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Hello again everyone, it's nice to see you.

I feel like were really getting to know one another.

You all well? Oh good, I'm glad.

Today's lesson is all about bullying.

And our learning objective is to develop strategies to resist teasing or bullying.

Has someone ever said something really unkind to you? Or maybe they've just hurt your feelings with something that they've done.

Well today we're going to learn all about it.

In this lesson, you're going to learn what bullying is, meet some more of my friends, then we're going to move on to learn how to avoid bullying, and protect yourself.

Finally, you are going to create a beautiful leaflet.

To be successful in this lesson, you're going to need an exercise book or just some paper, a pencil or a pen, and possibly some colouring pencils.

If you've only got felt tips, felt tips are fine too.

When I say the word bullying, what do you think of? I think of a big person with an angry face, who pushes everyone out of the way, and they just hurt anyone that gets in their way.

Well bullying is when someone does something hurtful to someone else, and they do it all of the time.

So you may have had someone that's maybe punched you before, or maybe kicked you, or called you a name.

Now, unless they do it all of the time it's not actually bullying, it's just being unkind.

Now, did you know there were different kinds of bullying? Yeah, it's true.

Calling people names, saying nasty things to them, or about them, making things up and whispering and spreading rumours, physically hurting someone, so either a punch or a kick or a nip.

And there's also something called cyber bullying, but we'll be talking about that later on in a different lesson, so I'm not going to mention that too much today.

Can you see the picture of the boy? Now this boy does this every single playtime.

Do you think that's bullying? Pause the video if you need some time to think or discuss it.

The boy is shouting at the little girl, and he looks quite aggressive.

He's doing it in a really horrible manner.

Does the little girl look like she's enjoying it? Is she smiling and laughing? No, she's not, is she? She's got her head down.

She's trying to cover herself up away from him.

What about the children in the background? Are they bullying? What do you think? This boy is bullying.

He picks on this little girl every playtime.

He's doing it repeatedly.

Now, although the children in the background aren't shouting at the little girl, they just stood there watching.

They're not really helping in any way, are they? Do you think that that's the right thing to do? Me neither.

Let's find out what they should do.


Hello everyone, this is my friend, Quasimodo.

And as you can see, he's really shy.

And that's because one horrible person started to call him ugly, and everyone one else started joining in.

And that was a really hard thing to ignore.

Luckily, Esmeralda came along, and she was a friend to him.

And she helped him.

She's going to teach us how to beat those bullies.

How we can ignore them, and how we can protect ourselves.

Welcome to beat the bullies.

My name is Esmeralda, and today I'm going to be telling you about how to stand up for yourself, and how to stand up for others.

First, stand up tall, push those shoulders back, and keep your eyes forward.

Say out loud I am incredible.

I have the right to be treated with respect.

I won't let anybody push me around.

Okay, get a buddy and be a buddy.

Whenever you're going out to different places, take your buddy with you if it's possible.

Now let's take a walk.

Stand up for yourself Quasi.

No, stop.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Never bully back.

It is your right to be loved and respected, and your responsibilty to love and respect.

Don't show your feelings to the bullies, Quasi.

No matter how much you want to cry, save that for when the bullies aren't around.

And for my final tip guys, remember, always tell an adult if you are being bullied, or if you see someone else being bullied.

Using your learning from today, I'd really love you to create a leaflet.

Now I've created one here.

Can you see? So it's nice and bright and colourful.

Now what you need to including in your leaflet is some beautiful pictures, maybe some subheadings.

I want you to explain different types of bullying, how to avoid it, and how to protect yourself and others.

Now, mine's quite a big one.

I decided to do mine like this.

So I've got one part, and then when I open this part I've got three parts all together inside.

Okay and I've split them up into different sections of what bullying is, so the different types.

Then I've spoken about, I can't remember now, how to avoid bullying.

And then how to protect yourself.

So I've done a picture of a little shield there.

Okay it's all nice and brightly coloured in as well.

And I've used my neatest handwriting.

Now, some leaflets are just one page like that.

So if you wanted to do one like that, where it's just one page, and maybe front and back, you can do it like that.

If you want to just fold one piece of paper in half, then you could do it like that.

Maybe you want to even have a little look at some leaflets on the internet first.

But this was how I did mine.

Okay, I'll pop a picture on as well so you can have a closer look.

Good luck.