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Hi, thank you for joining me in your match lesson.

My name is Mrs. Harris and we are going to be doing some matching together.

Let's get started and let's be just a little bit silly.

Can you match what I'm doing? You'll be like my mirror.

Can you do this? Can you do this? Can you do this? You are matching what I did, and we'll find out more about matching in this lesson.

So let's find out what we're going to do.

Let's find out what we're going to do today and in what order we're going to do it as well.

We are going to start of, we're doing a sorting activity Not quite matching, definitely looking for details.

Then, I'm going to explain to you what matching means I'm not going to ask you to do work on matching pairs if I haven't told you what matching pairs means, can I? So I'll be doing that.

And then, it will be your turn to make some matching pairs.

And in the end, in the end of the lesson, we are going to finish with a little game.

And this is what you're going to need.

You're going to need a few pairs of socks or shoes Oh! Here's mine, ready.

You're going to need the printed worksheet with all this people on it and, if your parents or carer sit and can supervised you some scissors, as well.

So that's at least three thing you're going to need.

You're going to need some socks or shoes.

You can find lots, that's great.

You're going to need the printed worksheet and, with your parent or carers permission, under supervision, you're going to need a pair or scissors.

I will let you to pause the video now and go and find the things and remember to come back to me when you got them, see you in a few minutes.

What a lot of children on our screen.

What you notice about them? Do you notice what they are wearing? What their t-shirts look like? What sort of trousers or skirts they have on? Whether the hats or the hair colour is? There are so many things we can notice about this children.

We are going to use them in our first activity of our lesson.

To help you with the first task you've got this children.

This way up.

On your worksheet and you can look at them more closely when you pause the video to see how could you sort them into groups.

Now we could just sort them into groups of people we think might be friends with each other but, I want you to look at some characteristics.

Maybe, something they're wearing and then sort them into groups based on that.

So pause the video and sort the children into groups and then, resume, come back to me when you finish.

I hope you goes okay with the sorting.

Here's one of the ways I found of sorting the children.

I've written my sentence at the top, let me read it to you "I have sorted the children by the patterns on their t-shirts." Take a close look how I've sorted them.

I've said I sorted them by the patterns on their t-shirts I remember, one group have has plain t-shirts, another group has stripey t-shirts and my third, my final group, have spotty t-shirts.

So I did, I sorted the children by the patterns on their t-shirts.

That wasn't the only way I found to sort them.

I also sorted them by whether they have a hat on or not.

One of my groups, all the children have their hats on and the other children, well, they haven't got a hat on.

I wonder how do you found to sort them.

However you found them to.


However you found to sort them, is fine but just make sure you can say to somebody how you sorted them.

Thank you for helping me with my sorting, but this lesson is not just about sorting.

In this lesson we're thinking about matching.

And when we're matching we are looking for, well, things that are just about the same.

Almost identical pairs.

So I've good some things on my table.

A bit like the things I asked you to get, shoes or socks and some keys here, too.

Here are my keys but note the both keys, they are quite different shapes.

They do not match.

They are not a matching pair.

I'll put them over here.

And I've got some shoes, well usually when we wear shoes, we like to matching pair, don't we? It's a bit unusual to go out with one that looks like this and the other one looking like this.

They are not a matching pair.

I hope you find a lots of matching pairs when you're looking for shoes.

I need to find the other one that goes with this one because is not this one.

And is not this one.

Is this one.

We've made a matching pair of shoes.

I can put them on again now, don't I? And that leaves me with a matching pair of trainers.

They go together because they are the same.

They are the same as each other, so they match.

They're a matching pair.

I'll put the down ready for later.

But I have got something else.

Something that maybe some of you wear or some of your parents or carers wear.

I've good a matching pear of earrings.

Let's to pop them I, I'll get ready to tell you what the next task is, thanks for helping me find the matching pair of earrings so they are the same on both sides.

Hey, thanks to you I have my matching earrings in, we have made a matching pair and I think they look great.

Now I know that you are really good at matching Is time for you to do some matching of your very own.

Do you remember those socks and shoes I asked you to get at the beginning of the lesson? Well, now is the time so maybe muddle them on up and then spend a little bit of time matching them back into pairs.

Remember, you can't put a stripey sock with a spotty sock.

They weren't match, so make sure you look matching pairs, and then come back to me when you've sorted everything out.

See you in a few minutes.

Welcome back, how did you get on with your matching job? I bet your grown ups at home are really pleased with your matching.

Maybe you put all the socks together or lined all the shoes all nicely together into matching pairs, great job.

Remember, that's not something that just stays in this match lesson.

You can do it any time Oh! My earrings are not matching anymore.

I've lost one of my matching pair.

Hang on a second, we're going to find it.

I found my other earing, I have a matching pair again But now is time for you to play a game of matching pairs.

Maybe you already have a game at home you can play pairs with.

If not, don't worry, I've made you one.

All you need to do is get your parent or carer with that pair of scissors to cut along the lines.

Then, you'll have all the cards you need to play the game of matching pairs.

Maybe you know how to play matching pairs just in case you don't, let me remind you.

We're looking for two people that look exactly the same.

Earlier in this lesson we sorted people into ways they could go together, didn't we? I made have the same colour of t-shirts or had a hat on.

But this time we are looking for them to be exactly the same.


So you got to all your people cuts face down.

You can't see them and you're going to choose two.

I'm going to choose, this two.

And this one looks like this.

And this one looks like this, are they a matching pair? No, they've got different colour.

Maybe you know how to play pairs and you just want to get on or maybe you don't and you want to listen because I'm going to tell you how to play my game of matching pairs.

So you've got all your people cut, cut out.

And they are all faced down and this time we're looking for a pair, a pair meaning two.

We're looking for two of them that are exactly the same.

Not just maybe have the same colour of t-shirt on like we have earlier in the lesson.

Or maybe both have hats one, like earlier in the lesson.

They need to be identical.

So I'm going to choose this two.

I've got this one.

And this one.

Are they identical? Are they a matching pair? They both have the same colour of t-shirts on Don't they? But, this one This one's got a hat on.

They are not a matching pair.

I'm going to put them down.

I'm going to choose two others.

I'm going to choose this two, ready? Are they a matching pair? No.

Really there's nothing similar about them at all, is that? I'll just pop this one down.

Let me see, let choose one.

This one! Have a got a matching pair? I have.

They are identical.

They look exactly the same.

So now is your turn to find some matching pairs Have a go playing this game and come back to me when you're done.

I hope you enjoyed playing that game of matching pairs.

Maybe another time you can show somebody else how to play it and explain to them all about finding identical people.

Making matching pairs.

We reach the end of our lesson, so it's very nearly time to me to say goodbye, but hang on just one second.

Thanks for staying with me, I just wanted to say that if you enjoyed your work today, maybe you could share it with me and with Oak National, go getting your parents or carer to take you a quick photo and pop-in a picture on Twitter, maybe Instagram or maybe Facebook and if it's on Twitter you can tag @OakNational.