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Hi there, my name is Miss Darwish after today's masters, and we are going to be solving some problems to do with time, seconds, minutes, hours, days.

So, before we get started with our problem solving lesson, if I could just ask you to take yourself to a nice quiet place away from distraction.

So we are ready to start the lesson.

So our agenda for today's lesson is first of all, we're just going to be talking at seconds, minutes, and hours and converting between them.

Then we're going to be having a look at some word problems, and then we're going to be making some comparisons.

Then at the end of the session, as always, there will be a quiz for you to go and complete.

So, for today you would just need a piece of paper, a pencil, or a pen, and maybe a ruler.

If you want to grab those things so we can start.

Okay, so seconds, minutes, and hours, they should just be a recap.

But we want you to have a read through those three statements and see if he can fill them out.

So there are, seconds in one minute, there are, minutes in one hour, and there are, hours in one one day.

I'm going to give you 10 seconds just to check through that.

Okay, so there are 60 seconds, of course in one minute, there are 60 minutes in one hour and in 24 hours, that is the equivalent to a day.

So in one day there are 24 hours.

So well done if you've got those right.

Okay, so how many hours are there in 14 days? So in 14 days, how many hours are there? That's what the question's asking first of all.

We know first of all how many hours are there in one day? 24 hours.

So this question wants to know not for one day, but for 14 days.

So in one day there are 24 hours, so 14 days there are? We would do 14 multiplied by 24 to give us the number of hours and 14 days.

So 14 multiplied by 24 is equal to 336 hours.

So how many hours are there in 14 days? 336 hours in 14 days, say even louder shouted to me so I can hear you.

How many hours are there 14 days? 336 hours, well done.

And 14 days is the same as saying two weeks.

So how many hours are there in two weeks? 336 hours.

Okay, so in one hour there are 60 minutes, this time we've got, I want to know how many hours there are in 840 minutes.

So I've got my 840 minutes lined up under the 60 minutes.

So how many hours are there in 840 minutes? What do I do? Okay, of course it would be 840 divided by 60, or I could do 84 divided by six, which is equal to 14 hours.

So 14 hours, there are 840 minutes.

Okay, let's have a look at some word problems now.

So for Sports Day, Cala run 800 metres.

She finished running the 800 metres in 300 seconds.

Well done Cala.

So, how far did she run? 800 metres.

And how long did it take her to finish running 800 metres? 300 seconds.

Her best record for an 800 metre sprint is four and a half minutes.

That's her best record ever, okay? But this time she finished or she completed her 800 metres in 300 seconds.

Did she beat her record? I'm going to give you some time to reread that and think, did she beat her record? So this time when she ran, it took a 300 seconds.

Her best time ever is four and a half minutes.

So first of all, let's just go back to the question we want to compare what, 300 seconds to four and a half minutes because when she just run this race for Sports Day, it was 800 metres and her record is for 800 metres, okay? So it's a fair test asking, comparing the amount of time that she ran, because it's the same distance, right? So we're comparing 300 seconds now to four and a half minutes.

So first of all, let's see how many seconds are there.

We know that there are 60 seconds in one minute.

So 300 seconds, what is that the equivalent to in minutes? What would we do for that calculation? How do I find out how many minutes there are in 300 seconds? Okay, 300 divided by 60 of course is five minutes.

So that tells us how long, we go back to the question again, for Sports Day, she completed the 800 metres in five minutes.

Her best record ever was four and a half minutes.

So did she beat her record? No, she did not beat her record.

Her best ever times four and a half minutes.

Unfortunately she was half a minute, too long.

It took her half a minute too long to finish the 800 metres.

Nevermind Cala, maybe next time.

Okay, let's have a look at another word problem.

So this is Antoni, and he's following his grandmother's recipe.

Now, it says so he's got his recipe book.

I've got my recipe book here, write my ingredients.

It says the stew, I love stew I'm getting hungry now.

The stew must cook for two hours and 10 minutes.

So how long does the stew have to cook for, according to his grandmother's recipe? Two hours and 10 minutes.

So far, he has been cooking it for 69 minutes.

How much longer does the stew need to cook for? So tell me according to his grandmother's recipe, how long does she cook her stew for? Two hours and 10 minutes.

Now, Antoni is getting a bit tired now.

He's not sure whether to stop we'll carry on.

So we really need to help him.

He's been cooking it for 69 minutes.

How much longer does he need to cook it? I'm not sure why I'm doing this 'cause when I do my stew I just put it on the slow cooker and leave it.

Okay, the stew needs to cook for two hours and 10 minutes.

So how many minutes is this in total? So let's compare minutes to minutes.

So two hours and 10 minutes.

So in one hour there are 60 minutes.

So remember we want to find out how many minutes in two hours and 10 minutes.

So that's my two hours, 60 add 60 minutes gives me my total of two hours.

And then there's more 10 minutes.

That's my two hours 10 minutes.

Can you see that there? One hour is 60 minutes, another hour 60 minutes and 10 minutes.

So in total that is two hours and 10 minutes or the total number of minutes is, 130 minutes.

Can you see how we did that? Okay, so the stew needs to cook for 130 minutes in total.

And so far Antoni, has cooked it for how long? 69 minutes.

So if I take them away, we could help Antoni, work out how long he has left for the stew to cook.

So 61 minutes left, which is the same as, one hour and one minute left.

So I still need to go for 61 more minutes, poor Antoni, has to stand in the kitchen for another hour and one minute.

Okay, let's have a look at another word problem.

So Yasmin and Binh take different routes to get to Lanzarote.

So Yasmin's journey takes three hours and 34 minutes.

So they're obviously going on holiday, but they go in separate ways, two different ways.

Yasmin's going one way to Lanzarote and Binh going a different route to Lanzarote.

So how long does Yasmin's journey take? Three hours 34 minutes.

Okay, Binh's journey takes? 219 minutes, good.

Whose journey took the quickest and by how long? So you've got three hours 34 minutes, and 219 minutes.

And that's what we're comparing, who's was the quickest? Who's was the longest? And the difference between.

Okay, so Yasmin's journey, let's see, three hours 34 minutes for Yasmin's journey.

Let's see how many minutes that is.

So that's one hour 60 minutes, another hour that's my three hours, 60 add 60 add 60 or 60 minutes times three gives me the amount of minutes in three hours.

And then we add on the 34 minutes.

So we've got to add all of that up and that will tell us the total number of minutes in Yasmin's journey.

So 214 minutes.

Okay, so now we're comparing 214 minutes with 219 minutes.

Can you see who's journey was quicker? Yasmin's journey was quicker by five minutes, just by five minutes so not too bad.

So 214 add five minutes is 219 minutes.

Okay, right, well done.

Now I would like you to pause the video to complete your independent task.

Have a go, do the best that you can, and then come back and we will check a mark through the questions or your answers together.

Good luck.

Okay, welcome back, how did you find that? Hopefully you found that okay? Okay, let's have a look at the answers.

So I left you with some films, we had "Back to the Future." It's a great film if you haven't seen it, definitely go and watch it.

"Frozen 2".

I haven't seen "Frozen 2" yet, but I really want to see that soon.

"Frozen" which of course I have seen, "Despicable Me", "School of Rock" and "Finding Nemo" and some of these films were in minutes and some of them were in hours and we had to compare the film, find which was the shortest, which was the longest, find the difference between the shortest and longest.

So do you want to just check through your conversions with me check that you converted them correctly? So "Back to the Future" 117 minutes long, "Frozen 2" 103 minutes, "Frozen" the first one, 105 minutes, "Despicable Me" 95 minutes, "School of Rock" 109 minutes, "Finding Nemo" 100 minutes.

So from that list there, we've now converted them all into minutes.

If you converted your minutes and to hours then that's okay too.

You should get the same answer either way is fine.

So from that list there, which is the shortest film? Which is the shortest film? "Despeakable Me", right? 'Cause it's 95 minutes, okay? And which is the longest film? "Back to the Future".

So to find the difference we've got "Back to the Future" was 117 minutes long.

And "Despicable Me" is 95 minutes long.

So if we take them away, the difference in minutes between the longest and the shortest film is 22 minutes.

So first I want you to give yourself two ticks if you've got them right.

First of all if you converted the whole table into minutes or all into hours correctly, give yourself a tick.

And then if you said 117 minutes for the longest film and 95 minutes for the shortest film, and you've got the difference, right, give yourself another big tick, well done.

So 22 minutes as well, we can say or call that 1,320 seconds so that's your third big tick right there, saying how, the difference in seconds as well as minutes.

Okay, if you would like to share your work with us here at Oak National, then please ask your parent or your carer to share your work for you on Twitter, tagging @OakNational and to use the #LearnwithOak.

Now, I just want to say before I leave you with the quiz to say well done all the fantastic and brilliant learning that you have done today with me on word problems and converting between time.

Now, it's time for you to go and complete the quiz.

Good luck.