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Hi, my name's Mrs. Harris.

I'm pleased to be here with you to do some maths.

We're going to do some matching, and we're going to match into equal sets.

Now, don't worry if you don't know what that is yet.

We'll find out together, and by the end of the lesson you'll know all about it.

Here's our lesson agenda.

This is what we're going to do today.

We're going to do some learning together.

I'm going to go through with you all about what matching into equal sets means, and then we'll do some practise together so you can really understand it.

Then, of course, it's going to be your turn to do some practise by yourself to put all the things you know now into good use.

Oh, wow, that says Picnic time.

We're going to finish this lesson with a Teddy bears' picnic.

Now here's what you will need today.

It's quite a lot of things.

Don't worry if you haven't got them yet.

We'll give you time in a minute to go and find them.

I think you should have some toys, maybe about this many, one, two, three, four.

Maybe you could go and find four of your favourite toys.

They could be teddies, they could be dolls, they could be dinosaurs.

I wonder what you'll find.

Then you're going to need some food to share with them, maybe some apples, maybe some sweets, maybe some biscuits, or some pasta out of the cupboard.

And then, if your parents or carer will let you, it would be lovely to set our picnic up with some crockery.

Crockery is a fancy word for cups and plates, that sort of thing, so maybe you could pause the video now, and go and find everything you need, and then come back to me.

I'm starting to set up my Teddy bears' picnic.

I've put a cushion out for every one of my toys.

I've got a cushion for this one, I've got a cushion for this one, and I've got a cushion for this one.

I have an equal amount of cushions to animals.

They have a cushion each.

I have the same number of cushions and the same number of animals.

Now I need to give them each a biscuit.

Remember, I want to be able to give them one each.

Am I going to be able to do it? Do I have enough biscuits on my plate? Let's find out.

There's one for you, and one for you, and one for you.

My plate is empty, and look, everybody has a biscuit.

I have an equal amount of biscuits to animals.

Whew, what a relief! I had just enough biscuits to give each one of the teddies at my Teddy bears picnic one each.

I had just enough cushions so they could sit on one each.

But look, I've got another Teddy bears' picnic going on here, And this time there's some lollipops, some bananas, and some cupcakes.

It sounds like a fantastic picnic! But there's something I've got too many of.

That means if I gave one each to the bears, I'd have some left over.

There's something I've got too few of.

I don't have enough to give the bears one each.

And there's something I have just enough of.

What do you think is the one I've got just enough of? Which one do you think I've got too few of? And which one do you think I have too many of? I agree, I'm looking, and I think I have too many lollipops.

Let's find out together if that's right.

Hey, there's a lollipop for you, a lollipop for you, and one for that bear, one for that bear.

Oh, and look, I have got too many.

There's one left with no Teddy bear to hold it.

I had too many lollipops.

What about, maybe, the bananas? Let's try the bananas.

I'm sure I have just enough bananas.

I have.

Oh, there's one Teddy bear with no banana.

I have too few bananas.

Ah, I hope I have just enough cupcakes.

Cupcake for you, cupcake for you, cupcake for you, It's looking good, cupcake for you.

Yes, I had just enough cupcakes.

I had the same number of cupcakes as I did bears.

Thanks for helping me work that out.

I think these bears will be very happy.

Now it's your turn to set up your very own Teddy bears' picnic with just enough plates, just enough cups, and just enough food, so each Teddy bear, maybe and you, could have one of everything.

We don't want you to have too many plates, or too many cups.

We don't want you to have too few plates or too few cups, and definitely not too few items of food.

So I would like you to pause the video and play Teddy bears' picnic for as long as you like, and maybe even take a photo that you can show me later.

See you when you finish playing Teddy bears picnic.

Hey, how did the Teddy bears' picnic go? Did you have just enough of everything? I bet you loved it, and I bet your Teddy bears loved it too.

Maybe you did manage to take that little photo I asked you for, and if you'd like to, you could ask your parents or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

And if you use Twitter, I'll be sure to have a look for it, especially if you get them to tag @OakNational.

So, bye.