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Thanks for joining me, Mrs. Harris, for your math lesson.

We are going to be ordering some objects according to their size.

And I love this lesson because I get to tell you a story.

Here's what we're going to do in this lesson.

I thought it would be really nice to start it off with a story.

I hope you like it.

Then we'll have a look at what is ordering and then we'll practise ordering some objects together.

Then, it will be your turn to do some independent ordering of pictures.

And we'll finish the lesson with the end of the story.

We know what we're going to do in this lesson.

Now, let me tell you what you're going to need.

You will need quite a few things, but don't worry, lots of them go together and we'll have lots of fun.

The first thing, I've put some different sized objects I've done your picture or some different size balls and some different size pasta.

I've got some different size pasta from my cupboard.

I'm not sure if you can see the spaghetti and the liza new sheet and the fusilli, those are different size of pasta, but maybe you've got different size bears like I have, or maybe you've even had a birthday recently.

`And you've got different size cards of around your House.

Maybe you put different size pencils.

Whatever you can find will be great.

Then I'd like you to have the worksheet printed out because we're going to cut it up so we can order the objects on it.

So that's why you need with your parents or carers permission and their supervision, a pair of scissors.

And then I would love it.

If you could have some glue so you can stick down your ordering.

Now, if you haven't got any of these things right now, pause the video, go and find them.

And then come back to me when you've got everything you need for today, see you in a minute.

So my bears are here to help me with the story.

Can you guess what story it is? Yes, it's Goldilocks and the three bears.

So once upon a time there were three bears.

Mommy, daddy, bear, baby bear.

They all live together in a little house in the woods.

Mommy bear had made some porridge, but it was too hot.

So they decided to go for a little walk in the forest.

They hadn't been gone long.

When along came a girl and the girl's name Goldilocks, Goldilocks could smell the porridge from the outside of her house.

And she was so hungry from her playing in the forest that morning.

And she decided to knock on the door to see if she could have some.

So she knocked on the door.

Can you knock? She knocked on the door, just like that, but nobody answered because of course the three bears had gone out.

She decided to try the back door and she knocked on that door too, but still, nobody answered.

Now Goldilocks, She didn't always follow the rules and she saw an open window.

So Goldilocks decided, I'm in through the open window.

She was very hungry and the porridge, did smell delicious.

So she crept here.

When she got in the kitchen, she saw three bowls of porridge on the table.

She saw a big bowl of porridge a medium sized bowl of porridge and teeny-weeny, small baby bear size bowl of porridge.

And Goldilocks decided to try the big bowl first.

I mean, who wouldn't so Goldilocks sat down to try the big bone of porridge.

Disgusting, that porridge is much too salty.

So Goldilocks decided to try the medium bowl of porridge next.

She took her little less biggest spoonful.


Ooh, this porridge is too sweet.

So that left Goldilocks with just one option.

Remember she'd tried the big bowl of porridge.

She'd tried the medium sized bowl of porridge.

She was left with a teeny-weeny small bowl of porridge.

She took a teeny-weeny spoonful of it.

After all the other ones were disgusting, too little spoonful.

She licked it.

It seemed okay.


This porridge is just right.

And Goldilocks soon found that she'd eaten it all up.

Now Goldilocks had a nice full tummy.

So she decided that before she went home, she'd have a little sit down helpfully.

There were three chairs, a big chair, a medium sized chair and a small baby sized chair.

She decided to try the big chair.

She sat down.

This chair is much too hard.

She did not like the big chair.

She next, she tried the medium sized chair.

She sat down there's chairs, too soft.

She was nearly stuck in it.

She did not like the medium sized chair.

So that left one chair left.

Who do you think it was for? Daddy bear, Mommy bear or baby bear.

That's right.

It was baby bear's chair.

And that meant it was the smallest chair.

but Goldilocks wedged herself in.

And she found that that chair was just right.

She hadn't been sitting very long in the baby chair.

The smallest chair, when she heard the chair began to break and Goldilocks broke the chair and ended up on the floor, It was really quite tired now and wasn't ready to go home.

So the Goldilocks decided to go upstairs.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

She got to the top of the stairs and she saw there a beds.

She saw a big bed.

She saw a medium sized bed and she saw a small bed.

Of course we know Goldilocks by now, Don't we? She decided to try out the big bed she laid down on it.

Oh, this bed is much too itchy.

Teddy bears covers much too itchy in the big bed.

It was too itchy.

She got out.

So next she tried mommy bear's bed, the medium size bed.

And she got in it.

Oh no.

This bed is too bouncy, Goldilocks did not like that bed that left one bed left Goldilocks tried the smallest bed.

She could just about fit it.

It was really small, wasn't it? And Goldilocks found it was just right.

And she fell fast asleep whilst Goldilocks was asleep, guess In came home.

But we're going to have to leave a story there until the end of the lesson.

Remember we had big things.

Medium-sized things and teeny-weeny, small things let's get on with the rest of our lesson.

I will tell you the rest of the story later today, if you stay around.

That story always makes me think about the size of objects.

And you've got your objects in front of you.

Maybe you've got a small bear, a medium sized bear and a big bear.

Maybe you've got different things what I'd like you to do in a second is pause the video and pop them in size order from smallest to largest.

Let me show you with my bears these my three bears, smallest to largest.

I could also put them down there.

I could also order my pasta.

I could order it from my smallest bit up to my longest bit.

Did you notice that I've lined them all up at the bottom so that they start at the same place? That's important when we're ordering.

So when you're ordering from smallest to largest, make sure you do that too.

The other thing I had with some cards, wasn't it? I put them together so I could see, which was my smallest and which was my largest.

Nick, they all line up at the bottom.

I could leave now at this and say that I've sorted them smallest to largest, or I could spread them out like this.

And here I have my smallest and here I have my largest.

So pause the video now and go in order your objects smallest to largest.

If you want to challenge yourself, maybe you could have more than three objects.

Hi, you're back.


I wonder how you got on with ordering your objects from smallest to largest.

Now you may think nothing's changed since you've been away, but nick now I'd like you to order your objects from largest to smallest.

So you're going to start with the biggest, the largest object, then the medium size object.

And then right at the end, your smallest objects, we've changed the way we're ordering.

So pause the video and have a go at ordering your objects from largest to smallest.

And come back to me again.

Did you notice that whether we ordered from smallest to largest or largest to smallest the medium sized object was always in the middle.

Here's my ordering from smallest to largest.

And here's my ordering from largest to smallest.

But do you remember that I said, if you want to challenge yourself and you could still do that now, maybe you could have a fourth object.

These two are exactly the same size as another one.

You can have a fourth object and it might change your ordering.

Nick, here's my ordering from largest.

And these two are quite close in the middle largest to smallest.

But, if I needed to order from smallest to largest, it would have to switch places.

So we know that the middle only stays the same.

If we have three or different odd number of objects.

Here I've tried four, and I've shown you how it looks different if that were ordered from smallest to largest right now, and from largest to smallest, like now.

Look it's pictures of things from our story except maybe bears missing.

I might be covering baby bear up with my big face.

Sorry, but don't worry, baby bear.

He's on the one that you print out.

Now you look at the pictures, some are big, some are small, some are the largest, some are the smallest.

I need you in a minute under the supervision of your parent and carer to cut them out.

But let's just move on a little.

So I can tell you exactly what you need to do.

So in a minute, you're going to pause the video.

And like I said, pass out the pictures and then order them from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

But that's just one catch.

I've also told you on your worksheet, how I want them ordered.

So maybe if you were still learning to read, your grown up could read them for you and tell you how I'd like them ordered.

So pause the video now and do all that.

And then come back to me.

And I may, because I like you even show the answers.

How did you get on with that? You find easy to order the bears from smallest to largest, or was it maybe a little bit tricky, little bit trickier, especially if you were using the glue because you need to get it right.

If you can just switch them around so that I have ordered the bears from smallest to largest.

My first bear is baby bear.

The smallest bear.

And my last bear is the largest bear, daddy bear.

Then the instruction was to order the bowls from largest to smallest.

So this time I couldn't start with my smallest bowl.

I had to start with my largest bowl.

So I started from my largest bowl.

Then I stuck the bowl.

That was a little bit smaller than that one.

And then I stuck the bowl.

That was the smallest bowl.

Then I had to order the chairs from smallest to largest.


I've done that.

I can see that quite clearly.

I have the smallest chair and then the largest chair.

And finally, we had to order the beds and I was trying to trick you, did it the same smallest to largest, but I bet I didn't trick you.

There is my small bed, then as my bed that's a little bit larger, and then finally I have my largest.

Now, if you enjoy doing that and want to challenge yourself a little bit more you could draw a smaller baby bear or a larger bear maybe a daddy bear.

Granddaddy bear, where would you put him? Maybe you want to draw a larger bed.

Where would you put that in your ordering? See what you think.

And maybe have a go.

If you're feeling up to it, we can't possibly go without hearing the end of our story about the three bears.

Now we'd left it where Goldilocks was fast asleep upstairs in the smallest bed.

Remember, we think it belonged to baby bear this is the smallest bear.

So let's find out what happened.

The three bears came home from their walk and they were ready for that porridge.

It should have cooled down by now.

So they sat at the table.

Daddy bear took one look at his big bowl of porridge.

And he said, "someone's been eating my porridge." Mommy bear looked at her medium sized bowl of porridge.

And she said, "someone's been eating my porridge." They turned and they looked at baby bear.

And baby bear looked at his small bowl of Porridge.

And he said, "someone's been eating my porridge and its all gone." Oh daddy bear, "How strange?" "who could possibly have eaten our porridge?" Said mommy bear.

They decided that they better go and have a sit down to think, think, think who could have eaten that porridge.

So they went to find their favourite chair.

Daddy bear went and sat in the big chair.

The one that he liked the best.


Someone's been sitting in my chair.

Mommy bear went to sit in her medium size chair.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," she said.

Baby bear, Well it started crying, "Someone's been sitting in my chair and they've broken it." There was, it was bits of baby bear, small teeny-weeny chair all over the floor.

Well, this really was quite the mystery.

The three bears stood there, shocked.

Can you do a shocked face for me? They didn't know who could have done this.

Who could have eaten the three bowls of porridge, the big bowl, the medium sized bowl and the small bowl? Who could have sat in the three chairs, the big chair, the medium size chair and broken the small chair? As they stood there, shocked.

Inside, they heard a noise from upstairs.

They decided to investigate.

We know where.

They went up the stairs, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

And they saw three beds.

The big bed, the medium size bed, tiny small bed.

Daddy bear looked at his big bed with the rough covers that were all itchy.

Someone's been sleeping in my bed.

Mommy bear looked at her bed, "someone's been sleeping in my bed." Baby bear, looked at his teeny-weeny bed, the small bed and this time he didn't cry.

He was too scared to cry.

He looked at his bed and he said, "someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still there." With that, Goldilocks woke up.

Saw the three bears, the big bear, daddy bear, the medium sized bear.

Mommy bear, baby bear.

Looking at her.

She jumped out of bed.

She ran down the stairs, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, ran out of the door, which was now open and was never seen again.

The end.

Thank you for joining me and my three beds for our lesson on ordering by size.

You've done a great job and I'd love to see some of your work.

So maybe you can ask that parents or carer again, who's been really, really useful today to share your work on social media.

And if they do give permission and you pop it on Twitter, if you tag @OakNational, I'll be sure to check in and see it.