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- Hi, we've not met before.

I am Miss Waka and I will be your teacher today.

Our learning objective today is to learn how to manage our feelings.

Hello, my name's Miss Waka.

We've never met before, but I'm gonna to be your teacher today.

What's your name? Oh, hi.

We are going to have an amazing lesson today.

Are you ready? Let's go.

You're probably wondering why I'm dressed up.

Do you know what I'm dressed up as? Yes, you're right.

I'm a caterpillar.

A tiny, whiny caterpillar that will grow into a beautiful butterfly.

Do you know why I'm dressed up as a caterpillar? It's because you are going to be starting a new journey in your life, the same way a caterpillar has had a new beginning and will soon slowly grow into a pupa and then into a beautiful butterfly.

You are a bit like this caterpillar.

Yes, you.

Do you know why? It's because you have to be really brave and strong to become this beautiful butterfly.

The caterpillar has had to go on a very long journey to become a butterfly.

A bit like what you will be going on when you are going to be starting school.

I am a caterpillar now that I have started school, but before that, I was a tiny, whiny egg when I was in nursery.

After being a caterpillar, I am going to turn into something called a pupa.

Can you say it? Pupa.

Well done.

The pupa is a bit like being in school where I will learn lots of exciting things.

Here's my pupa, so my caterpillar, and then my pupa.

Then, finally, I will become a beautiful butterfly once I show my brave colours.

What colours will you be when you become a butterfly? I can tell you will be really colourful butterflies showing all your braveness.

Let's see what we have to do today, shall we? In today's lesson, you will need your looking eyes, your listening ears, a piece of paper and certain different coloured paints.

Pause the video and go and collect the things that you need.

Meet Fatima.

She is four years old and she is getting ready to start her new school.

How are you feeling? - [Fatima] A bit worried.

- [Miss Waka] Why? - [Fatima] Because I don't have any friends.

- [Miss Waka] Oh, I'm sure you'll have made lots of friends.

Look at your uniform.

Stand up and show me your uniform.

Fatima has arrived at school and is now feeling a little bit excited.

What kind of day will she have? We're walking to school now, Fatima.

Are you excited for your new day? - [Fatima] Yes.

- [Miss Waka] Yeah.

Don't be worried and I'll see you after school.

Bye, bye, love you.

- [Fatima] Bye.

- [Miss Waka] Can you think back to the beginning of the video, how did Fatima feel? Pause the video and have a think.

Yes, she was worried and scared.

She thought she wouldn't have any friends, didn't she? When Fatima was walking to school, what did she soon start to feel? Pause the video and have a think.

Yes, she was becoming a little bit excited, wasn't she? Today's focus is based on our feelings.

What are feelings? Feelings are things we feel inside our brain or inside our heart after something happens.

So, a bit like when your mommy gives you a hug, you feel warm and fuzzy.

A bit like this picture.

If you saw this emoji, what would you think the feeling would be? Yes, you're right.

What tells us that it's a happy face? The smiling mouth, well done.

Can you show me a huge smile from ear to ear? Don't forget to show your teeth.

Wow, just like this little boy, look all his teeth.

We all have different feelings.

They can change for different things and times.

A bit like this picture.

That smile has turned upside down.

What would this mean? Yes, it would mean that you are sad.

Can you see what colour the face is? It's turquoise, a mix of blue and green, because he is feeling a little bit blue.

His eyes are looking down and droopy, just like this little boy.

He has an upside down smile and his bottom lip is showing.

Now, I have some more to show you.

I am going to need your help in a little while, so listen carefully.

You know that this face shows the upside down smile.

The droopy eyes and the colour blue shows us how upset this face is.

Now, look at this face.

A huge smile showing all those beautiful teeth.

How happy or ecstatic is this face? Yes, the word ecstatic means really happy.

Oh, the colour pink and those tiny, little eyes with the teeth partly showing, which means only a little bit.

This shows how worried, scared and anxious this face is.

Anxious is another word for scared and worried.

That is a new word.

Do you think you can say it? Anxious.

Well done.

Oh, my stomach is doing summersaults just looking at this face, all green with a wiggly mouth.

It shows the feeling of being sick or queasy.

When you feel a little bit sick, you can say you feel queasy.

The bright, yellow, round eyes and big smile shows that this is a face showing the feeling of being happy.

The bright colour yellow is just bright like the sun.

I hope you have remembered all of these.

We're now going to play a short game.

I am going to say an emotion and I would like you to point to the face showing that emotion.


Yes, you're right.

The smile and the colour yellow like the sun shows that this face is happy.

Very sad or upset.

Yes, you're right.

The sad face and the colour blue shows that this face is sad and upset.



The wiggly line and the green face shows that this face is a sick feeling or a queasy feeling.

Worried or scared.


The teeth pointing up and down and the colour pink shows that this face is a little bit worried and scared.

Can you remember the word I shared with you which means scared and worried? Oh, that's fantastic.

It is anxious.

You're really great.

Is that how you're feeling about starting school? Don't worry, there are other children in your class that will be feeling the same, and maybe even your teacher.

Well, together, we will be starting a new journey, like our egg becoming a caterpillar.

Your teachers will be getting their classes ready because they want you to feel safe and happy in your new class.

Remember, we are all in the same boat.

We are all in this together.

- [Fatima] I had a really good day.

I made a lot of friends.

- [Miss Waka] Are you happy? - [Fatima] Yes.

- [Miss Waka] What did you do? What did you play with? Did you play in the sand? - [Fatima] Yes.

- [Miss Waka] Oh, what was your best bit? - [Fatima] Playing in the sand.

- Playing in the sand.

Oh, excellent, high five.

Fatima has had an amazing day at school and she has made lots of friends.

Have a think, what was her favourite thing to play with at school? You're right.

She did, she really enjoyed playing in the sand.

Well done, guys.

How was Fatima's day? You're right, she had lots of fun.

She couldn't wait to tell her mommy about the day she had.

What I'd like you to do today is use different coloured paints to paint different coloured faces to show different feelings, like the ones we've been looking at before.

Do you remember? You'll be starting school, what will you be feeling? Let's have a go at painting it.

What colour shall I choose first? I'm going to choose yellow.

What shape will I paint for the face? That's right, a circle like this.

A bit more paint.

Now, I'm going to choose black.

But how many eyes do I need? Yes, two.

One, two.

And now, my mouth.

It also needs to show that emotion.

What do you think my face is feeling? Excellent, it is happy.

It is a happy face.

I'm very sure that you might be a little bit worried now, but once you get into school, meet new friends and have lots of fun activities to do, you will also be happy and will love your new school.

Now, it's your turn.

Like I have just modelled for you, I would like you to first choose a colour and paint a round face.

Next, use another colour to paint the eyes.

Then, I want you to paint the mouth.

Can you choose another emotion and paint that, too? That would be brilliant.

Oh, dear.

You just caught me.

I was nibbling on a green leaf.

This will help me become strong and brave, so I'm ready to grow.

I hope to see you all real soon.

Maybe I will have grown even more and become a butterfly.

Tune in again and see what happens.

Excellent job today.

If you would like to share what you've learned, ask your parents or carer to share your work on Twitter @OakNational with the #LearnwithOak.

I'm so proud of you all.

You've tried really hard to understand the different emotions.

Please come back next week and I'll see you then.