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Hi, my name is Mrs. Harris.

I wonder what yours is, can you say it for me now? It's lovely to see you.

And we're going to do some maths together.

So, let me tell you what we're going to do today.

This is what we'll be doing in this lesson.

We're going to do some sorting.

And I would like you to sort with me.

After that act, it will be your turn to do some sorting.

And finally, I hope you come back to show me your sorting.

Let me tell you what you need.

You will need some objects to sort.

Here's a picture of mine.

I've got really random baskets of all the things I kind of found around my room.

I've also got some fruit and vegetables.

That would be good.

You need things all in a muddle, that you will be able to sort out and put in there right groups and right places.

So, pause the video now and go and find them.

Do you remember, I said we were going to do some sorting together at the start of our lesson.

Well, the first thing I'm going to sort are my objects.

They're all in a muddle.

Now, this won't take me too long.

I'm going to get all my pens.

I'm going to put them all together.

Then I'm going to get all my Lego and put all that together.

There's lots of Lego.

Do you like playing with it, building nice things? Then I'm going to put my people together and pop them just here.

Stand up madam.

She doesn't want to stand up.

There, now she'll stand up.

There, there we are.

You can stand up there.

Oh, my beautiful flowers, need them, don't I? Let me put my flowers just there.

After that, my basket's looking much tidier, isn't it? Not in such a muddle anymore.

Hey, I'm going to put my hair bands there, my bubbles.

We've got leaves, they can go there.

Got my coins.

They can go.

I think you'll see them better just there.



Well, there's only one thing left, my dinosaur, pop him right there so he can keep an eye on everything we're doing.

So look, I've sorted everything that was in a muddle from my basket into groups of the same objects.

But my sorting is not finished yet.

And when you do your sorting, your sorting won't be finished by the time you do this.

There's more sorting to be done.

I'm going to move my pile of bubbles, I'm going to move my pile of coins, and come move my pile.

Well, he's not a pile, is he? He's all by himself and we move him.

There we are.

Okay, I'm going to sort my Lego.

It is all nice in a pile together.

But I'm going to sort all my red bricks together.

Do you see another colour in my pile? Yeah.

There's blue, yellow and white.

Well, I'd quite like my blue piece by itself and my white piece by itself and that just leaves me a pile of yellow Lego.

How lovely.

I'm going to do my leaves next.

They're nice in a pile of leaves and not muddled up with the pens anymore, are they? Well, this leaf is green ish.

But these leaves, they're old and they're brown.

I'm going to sort them into their own piles, Green leaves, brown leaves, I'm so good at organising.

Maybe it's because you're here to help me.

Next thing I'm going to sort, well, it's these people.

Maybe you can help.

I could sort them into ones that are sitting down.

Or ones that are standing up.

Let's make more ones that are standing up just over there.

Oh, look, I've got two groups of people now, because I've sorted them out a little more.

But there's another way I could sort them.

I could sort them by hair colour.

Or I could sort them out if they're a boy doll or a girl doll.

I wonder what I should choose.

Oh, I know.

I think I'll choose hair colour.

This one has brown hair, so I'm going to put her just there.

And this one has black hair, just like these two.

So look, I've sorted them out.

Oh, I don't really like that sorting.

This one's all by itself.

Don't worry madam.

I think we'll find you a friend.

This one can sit back down.

I preferred my sorting by three dolls, three people that were sitting down and standing up.

Wow, this is getting so much tidier.

I'll move my pile of leaves away so I can pop them back outside me, some bugs might find their home.

I'll put my Lego away so that can go back in the box, obviously in its colours.

There we are.

My people, you can come over here so you can watch what we're doing.

Yes, there's the group that is sitting down.

And here's the ones that I've sorted that are standing up.

They can all see now, can't they? I've got my flowers left.

Well, I've got some purple flowers.

And I've got pink flowers.

And I've got a white flower.

How have I sorted my flowers? Have I sorted them by size? Have I put all the teeny-weeny ones together and all the big ones together? Have I sorted them by ones that are real? And ones that are, pretend, not real flowers? Or maybe you've noticed that I've sorted them a little bit like my Lego, by colour.

That's right, I've sorted the flowers by colour.

It's important for me to say how I've sorted them.

I have sorted the flowers by colour.

Let's move them.

I'm going to put them in my basket so I can take them home with me.

That just leaves me with my pens.

Well, let me think, how do you think I could sort my pens out? There's a few different ways.

I'm not sure which way I prefer.

I could sort them out by my wide, big pen and my thin pen.

There they are.

I have sorted the pens by size.

I could sort them though like the Lego and the flowers, by colour.

Here's my black pen.

Here are my two blue pens.

And here are my green pens.

I have sorted the pens by colour.

But there's another way I could sort the pens.

And it's whether they've got their lid on or not.

This one's got its lid on.

This pen hasn't got its lid on.

It can't go with this one, because I'm sorting on whether they've got their lids on or not.

My third way of sorting the pens, so lead on, hasn't got the lid on.


Yep, got its lid on.

It can go in my lid group.


Yep, got a lead.


And this one, no lead.

So I'm going to put it there.

I had three ways of sorting the pens.

But each time I sorted them, I told you the new way that I'd sorted them, didn't I? Now is the time to pause the video and do your sorting.

Remember to say how you've sorted your objects, just so it's clear to you, and anybody listening, and maybe some of your parents or carers could even take a photo of your sorting too.

Make sure you come back to me when you're done.

See you soon.

Thanks for coming back to me.

How did you get on with the sorting, I wonder? Have you got lots of neat little piles just like I did? Did you remember to say how you'd sorted them, just so it was clear in your mind and so any grownups listening could hear as well? Now remember, sorting isn't just for our math lesson right now.

Sorting is really, really good around the house too.

I wonder if you can find anything else to sort now that you really got the hang of it.

We've reached the end of our lesson.

You've worked so hard today.

And maybe you would like to share your work with me and possibly the whole world.

But to do that, you're going to need to ask your parent or carer, to pop your work on Twitter for us tagging at @OakNational.

I look forward to seeing you.