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Hello, and welcome to lesson six of gaining support for a cause.

I'm Ben, and this lesson is all about completing your project.

Can you believe this is the last lesson of your project already.

So this lesson is really going to be all about getting your blog finalised, and putting together all the things that you've done for the previous lessons in this unit.

So all you'll need for this lesson is a laptop and a web browser.

And other than that, as always clear away all the structures that you might have.

And when you've done that, let's get started.

Okay, so this lesson is based obviously on previous lesson, lesson five.

So the aim of today is to construct a blog using appropriate software.

And that's the software that you started using last lesson.

Okay, you're also going to organise the content of your blog based on credible sources.

You're also going to apply referencing techniques that credit the authors appropriately.

Okay, so the first task for us today is to make sure we have open everything that we need to get started.

So what you'll need is your blog, so that's opening it in whatever software you chose to use last lesson, whether not that was Google Sites, whether that was Microsoft Sway, or you might have chosen to do it in a Word Processing Software, or using some kind of slide deck.

Okay, so if you can open that the other things that you'll need is you'll need your success criteria.

And that was task one on your worksheet from lesson five, so you can open that.

And the other thing you'll need is your research document that you did in lesson four.

So again, if you open up your worksheet from lesson four, you'll find all that great research that you did, where you found websites and images that you can use in your blog.

Okay, so if you can just pause this video moment, get locked out all of those things open, and I'll be here when you get back.

Okay, so your success criteria document.

Now we started this last lesson and you made yourself a list of success criteria.

So you could check it off and make sure that your blog is going to be successful and usable for your audience.

Okay, so the first task is I'd like to go through that worksheet and make a little checklist of what you've done already and what you still got left to do.

So my recommendation would be as you're doing this electronically, would be to highlight in green, all the ones that you know or you think that you've met already, maybe highlight in amber all the ones that you've started, but maybe they're not quite there yet.

Maybe put in red or a different maybe a purple kind of colour, something that you know that that's still left to do.

So in this lesson, I'd like to go through that list.

And as we're making your blog, you know, which ones to prioritise.

Okay, so again, if you can pause the video, look at your success criteria, make that checklist of red, amber and green, and then when you've done you can unpause the video.

Okay, so now what you've done is you've got your checklist of success criteria, you kind of got yourself in your mind of what you've done already what you still got left to do.

So really the rest of this lesson is all about finalising your blog and making the best it can be.

Okay, so as well as your success criteria, I've also made this checklist for you, that might help you remember the things that you need to include.

Okay, so make sure that you're always reference your sources appropriately.

Make sure you always credit the authors of your images.

Make sure you remember to format your document, make it look and use those tools that we developed the skills for in lessons one and two of this unit.

And then of course, use your success criteria and keep looking back at those to make sure that you've achieved all the things that you set out to do.

Okay, so I'd like to pause the video.

And then the rest of this lesson is mainly about completing your blog.

So give yourselves around half an hour to do this.

But remember, this is all about getting this to a point where you've got a blog with at least one article that will really gain support that cause that you're passionate about.

Okay, so good luck, have fun, pause the video and then restart when you've done that.

Okay, so that's it and you finish your blog, well done.

So I thought this would be a great opportunity for you to reflect on what you've done in this unit, because she's done some really excellent work.

And you've combined a lot of skills together to make this blog.

So what I think you've done is you've constructed a blog using appropriate software.

You've organised the content of the blog based on credible sources.

You've applied referencing techniques that credit authors appropriately, and you've designed the layout and content to make it suitable for an audience.

So big big well done.

Now, we would honestly really love to see the blogs that you've done, and if you feel able to share with us, then please ask your parent or carer to share your work on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, tagging Oak national and using the hashtag learn with Oak.

So that's all from us, and I really hope that you've enjoyed the unit.

I've certainly enjoyed it.

I've enjoyed the journey that we've been on.

I'd like to say I'm really looking forward to seeing the blogs that you've made.

Okay, that's all for me, I'm Ben, and see you soon.