, cranberries.

They're the foods I especially enjoy but it's also important to have a think of what fruit we have access to.

Have you still thought about the fruit you're using? Excellent.

Here's the recipe card that we looked at last time.

You've got the ingredients of our dried fruit, the oats the butter, the brown sugar, and the honey.

We've also got the method.

Step one, grease and line the cake tin with baking paper.

Step two, put the dried fruit in a mixing bowl, add the oats and mix well.

Step three, put the butter, sugar and honey into a saucepan.

Stir over the hob, whilst the ingredients melt.

Step four, take the pan off the heat source.

Combine the dry and wet ingredients together.

Mix well until all the ingredients are coated with the syrup mix.

Step five, fill the baking tin with a mixture, use a spatula to press the mixture down evenly.

Bake at 160 degrees Celsius, for around 20 minutes, and then leave to cool completely before cutting.

Let's recap on what we've been learning.

Which of these ingredients are in the oat bar recipe? Chocolate, oats, dried fruit, honey or golden syrup.

Have a think.

Did you guess correctly? Well done if you did.

Chocolate could be added, but it would not be the healthiest option, which is why we've chosen not to add it today.

Oats are an essential ingredient when making oat bars.

Dried fruit is a great way to add fruit.

And honey is important to help bind the ingredients together.

It's now time for us to follow the procedures for safety and hygiene.

First, we're going to wash hands with warm water and soap, tie long hair back if needed and clean your work surface.

You can either press pause to do this now or you will have opportunity to press pause just before we start the cooking.


Let's move on shall we? Safety warning.

You will be asked to use a sharp knife, hob and main oven for the next activity.

Please go and ask an adult to be present before you start this activity.

Please never use a knife or oven unsupervised.

Press pause and go and find an adult now please.

Off you go.

Welcome back and thank you for getting an adult to be nearby before you start this activity.

Your safety is most important.

Let's go through the equipment before we start.

Choosing the correct knife.

Remember, only use a sharp knife when supervised by a responsible adult.

Make sure your knife is sharp, clean with no rust on.

Choosing the correct cutting board.

Your cutting board needs to be clean and flat on a clear flat surface.

Checking the safety of your oven.

The hob, which is where you will put your saucepan on to melt the ingredients, and the main oven which you will use to bake your oat mixture are both designed to be extremely hot.

Again, only use when supervised by a responsible adult.

It's now time for us to prepare and combine the ingredients.

Marvellous oat bars.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to pause your video to tidy your work worktop and wash your hands before we begin.

Gather all the ingredients and equipment you need.

Once you've done that, you can press resume and I will see you in the kitchen for us to begin cooking.

Remember, you can pause the video at any time and press resume if you need to re-listen to the instructions.


I'm off to tie my hair back and wash my hands now.

So I will see you in the kitchen to begin cooking.

I'll see you soon.


Are you all ready to start cooking? I hope so! I've washed my hands, I've tied my hair up and I've made sure that my work surface is nice and clean.

So let's get started.

Let's just run through the ingredients that we need and let's see.

I've already weighed out my ingredients using my scales.

So I'll run through what I weighed out, ready? I got 75 grammes of dried fruit, which looks absolutely scrumptious.

I got 150 grammes of oats, all weighed out ready to go.

A hundred grammes of butter, 50 grammes of brown sugar and finally, 100 grammes of honey.

You can use golden syrup, but I do like to use honey, when I make my marvellous oat bars.

So the equipment we've got, I've got a large bowl, I've got my piggy spatula, which I love to use when I'm cooking.

A large spoon, a saucepan, behind me I have my oven and hob ready to go.

I also have some oven gloves, which I hope you make sure you're using the oven only with an adult.

That's really important to remember, isn't it? And finally, I have my tray, which we could either grease or line with baking paper.

Now I had baking paper, but what I've done, is I've lined the inside of my tray, and that will make it much easier to lift out the oat bar once it's cooked! Okay.

So let's get started.

Step one.

I have put the paper into the tray and the oven is warming ready for the oat bars.

Here we go, put that over there.

Step two, with my large bowl, I'm going to add the dried fruits, in it goes, ready? Weee! In we go.

And the other dried ingredients, 150 grammes of oats, ready? Weee! Here we go.

Fabulous, so it's in the bowl and with my piggy spoon, well, spatula, let's give it a good old mix around.

So it's just mixed all the way in.

Can you see that? Looks fabulous, doesn't it? Okay, excellent.

So now that's in there, I'm going to pop that to one side.

Pop that over there! Here we go.

And I'm going to get my saucepan.

I'm going to put the ingredients into the saucepan, that need to be melted, heated gently on the hob.

So, we need to add the butter, use my spatula for this.

In we go.

There we go.

Put that over there.

There we go.

Here's the butter.

And next, I'm going to add, the brown sugar.

Here we go.

50 grammes of brown sugar into the saucepan.

And the final ingredient we need to add to the saucepan is, honey! So, here we go, dribbly honey! Oh, runny honey yummy in my tummy.

Look at that that.

Well, that's useful to have my piggy spatular.

I can scrape all that honey out, all the way in here, just like that.


So now it's all into the pan.

We need to move over to the hob to heat it.

Now remember you do need an adult nearby before using the heat source, like the hob.

Okay? I'll see you in one moment.

Hello again.

So I've come over to the hob and the brown sugar, the butter and the honey are in the hob.

I'll just show you there.

And what we're doing is, on the heat source, and I'm holding saucepan safely and securely, and I'm just gently stirring around all the ingredients until they go into a smooth brown liquid.

Very sweet.

Okay, so I'm going to keep stirring that until it's all melted.

So, I will see you in a moment, once everything has been melted on the hob! Now that we have safely melted the ingredients on the hob, as you can see, just bring it up to show you, it has turned into a brown liquid.

Now this liquid will be very hot.

So it's very important that you're super careful.

Okay, make sure an adult is near you.

So now we've melted the butter, the sugar and the honey.

We're going to add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

I'm going to hold the pan and very carefully, tip, the tip the wet ingredients into here.

So now everything is there, and what we need to do is mix mix, mix it all up.

What's happening is the dry oats and the dried fruit are getting coated with a delicious, sugary, honey mixture.

And this will bind the ingredients together.

It will make them stick together.

Oh my goodness.

That will be a really special treat to add to our lunchbox.

And it's got extra fruit in as well, so you can see now everything is mixed up which is wonderful.

We now need to transfer that into the tin.

So here we go, get a wonderful big dollop! Whoa, wonderful, it's in.

Excellent! And we will keep, here we go.

Here we go.

Going to scoop it all up! Oh my goodness, this looks wonderful.

Does yours look great? Bet it does.


Going to just scrape the bowl as we don't want to waste anything.

I'm using my spoon to get a big old scoop, oh look! More than a spoonful there! I think I can get one more little scrape here, that if I turn it around you can see! Scrape it all round, pop it into here.

Here we go.

I think I've got most of that out now, which is wonderful.

I'm going to pop that over there, excellent! So, what we need to do now, now we've added all the ingredients into the tin, we need to push down to make it nice and flat and I'm going to use my piggy spatular to do so.

I'm going to smooth the oat mixture all right to the corners of the baking tin.

And that's quite important.

I'm going to make it all flat and I'm going to push it down, just like this.

Push it all the way down.


And then that is ready to put into the oven.

Now please remember, you need to make sure an adult is with you before you use the oven.

Do not use the oven unsupervised.

Once you've put this into the oven and you've had chance to wash your hands and tidy away, come and join me again, because we have some more learning to do whilst our marvellous oat bar is cooking.

Okay? I will see you soon.


Great job cooking today.

That was fantastic.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to pause the video to tidy everything away and wash your hands.

We will look at different food types while the oat bar is cooking.

Press resume once you're finished.

Let's recap on past learning with fresh, processed and precooked food.

We can do this whilst your oats are cooking in the oven.

We're going to recap on different types of food.

We're going to think about how the same ingredient can look different based on how it is prepared and whether it is fresh, processed or precooked.

Let's get started.

Processed food.

Can you remember the definition for processed food? Press pause and have a think.

Well done! Processed food is a food that has been changed in some way to either make it safer to eat or for food to be stored.

Can you think of some processed foods? I bet you can.

Can you remember the definition of fresh food? Press pause and say it out loud.

Well done.

Fresh food is food that has not been changed or prepared in any way.


And here's an example of some fresh food such as fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat.


Can you remember the definition of pre-cooked food? Press pause and say it out loud.

Good job.

That's right.

Pre-cooked food is food that has been prepared, so it only needs to be reheated before it is cooked or in some cases, it is already cooked, and can be eaten straight away.

Can you think of any precooked foods? Well done.

Let's try and see if you can name whether the same ingredients is fresh, pre-cooked, or processed.

Press pause and have a look at the pictures of the strawberry.

Well done.

Let's see if you're right.

The first picture, these strawberries are fresh.

These dried strawberries have been processed.

They have been dried.

This strawberry smoothie used fresh strawberries but now it's been processed, because it's been combined with other ingredients.


Let's see if we can name whether this ingredients of chicken is either fresh precooked or processed.

Press pause now.

Did you guess correctly? Let's see, these chicken breasts are fresh.

These chicken meatballs have been processed.

They've been mixed with other ingredients making them ready to store and eat, once they've been cooked, of course.

These frozen chicken nuggets have been pre cooked.

They only need to be heated before they are eaten.


Let's have a look at this ingredient.

The orange.

Press pause and see if you can name which ingredients is fresh, precooked or processed.

Ready? Off you go.

Do you think you guessed correctly? Let's have a look and see.

This orange marmalade has been processed.

The orange has been mixed with ingredients such as sugar to preserve it and turn it into marmalade.

This long life orange juice has been processed.

The orange has been changed and combined with other ingredients to make it last longer.

This orange is fresh.

Nothing has been changed to this orange.

Well done.


Let's have a look at the grapes.

Can you decide if it is fresh, precooked or processed? Press pause and have a go.

Did you guess correctly? Let's look and see.

These raisins were once grapes but they've been processed.

They've been dried.

These grapes are fresh.

This grape juice has been processed.

The grapes have been pressed and combined with water and other ingredients to turn it into grape juice.


Now is the time to pause the video and check the time on the oven.

Make sure it helps you to get the oat bars out of the oven.

Leave them to cool.

Once they've cooled, you'll be able to cut them into shapes when you've done that, press resume and we'll carry on learning together.


I had a fantastic lesson with you today.

Well done for amazing cooking.

Let's see what we learned today, shall we? We recapped on the design brief, We recapped on how to make an oat bar.

We followed all the procedures for safety and hygiene.

We then made our oat bars by preparing and combining ingredients.

And whilst the old bars were cooking, we recapped on processed, fresh and precooked.

I've had such a fantastic time being your design and technology teacher for cooking and nutrition.

Well done for an amazing lesson and amazing unit of work.

If you'd like to share your work with Oak Academy, please ask your parent or carer to share your work on Twitter by tagging @OakNational or #LearnwithOak.

But for now, all that's left to say is you should be very proud of yourself, and I really enjoyed working with you today.