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Welcome to the lesson, my name is Miss Thomas, and I'll be going through the lesson with you today.

How are you feeling? Hopefully you're feeling good, I certainly am.

I'm really looking forward to going through this lesson.

We've got a lesson on problem solving, so it's going to be really exciting.

Let's get stuck in and begin.

In today's lesson agenda, first we'll be exploring a mathematical problem, then we'll go to a Let's explore task, where you can do some calculations of your own.

After that, we'll be solving a multi step problem.

Finally, we'll finish with an end of lesson quiz.

For today's lesson, you're going to need a pencil, paper and a ruler.

Pause the video now and gather your equipment if you have not done so already.

Here, we have Cala.

Cala has been given a letter from school about an upcoming trip to Canda.

She has football practise after school, and the letter has got a bit muddy, making some of the writing illegible.

I'm sure we've all got something muddy like this before.

I'm going to read it out loud, after I've read it out loud, I'm going to ask you some questions about the letter, so listen carefully.

There are some splodges on the letter, so where we come across a splodge, I'll just have to say splodge.

Dear Parents and Carers, we are happy to inform you that Year 4 will be going on a seven day trip to Canda.

Pupils will be flying from London Gatwick to Montreal at 10 a.

m on 13th March, and returning on 20th March, back to London Gatwick.

We will be going on a trip each day, for which pupils will take a packed lunch.

Breakfast and dinner will be eaten at the hotel.

The total cost of this exciting visit for each child will be, splodge.

If you would, splodge, information about the price of this trip, details can be found on the back.

And then underneath we have a table of each day, and the activity plans, so day 1, they plan to fly from London and arrive for lunch and unpack.

Day 2, there will be a tour of Montreal.

Then a trip to the Bio dome.

Next, a Jet Ski Tour from the Lachine canal lake.

Then, a coach to Niagara Falls and a boat trip.

After that, an Ice Hockey Game at the Bell Centre.

On day 7, pack up and final sleep before going to the airport early the next morning.

And on day 8, after breakfast, leave for the airport and fly from Montreal back to London.

Wow, it sounds like a very exciting trip installed for these Year 4 Children.

If you would like your children to go on the trip, please complete the slip below and return by Monday.

Here's a question for you to solve, how much will it cost for Cala to travel? Pause the video and solve.

Welcome back, you might have found that her travel includes flights from London Gatwick to Montreal, and flights from Montreal to London Gatwick, and they're priced per child.

The first is £273, and the second is £276 So we're going to need to use the operation addition, to add the cost of the two flights.

273 plus 276 is equal to 549.

The total travel cost for Cala is £549.

Next, the question says how much will Cala pay for accommodation? Pause the video and solve.

Welcome back, you might have found that the hotel is priced per child per night, and it costs £34.

So we will need to multiply 34 by 7, because there are 7 days in a week, and she is staying for a week.

34 multiplied by 7 is 238.

The total cost for accommodation for Cala is £238.

Well done for using multiplication to solve this one.

The next question says how much will Cala pay for food? Pause the video and solve.

Welcome back, which operation did you use this time? Fantastic, so we found that pack lunch, breakfast and dinner prices- price per day per child for lunch is £3 Price per day per child for breakfast is £2, and price per day for child for dinner is £4.

First, we need to add £3+£2+£4, so I've got 3 plus 4 plus 2.

Next, which is equal to £9.

Next, we need to multiply because we need to find the total cost of all the meals for the week, so for 7 days.

9 multiplied by 7 is equal to 63.

The total food cost for Cala is £63.

You've reached your Let's explore task.

You've been asked how much would the travel, food and accommodation cost for 5 children? Pause the video and solve.

Welcome back, lots of workings out there for our Let's explore task.

Let's take a look, so we need to find the flights from London Gatwick to Montreal and from Montreal to London Gatwick.

We need to find the accommodation, and we need to look at the food.

But this time, we're looking for the cost of 5 children.

So first lets begin with the travel, let's look at our flights.

So we needed to do 273+276 to equal 549, and what's that the total cost of, 549? You've got it, the total cost of our flights.

Then, I needed to do 549 multiplied by 5, which is equal to 2745.

Why do I do 549 multiplied by 5? Call out your answer to the screen.

You might have said, because we're not finding the travel for one person, we're finding it for 5 people, so we're multiplying the total by 5.

Next, let's look at the accommodation.

You can compare your workings to mine.

So I did £34 multiplied by 7 to give £238.

Then, I did 238 multiplied by 5.

Why did I times by 5? Call out your answer.

Great, because we're finding the total cost of accommodation for 5 people, and that was 1,190.

Next, I looked at food, and found the total cost of food for one person, so I did 3 + 2 + 4 to equal to 9, and then I took the total cost of the food for one day, and did 9 multiplied by 7, which is equal to 63, and that was the total cost for one person, for a week.

Then, I took 63 and I times it by 5 to find how much the food would cost for 5 people for , ooh, for how long? Shout out your answer.

Great, for one week, for 5 people on the trip.

So to find the total cost for the travel, accommodation and food, which operation do we need to use? Great, now we need to use addition and add our totals.

So 2,745 + 1,190 + 315 is equal to 4,250.

The total cost of travel, food and accommodation for 5 children is £4,250.

Give yourselves a thumbs up for your let's explore task, lots of calculations there.

Next, you've got a spot the mistake task.

We've got Zaki here, and he says Cala will pay £353 for the Jet Ski Tour and trip to Niagara Falls.

Pause the video, find his mistake and explain out loud where Zaki went wrong.

Welcome back, so, first of all, we're going to look at the Jet Ski Tour.

So the Jet Ski Tour cost £161, for 7 people.

So we want to find out how much it costs Cala, so we are going to divide it by 7 to find one group of 161, for one person.

And that's equal to 23, so she would pay £23 for the Jet Ski Tour.

Next, let's look at the trip to Niagara Falls.

The trip to Niagara Falls costs £192 for 8 people, we want to find how much it costs for Cala, so our calculation will be 192 divided by 8, which is equal to 24.

What's the next step I need to do to find out how much Cala will pay for both the Jet Ski and trip to Niagara Falls.

Shout out your answer.

Excellent, I need to add my answers.

So 23 plus 24 is 47.

So we know that the total cost for Cala will be £47.

We know that Zaki is false and Cala will not be paying £353 for the Jet Ski Tour and trip to Niagara Falls.

Great stuff, you've reached your independent task.

Find the total cost for Cala to go on the trip to Canada.

You've got the price breakdown list there.

Pause the video to complete your independent task.

And here are your answers for the different calculations.

Now Cala will know how much it's going to cost her to go on her trip to Canada, the total cost per child is £954.

So Cala will need to pay £954 if she'd like to go.

Well done for helping her solve that.

If you'd like to, please ask your parents or carers to share your work on Twitter, tagging @OakNational and #LearnWithOak.

The time has come to complete your end of lesson quiz! Well done for your hard work in today's lesson.

And we've reached the end of the lesson.

Well done for all of your hard work in today's lesson.

I'm sure Cala's parents or carers are going to be very happy that they finally know the total cost of Cala's trip to Canda.

And I bet that Cala is feeling very relieved that it doesn't matter that she got her sheet covered in mud.

So well done for today, see you next time it's a bye from me.