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Hi, thanks for joining me, Mrs. Harris for your lesson on sorting shapes today.

We've got lots to do.

So let's find out what we're going to do and what you're going to need.

Here's what we're going to do today.

You're going to do some sorting with me.

Then it will be your turn to do some sorting.

And then I would love you to come back and show me the way that you have sorted the shapes.

Well, we know what we're going to do today.

Now we need to find out what we're going to need.

Now I've got lots and lots of lovely shapes in front of me.

I know you might not have these, where you are right now.

So what you do need is the printed worksheet.

Okay, I've done this with lots of lovely, colourful shapes on for you.

Don't worry if yours not in beautiful colour, you could always colour with me.

The other thing I'd like you to have, if it's okay with your parent or carer.

And if they're willing to watch you, I'd let you to have a pair of scissors.

So if you haven't got these things, pause the video now and go and get them.

I've made a start on my cutting out.

And I need you to do the same.

You'll notice some of mine are neater than other ones.

Okay, there you go.

And I would like you to cut your shapes out now with the scissors, if your parents or carer said that you can use them and that they would supervise you.

Remember we use the hand which you are writing with, to hold our scissors.

I use this hand to do my writing? So I'm going to put my thumb in the top hole and my pointer finger in the bottom hole and to cut, open and close.

I'm going to cut out one little shape just to show you.

I think I'll do this yellow one, yeah.

And I'm going to keep my scissors quite still.

Open and close them.

And it's my paper that will move.

We don't need that bit, I just cut out by doing this bit.

Close, open, close Brilliant, I've got another one of my shapes ready? I could even trim it if I wanted to make it neater.

That depends how much time you've got.

So I need you to pause the video now and cut out all your shapes and then come back to me.

I hope the cutting out went okay for you.

If it didn't, don't worry.

You could share mine with me now.

Now I said that in this lesson, we are going to do some sorting of shapes and we're going to start now together.

So the first thing I notice about these shapes is their colour.

Can you point to all the red shapes? Can you point to all the yellow shapes? Okay, all the green shapes? Oh, I thought I had you there.

There are no green shapes are there.

Can you point to all the blue shapes? Fantastic, that's the first step of our sorting, but really all our shapes.

They haven't been sorted out, have they? They're still all mixed up together.

So let me show you what I've done.

I decided to make a group of each colour.

I moved my shapes around and you'll be able to do that when it's your turn, because I didn't say you needed glue.

All you needed was to cut out your shapes so that you could move them around to now, as you can see, I've made a group of red shapes.

I have made a group of yellow shapes and I have made a group of blue shapes.

I have sorted my shapes by colour.

It's really important that I say that I'd like you to say it with me, that remind you of the sentence.

I have sorted my shapes by colour, your turn.

One more time together.

I have sorted the shapes by colour, great job, but there's at least one more way, we could sort the shapes.

You may be looking at these shapes thinking boring.

There's no colour is there? And well, I agree.

It does look a little bit boring, but because there's no colour, I can really concentrate on the properties of the shapes.

Maybe you already know some shape names like circle, square, triangle or oblong.

Maybe you don't yet.

And that's fine too, because I said that we would be sorting them by their properties, not necessarily their names.

So I can look for corners on my shapes and I could sort them by the numbers of corners they have.

Or, I could sort them by their number of edges, or their straight-edges.

So let's have a look on the next slide to see how I've sorted them by their properties, which I found just a little bit easier with not having any colour like you.

I did think it was a little bit dull, not to have any colour, but it did really make me look really carefully at the shapes so I could decide how to sort them, down here.

All my shapes down here.

Well, they've all got three goodness.

Just count them and check one, two, three, one, two, three.

The corners at the pointing base, one, two, three, one, two, three.

Yes, each one of them has a corner where two edges meet.

Okay, so there're like sorted shapes with three corners and up here, I've got these shapes.

I haven't sorted them cause they're both blue, they're both red heavily.

I have sorted them and put them together because they've got no corners, have they? They just go round all the way.

And that leaves me with this last group.

How have I sorted them? Three corners, no corners.

Just have a look and I think, yes, that's my group that all has four corners.

Thank you for helping me with my sorting.

Now it's time for you to do so too using all the shapes you cut out earlier.

I need you to remember to say how you have sorted the shapes.

Just like you practised with me when you copied my sentence, I have sorted the shapes.

I, and then tell me the way you've sorted them.

So please pause the video now, do your sorting task.

And then remember to come back to me so we can talk about what you've been doing.

Now that you've done your sorting.

We've reached the end of our lesson.

But before I say goodbye, I'd just like to know how you got on.

How did you sort your shapes? Did you sort them by colour? Did you sort them by property like the edges or the corners? Did you even know some the shape names and sort them by shape name? And what did you do with my rogue? This shape here, there wasn't any that were the same shape.

There wasn't even any that were quite the same colour, there wasn't even any that had the same number of corners or edges.

So maybe you sorted this one all by itself.

However you sorted your shapes.

It doesn't matter.

As long as you told somebody, even if it was yourself, how you sorted them.

You've done some great work today on your sorting of shapes.

I bet you'll be seeing shapes all around now and thinking that you could pair them up or put them in a set together and saying your reasons.

If you would like to share your work with me and everybody else here at Oak national, maybe you could get a grownup, a parent, or a carer to take a quick photo of your work and pop it on Twitter for us tagging at Oak national.

I look forward to seeing you again soon, bye.