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Hi everyone, and welcome back to another RHE lesson with me, Miss Plummer.

The title of today's lesson is My Family Network.

And in this lesson, you're going to think about who is important to you, who cares about you, and who you can ask for help.

In this lesson, you will need some paper, a pencil, and a container.

I've got a jar here, so if you have a jar, that's great, but an old paper cup, any kind of container, something that you can put things inside, that's what you're going to need.

Pause the video now to go and find those things.

We will start today's lesson by thinking about my special people, special people to you.

Then, you're going to think about people, who you can ask for help.

After that, we're going to think about a safety blanket.

And finally, you're going to create a jar of help My special people, who could that be? It could be your parent, or carer.

It could be a sibling, your brother or sister.

A teacher, or maybe even a relative, aunties, uncles, grandmas, granddads.

Have a think, who's specialty you? Who are your special people? Are special people, the postman? No, special people are people who care about you, and who you love, and who you care about as well.

Have a think, who are your special people? These are my special people, this is my family.

There's my mum, my auntie, my brothers, my gran and my granddad.

They are special to me because they care and they are always there, if I need help.

Who's special to you, who's there for you, If you need help? Pause the video and have a think.

That's right, your parent or carer, they're definitely special.

Mm, I don't think someone who works in a shop.

They're not special are they, no.

Someone special is someone who cares about you, who might look after you, who would help you if you needed it.

Who could you ask for help, if you needed it? Let's have a think.

Who could help this little girl here? She's struggling with her homework, she's sat at home, she's gotten a little bit confused, who could she ask for help? Pause the video and have a think.

Do you think her teacher would help? No, because her teacher's not at home, is she? Her teacher's at school, try again.

Who could help, if she's struggling with her homework? That's right, her brother, her sister, maybe her mum, dad, parent, or carer.

All of these people in her home could help her, couldn't they? Well done, let's have a look at the next one.

Who could help, this little boy who's fallen on a family trip to the park? Pause the video and think about who could help? Do you think a stranger would be able to do help? If it was a kind of stranger, they'd probably try and help.

But if he's with his family, who could he ask for help? That's right, he could ask his family, his parent, or carer, a relative, if they're with their grandma or granddad, someone in their family that they trust.

Oh dear, this little boy he's at home, he's not feeling very well, who could he ask for help? Pause the video, and have a think.

Well done, he could ask his parent, or carer, somebody at home that could help him, make him feel better, maybe even a doctor, if he doesn't get any better, super, well done.

Ooh, who could help here? This little boy's fallen over at school.

Looks like he's banged his knee, who could help him? Pause the video, and have a think.

Mm, do you think his mom would help, or his parent, his carer? No, not really because he's at school.

So his mum, or his parent, or carer wouldn't be there.

Try again.

Yes, that's right, his teacher, maybe his friends, somebody at school will be able to help him, and give him a plaster, if he needs it to make him feel better, well done.

Okay, what do we mean by a safety blanket? Well, when you were younger, did you used to have a special toy, or a special blanket that you would hold, it would make you feel better, it might make you fall asleep? That is called comfort, and we get comfort from those around us, our parents, carers, siblings, relatives, those people who help us, they are our safety blankets, well done.

So, if you need help, a parent or carer will always be there for you, if you need to talk about your feelings, you hurt yourself, if you don't feel very well.

They're even there to cook clean, and care for you.

Pause the video and have a think, what does your parent or carer help you do, how do they help you? That's a good idea, if you fall off your bike and bang your knee they'll make you feel better, won't they? Well done.

Mm, let's have a look at this one.

Hear my cry, a teacher will always be there to help you, if you need help with your schoolwork, if you fall over at school, if you feel upset or lonely, and even if you have problems with your friends, that's right, isn't it? When you're at school, your teacher is there to look after you and help you with anything that you need.

Even if your tooth falls out, your teacher will help you.

Pause the video, and have a think about how your teacher could help you.

That's a good idea, if you get stuck with your homework, if you can't do it at home, of course, you can bring it into school and your teacher will help you.

That's what they're there for.

Now, an older sibling will be there to help you, if you need help with your homework, you feel upset or lonely, you need help tidying your room.

Or, if you hurt yourself at home.

If you have an older brother or sister, I'm sure they'll be there to help you.

Pause the video and have a think about, if you have a brother or sister, how could they help you? At the beginning of this lesson, I said that you would need a container.

Now, I've got my jar here and I've got this because we are going to make a jar of help.

Wouldn't it be a good idea, if whenever you need it, whenever you need some help, you could look inside your jar and you could remember who you could ask for help? Think of a person that you would ask for help, if you needed it.

Excellent, so your parent or carer, that's probably the first person that I think of as well, if I need help.

So, let's have a look.

I've written a sentence here, my mum will help me, if I hurt myself.

Can you write a sentence, and think about who would help you, if you hurt yourself? You can write it on your piece of paper, pause the video and have a go.

Well done, now, can you think of somebody else that might help you? My granddad will help me fix things.

My granddad's very good at fixing things.

So, I know if I ever need help, I can ask him.

So, I've written that down on my piece of paper.

Would you like to write another person that you could ask for help on your piece of paper? Pause the video, and have a go.

Well done, can you think of any more? Your teacher would help you if you need help with your schoolwork, or if you need help with your friends.

Your relatives might help you, if you need help tying your shoelace.

Would the bus driver help you? Maybe if you need help getting on and off the bus, but not usually.

So, you wouldn't put a bus driver in your jar.

When you've written on your piece of paper, you can fold it up, and you can put it inside your jar, just like I've done.

Here's another one, so you can fold it up, and put it inside your jar and then, whenever you need help, you can remember I've got my jar and you can go inside and you can take out your pieces of paper, and you'll remember who you can ask for help.

Does that sound like a good idea? Excellent, pause the video to complete your task.

You've done super work today, well done.

If you would like to, you can share your work, but you've got to talk to your parent or carer first, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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