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Hello, and welcome to your first lesson with me Mrs Wade.

Our first unit is going to be all about doing the right thing.

In this lesson we're going to identify and respect the differences and similarities between people.

Let's get started.

In this lesson, we are going to look at our victorious vocabulary.

These are some words that you need to know the meaning of.

Then we're going to meet some of my family.

Move on to meet some of my friends.

Then look at some similarities and differences, and finally, you'll make your own Venn diagram.

Maybe you've heard of that before.

Maybe you've even used one.

I'll talk more about that later on in the lesson.

In this lesson, you will need some paper, a pencil and a plate, and I'm sure you thinking why on earth would I need a plate? But it'll all become clear soon.

To be victorious in this lesson, you're going to need to know some key words and we call that victorious vocabulary.

The first word for our victorious vocabulary is similarity.

I'm going to break it down into syllables.

See if you can do it too similarity, can you say it? Excellent, well done.

Now we need to know what it means.

So similarity means something has a likeness to something else.

For example, these are all soft toys, okay.

So they're similar because they're soft toys, but they're not exactly the same because they're all different types of animals, aren't they? They all look a little bit different.

In fact, these are animals, but these down here, the princesses and Aladdin, they are human aren't they? So that is a difference between them, okay.

So these are just similar not exactly the same.

The next word is different.

So I'm going to do the syllables, see if you can do it with me.

Different, now you have a go at saying it.

Excellent well done.

So if something is different, that's when it doesn't have a likeness to something else.

These are all soft toys, these are scissors, okay.

So they're totally different.

This is a piece of stationary, these are something to play with.

Now the final word.

I wonder if you've heard it before tolerance.

Tolerance, can you say that? Great job, tolerance.

Now you might have heard this before, but you might not.

Now it's the ability to tolerate someone's ideas or behaviours even if you disagree with them, you don't think they're right, okay.

Now I've got a really good example for this.

It's two of my friends down here, we've got Buzz Light year and we've got Woody.

Do you recognise them? Where are they from? That's right they are from Toy Story, amazing film.

Now, Woody is a cowboy and he loves everything and anything to do with being a cowboy.

Then Buzz comes along, doesn't he? And he loves everything and anything to do with being a spaceman.

Now Woody doesn't like this at first.

And he kind of distances himself away from Buzz, I'm not having anything to do with that, he's not cowboy, he doesn't like things cowboy.

So I don't want anything to do with him.

But then after awhile, he kind of gets to know him and thinks oh yeah, do you know what we're not exactly the same, but then that's okay we can still be friends, we can still get along.

And that's when Woody shows tolerance towards Buzz.

Great film isn't it Toy story? It's got to be one of the best.

This is my family.

So you can see my mom, my dad and my brother.

And you can see that we do look a little bit similar, but not exactly the same.

We also have some differences as well.

I have similar lips to my mom and we both have pale skin with freckles, so does my brother.

My dad and I both have dark eyes, so does my brother.

When my brother and I were younger, we looked really similar.

But as we got older we started to look more and more different.

People can still tell that we're brother and sister, but when we were younger, people thought we were twins.

I also have a husband and we look very different because we aren't from the same family.

He looks similar to his family, especially his brothers.

And last of all, me, I have long, straight, red hair.

Now I wasn't born with red hair, how amazing would that be? I choose to dye my hair colour red.

Now at the top, you can see that my natural hair colour is like a light brown.

So it's a bit of a mixture with my mom and my dad.

My dad had really dark black hair and my mom had ginger hair.

So it's kind of an in between of both of them together.

I also have glasses and my mom and dad wear glasses too.

So that's another similarity between us.

Now moving on to my friends, and these are my friends here.

And you'll notice that they're all from Disney and I love Disney.

Anytime that I'm feeling sad or a little bit upset, I just put a Disney song on, I sing away and dance to it.

And it just makes me feel so much better.

So I love Disney.

Now all of these characters in front of me have all been in Disney films, but they do look different.

So for example, we've got Mickey Mouse here, okay.

And he's got big black ears and a big black nose, okay.

Then we've got Donald Duck over here.

This guy, yellow beak and a lovely blue hat.

But also they have different interests as well.

Now you'll notice Eeyore down here, he's usually quite a sad character, a little bit gloomy.

But then you have Tigger up here that is full of energy, and he bounces everywhere and he's always so happy.

We have some of the princesses down here and they have different interests.

So Ariel she's a fabulous singer, she has the most beautiful voice.

But then we have, for example, Aladdin, who is a boy who lives on the streets.

Two completely different characters, but they're all from Disney.

Now you're going to meet some of my friends.

And they're going to tell you all about what they look like and their interests.

See if you can spot any of the similarities and differences between them.

Let's meet my first friend, not only stunning but amazingly brave.

It's Merida.

Hello children, I'm Merida I have wild ginger hair, dazzling blue eyes, milky fair skin and blushing pale cheeks.

I'm from Scotland, so I speak with a Scottish accent.

I am excellent at archery and I am very athletic.

I like going on adventures, do you like going on adventures? Or maybe you prefer a reading about adventures.

Okay see you.

Next up we have the glamorous, strong minded Jasmine.

Hello, my name is Jasmine.

I have long black hair, big brown eyes and caramel skin.

I live in the Arabian desert in Asia and I love animals especially my pet, tiger Rajah.

Do you have any pets? I like to help my people and to anything to defend them.

I enjoy martial arts and the art of skilled combat.

Bye children.

Now for the muscle man himself, it's you guessed it, Hercules.

Oh hey guys, I'm Hercules I have wavy hair, big blue eyes, strong arms and pale skin.

I'm from Greece, but I can also speak English, but we've mixed in a little bit of Greek.

Chairete means hello.

Can you say Chairete? I wasn't really known as being clever in school, but I was really good at sports.

So now I just love lifting heavy weights, running really fast and showing off my archery skills.

Antio sas.

Finally, the handsome Prince Naveen.

Oh hello there, I'm Prince Naveen, but I'm sure you already know that.

I have short wavy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, caramel coloured skin, and powerful arms. I'm from Southern Europe and I travel a lot.

That's why my accent is a little mixed.

I can speak English, Italian and a little French.

Buongiorno is hello in Italian.

Can you say it? Buongiorno moltobene.

Bonjour is hello in French, bonjour.

I like going to parties and dancing with the ladies, a little romance and cooking delicious dishes, addio.

Did you spot any similarities and differences? Well done.

Now we are going to have a closer look at the characters that you just met.

Did you notice something about Hercules and Merida? I'll give you a clue it's about their appearance.

That's right, they both had the pale skin and the dazzling blue eyes.

What about Merida, Hercules and Jasmine? Now they had similarities, but it wasn't their appearance.

What was that one? Yes, they were all interested in sports, they loved being athletic.

Let's now think about the differences now.

So what about Prince Neveen? He's quite different to the others, wasn't he? Can you think what the difference was? Excellent well done, he loved to party and cooking and a romancing the ladies, but the others they were really into sports.

So that was a big difference between them.

Now what about Prince Naveen and Hercules? Now they did look very different, but they did have something that was similar.

To give you a clue, this is my clue.

Yeah they both had the big strong muscles, didn't they? Great job guys.

Do you know you are so good at spotting similarities and differences now, really well done.

Now it's your turn, you can choose a Disney character that you met today.

Or your own favourite Disney character.

You're going to compare yourself with that Disney character.

Thus you need to draw the Venn diagram.

Now that's where your plate comes in.

So I've got here a piece of paper and a plate.

Now I got a kind of big plate, maybe a medium sized plate because I've got quite a big piece of paper okay.

Now the first thing you do is draw around this.

So I'm going to put it flat like this and draw around it.

And then I'll hold it up when I've done it.

So I'm just drawing all the way around it.

This pen is not very good, so hopefully you've got a really good pen.

Hopefully you'll be able to see this.

There we go.

So I'm just doing one circle for now.

Hopefully you've done Venn diagrams before, so you know what it should look like.

So I've got one circle there, do you see that? Now, when I do my next circle, it needs to all overlap.

So let me just draw that and then you can see what it looks like.

Okay there you go.

Can you see that bit in the middle? Yes so now you've got three sections, okay.

When you're finished, that's what it all like in the end, but we'll talk about that in a moment.

So now you have got your diagram.

So you should have something that looks like that.

Yours is probably better than mine.

Now what you need to do is label each part okay.

So I've done me in one colour I've put Mrs Wade for the first section.

And then for the second section, I thought I'm going to do Jasmine.

So I wrote Jasmine at the top there.

So this circle is all about me.

This part of the circle is all about Jasmine.

I'm the bit in the middle where it overlaps they are our similarities.

The things that are similar between me and Jasmine.

So on the outside we've got the differences and on the inside we've got our similarities.

So that's what you're going to do about your character.

Pause the video, crack on with your task when you're finished come and join me.

Great work today guys, do you know what, I'm feeling a little bit tired after all that work.

Now, can you remember the victorious vocabulary from the store of the lesson? I'll give you a clue, there was three words, can you remember them? Excellent well done, similar, different and tolerance.

Great job.

So you've identified your similarities and differences with a Disney character.

Now you've got to remember that you will meet a lot of people in your life and you're going to have similarities and differences with lots of them.

And that's okay.

You'll look similar to some people and different to others.

You'll like similar things with some people, but not everyone.

You'll think the same things with some people, but not all of them.

And that doesn't mean that they're wrong.

You should always show tolerance towards others and be respectful about the differences.

Right, see you next time.