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Physical activity required.

Adult supervision recommended.


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Hello, my name is Mr Lindley, and I'm going to be your PE teacher for today's session.

In this unit of work we've been looking at athletics.

And in today's session, we're looking at the throwing element of athletics.

But in particular, we're going to be throwing for accuracy, today.

We do need to keep ourselves safe in today's lesson.

If you're unsure of doing any of the PE activities make sure you've got a trusted adult nearby when you start them.

We're going to need a bit of a clear space today, approximately three by one metres.

Make sure there are no chairs, anything in the way that you might hurt yourself, so clear all that away, but also please check above you.

We wouldn't want you banging your head on anything.

Make sure you're wearing your trainers.

Please don't just do this and your socks, We wouldn't want you to slip.

Make sure the floor is not slippy.

And also, put something comfortable on that you know you can work out in, maybe some shorts and t-shirt.

Pop your hair up if needed, and remove any jewellery.

In this session, we're going to need a few items, about three pairs of rolled up socks to create a ball We're also going to need a laundry basket or something very similar to that to create a target, or maybe a bucket or something like that.

We're also going to need a timer, a stopwatch.

I'm going to use a built-in timer on my mobile phone.

Pause the video now.

Go and collect those items and click resume once you've done that.

The first part of the session will be a warm-up.

Then we're going to have an activity called step back target.

This will then progress onto a speed throw.

Then we'll have a look at the shot put before you having a go at yourselves with the exit quiz.

So, it's warm up time now.

Time to get active, time to get ready for today's session.

Here we're with the warm up for today's throwing lessons.

So let's get a bit of a pulse rate going first.

As always, we just always start with jogging on the spot.

Now we can increase the speed, going slowly on the knees but we're going to get going and we're going to be running down for about 30 seconds to get ourselves, getting the oxygen rounds.

Those muscles we're using, go on, keep jogging, if you got another few seconds, please.

Now let's have some star jumps, please.

Let's go back to jogging on the spot.

Every time I say jump, we're going to jump up and when I say down, we're going to touch the ground and back to jogging again are you ready team? I'm jogging on the spot Jump! Jump! Touch the floor Touch the floor Jump! Jump! Jump! Floor! Floor! Keep jogging Jump! Down! And jogging and this time, rather just go in around, we're going to get, jump up, down, out and another one and another one and another one two more another one back to jogging and, let's do some speed bounces starts up, small a bit faster! Now back to jogging again I can really feel, my body getting ready for action now I need more of space Move forward , then backwards forwards, and backwards Forwards and touch the floor then backwards Jump! Forward then touch Backwards and jump forwards, touch Backwards, jump Two more, excellent I'm really down to the wall Let's start mobilising those joints stretching ourselves off.

So let's start at the bottom all we need to do, is some squats lovely, with a twist we keep our hips, curves, hand strings all those thinking of those legs then stretch them, leg raises each time, make them a little bit higher stretching those muscles out I think we brought our boy muscles like we've done before Let's go up and round up, and out round and down Let's just do some twists for me please all the hips, waist, and, our arms, have them up stretched start with small circles then you can see we getting bigger and bigger moving them longer, backwards.

If you move forward, it doesn't matter, coz all we're going to do is the opposite of that one Next, it's up to me small forwards, make them a little bit bigger each time, massive circles, to finish.

So this time arms at house I'll bring one on rounds reach we load the throne work today hopefully your body's ready for today's throwing work.

Brilliant, well done with that warm up.

Which of these are the reasons why we warm up? Have a look at those four options now Option one, is to improve our resilience.

Option two, to improve our cognitive skills, option three, to raise body temperature and increased blood flow to muscles and option four, to work all muscle groups in the body.

Which one do you think applies to that question? The reasons why we warm up.


It's to raise body temperature and increased blood flow to our muscles, well done! There are a few key words in today's session.

The first word being dominant, dominant means being more powerful or important.

And in this first activity, we're going to be talking about our dominant hand or a non-dominant hand.

So what is activity number one? it's step back target.

Have a look at the demonstration.

See how this one works.

Before you have a go at improving your accuracy of throwing Activity one is step back target.

My target today, is my laundry basket.

I'm going to be attempting to get my rolled up three pairs of rolled up socks into the target, before taking a step back.

Initially, I've set it up and about 2 metres two big strides away.

I've got myself a bit of a marker.

Feel free to use anything.

Anything that handles that, or just try and remove where you start from all about opposite arms, opposite leg Now I'm going to be using my right arm to throw some of my left leg forwards transferring my weapon from the back to the front, and a small little follow through to show where I want that ball of sock to go One Two, missed that one three, if I get three successful ones I'll take a step back, which I didn't do.

So I'll collect those, and I'll have another go stay exactly where I am, one, just thinking about my technique.

Three successful ones.

That's all, I'm going to take a step back, so here I am, the marker and move a step back move our target there, and then I'll go again Opposite arm, opposite leg tryna aim for the target What's about to go with that and challenge myself to go further and further back.

I'm going to try and think about my non-dominant hand for me that's left, then I'm going to move a back step from the right move forward, trying my left is a lot more challenging.

I might want to start a little bit closer to the target first taking those steps back when I get three successful ones in.

In terms of making this a little bit more challenging a little bit easier.

We've got space, task equipment, people.

Those are the four things we can always think about but this one space, if you're lucky enough to get asked that's great bit more space available to you.

If you keep taking more and more steps back but also maybe equivalent for this one, a laundry basket quite a big target.

I can find something, a smaller target, a small little bucket I can find, something like that.

A bit more of a challenge.

That's up to you see how you get on but, I want you to have loads of goes to this, challenge yourself over and over again Time to pause the video, you've seen what it's all about.

All the information is here on this slide.

If you need it, pull the video and click resume, once you've had a good go at this.

When you throw, your opposite arm and opposite leg should be facing forward, picture that in your mind, do you think that's true or false? Yep.

That one of course is true.

And another set of keywords for this lesson is transference of weight.

It means shifting the body's weight from one foot to the other, when we're throwing we often off transferring our weight from our back foot through to our front foot, as we throw Activity two, speed throw This time, you're going to need your stopwatch for this one.

And it's all about accuracy but, competing against yourself, against the time.

Have a look at the demonstration.

So activity two, speed throw, as well as my target and what I'm used to throw my rolled up socks I'm going to need time as I mentioned earlier I'm going to use the timer on my phone if you got one of those that would be fantastic I'm going to place that near to me.

Where I'm about to throw from Initially, I've set this up again at two metres, two giant strides away from my targets.

I'm going to start using my dominant hand, the one I'm right with.

So opposite arm, opposite legs that one, kicking up my technique, I'm going to be throwing three It doesn't matter whether I get them all in I just keep counting the ones I get in soon as I release all three, I will collect and start all over again It's about one minute So I set the alarm for one minute, and I'm thinking about my 10, day one.

Two, three, run collect start all over again four, five, six.

And we keep going, until, time runs out It just ran out! But however, you've set that up, you need to know your score because 25, we'll give you gold 20, we will give you a silver and 15, we'll give you a bronze.

So you can have a few goals when this starts off.

See if you can improve your score.

If you find that a little bit easy always take a step back because I could change the space that would make it more challenging.

Space, task, equipment, people, all this off this one, P for people.

Is there somebody you could challenge for this one? Alright, you might get a bronze.

Do they manage to beat you on this with a bronze and get a silver? But it gives you that really focused for competition.

then, Get someone else, have a go at this one.

And once you've got to go, I want you to try the same by using your non-dominant hand.

Again, if you're challenging someone else at to that that'd be a great one.

Certainly having to use your non-dominant hand.

See how you get them.

Right? Pause the video time now to have a go at this one are you going to get gold, silver or bronze? Let's see how you get on Click resume, once you've had a good few goes at this one.

To throw effectively underarm, you should I need you need to complete that sentence for me.

Face your target, swinging your arm forward.

Transfer your weight onto the same side as your throwing arm.

Hold the ball in your dominant hand.

Which one would those work for the end of that sentence? In fact, it's three out of the four.


We would face our target.

We would then effective underarm throw, swing our arm and hold it with our most dominant hand to get the most effective throw possible.


Another key word for today's trajectory.

It means the actual expected path of a moving object.

And we're going to be thinking of the trajectory of the rolled up ball of socks in the shot put technique idea in that and coming up next and here is this activity, it's the shot put quite technical for this one.

So please watch the demonstration listen carefully to the explanation before having a go.

So activity three, we're now going to look at the shot puts I'm going to need one of these to start with.

Cause I want to look at the technique.

In athletics, we've got the sling throw, the sling throw would be discussed right? Well done.

And if I was using a pole technique and I'll be swabbing it or what I was throwing.

Yeah, but the push technique is for the shot put so here's my shot put today, Here's the technique I'm going to focus on dirty fingers, clean Palm, dirty neck.

In other words, the shot put is going to come into contact.

Making my fingers really dirty, keeping my Palm nice and clean.

Again, it comes into contact with my neck making it dirty so, dirty fingers, clean arm, dirty neck Then my chin, knee and toe are all in a wrap And then as I pivot my body I'm going to push shot put Today, I'm going to be pushing into my target.

Whereas of course, on an athletic field I might be pushing for distance.

Can I set myself up Behind my mark put your shoes aback, to three metres away? Chin, knee and toe, all in a row, dirty fingers, clean palm, dirty neck, couple of self ready.

So I know I'm going to pivot around.

I'm going to push to my target.

Just missed, I went a bit hard there.

So I'm going to adjust our sliding, my second throw, chin, knee, toe So all in a row, this one's quite tricky here I go, into the basket.

Once I've got three in a row into the basket then I could give myself a bit more of a challenge.

What would that challenge be on? It could be asked for space.

I can move myself back a little bit.

If I'm finding that one quite tricky in terms of equipment, my target it seemed quite large in activity one and two.

This one doesn't seem so large and maybe, I could swap my laundry basket and have an area I'm going to try to land it.

And I could even put the laundry basket in the middle of the area so I can have double points if I've got it actually in the basket.

So that would be something you could do for this one.

Have a go see how you get on and good luck with the shot put.

So you've seen the demonstration.

It's over to you.

It's time to pause the video to have a good few goes at this one.

All the information is on the slide, if you do need it, click resume once you've completed the task.

So our learning outcomes today, what have we been working? Well, we've developed our cognitive thinking skills.

We've also looked at our throwing technique.

We've been fighting for accuracy.

So we've been focusing on that.

We've been making informed choices, something that's helpful in all of our lives and also our competitiveness.

You've been competitive against my scoring system and also against yourselves I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson.

And I look forward to seeing you again soon in another athletics lesson.