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- Hi everyone.

And welcome back to another RHE lesson with me, Miss.

Plummer and Olaf.

Nice to see you.

How are you feeling today? Brilliant.

Now the title of today's lesson is "That's Not Fair!" What do you think this lesson's going to be about? That's right.

Let's get started In today's lesson, you will need some paper, a pencil and some coloured pencils if you have them, but don't worry if you don't.

Pause the video to go and get those things.

Come back soon.

We will start off this lesson by thinking about the friendship chain that we discussed in our last lesson.

Then we're going to think about an act of kindness that you can do for your friend.

After that, we're going to think about something that is fair or unfair.

And finally, you're going to do a sorting activity.

In our last lesson, we learned how important it is to do kind things for our friends, because it makes them feel better.

Now here are my friends and I want to think of something kind that I could do for them.


What could I do? I know, I'll bake them some cookies.

I'm sure they'll enjoy those.

Olaf, what are you going to do for your friends? A warm hug, again? Okay then.

Can you think of something kind that you would like to do for your friend? This unit is all about friendships.

So let's think of something really kind that you could do for one of your friends.

It doesn't need to cost you any money, you don't even need to buy anything.

You could make something for your friend.

You could give them a flower that you find in your garden.

You could even just smile.

Think of something really kind that you can do.

Doesn't have to be today, could be tomorrow, the day after.

Just remember it in your head and see how they feel when you do something kind.

Today, we're going to learn about the words fair and unfair.

Do you know what the word fair means? Excellent, that means when we are equal, when everybody's sharing, everyone gets the same opportunity.

Now what's about unfair? That's harder isn't it? Something unfair would be if someone is feeling left out, or not everybody gets a turn.

How do you think that makes the other person feel? Probably not very nice is it? So on the following videos, we're going to see some videos and I want you to decide if they are fair or unfair.

Watch carefully.

- [Husna] I have two oranges.

- [Omaima] Oh, I don't.

- [Miss Plummer] Husna has taken two snacks, she has two oranges, but there are no snacks left for Omaima.

She has zero oranges.

Do you think this is fair or unfair? Put your thumbs up if you think this is fair.

Put your thumbs down if you think this is unfair.

Pause the video now then have a think.

Well done, that's right.

This is unfair isn't it? Because Husna has taken the last two oranges, which means Omaima doesn't have any.

That is unequal sharing of the snacks - [Husna] Here, it doesn't matter, you can have one of mine.

- [Omaima] Thank you.

- [Husna] You're welcome.

- Husna has realised she took the last two oranges and that there were no oranges left for Omaima.

So she decided to give one to her friend.

Then they each have one orange.

Do you think this is fair or unfair? Put your thumbs up if you think this is fair.

Put your thumbs down if you think this is unfair.

Pause the video now and have a go.

Well done, it's fair now isn't it because both of the girls have one orange each and they can both have a delicious snack.

Now that you've had a practise, we're going to do some more sorting together.

For this you will need to write the words fair and unfair at the top of your piece of paper, just like I've done.

Don't forget to use your phonics when you're spelling, f-air and un-f-air, unfair.

Have a go and come back when you're ready.

Now it's your turn to do some sorting.

Have a look carefully at the table on the screen in the box down there.

I would like you to think about whether it is fair or unfair.

Some of the things we've talked about already, some of them might be new.

Pause the video to complete your task.

You've been amazing today.

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See you soon.