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Hello there, I'm Mrs. Howley and this is Cedric.

Once he got here, what is this Cedric? Ah! No way.

It's a page from grandma Snails diary.

He found it buried in a box at the bottom of the garden.

We're going to be looking at diaries again today.

Let's see what we're learning.

In this lesson, we're going to box up a recount, Molly Young's diary.

We're going to start with some spelling.

Then we're going to retell the diary entry with our recount map.

And then we're going to box up the recount to get lots of ideas about thoughts and feelings the character might have.

For this lesson, you'll need an exercise book or some paper a pencil or a pen, and your brilliant brain.

Pause the video now if you need to collect any of those things.

Then press play when you're ready.

Let's have a look then Cedric.

Grandma Snails diary from a long time ago.

It says "it was very dark when I woke up because we had no candles left." They had no electricity then Cedric.

I know.

"It soon felt better.

When we went outside and played chase with the butterflies." She likes playing chase as well, just like you.

"This made me really happy." Oh, there's lots of thoughts and feelings in this, isn't it called reading somebody's diary from the past? We're going to need to apply our spelling skills when we're writing our diaries in this unit.

Now, I'm going to need Cedric's help.

But I'm going to need your help, too.

Because our words this week include lots of words that we've looked at in previous lessons.

Now, Cedric, let's have a look at the first word.

I know what this one is, its happy.

That's right.

Now, what's the tricky bit in the word happy Cedric? That's right.

It makes an e sound at the end, but that's shown With the letter Y, two syllables, happy, happy.


Now, Cedric, I've spotted that the next word also ends in that letter.

Y making an e sound, funny.

Can you say that for me in a funny voice? Funny.


Now next, what can we spot here, Cedric? Cedric spotted that the next two words, both have the w-h grapheme making wa word sound for these two question words, where, and when, where, and when.

Then we've got a word with well done Cedric.

A letter string three letters long, a, making an a sound in the word Okay, okay, great.

Then we've got, Cedric what can we spot on the end of this word? To make it a plural? a suffix? That's right.

We haven't got one cat.

We've got more than one cat.

We've got some cats.

And we've added an S to that word to make it a plural.

Well done.

That the next word is, let's say it, lunches, lunches.

More than one lunch, but it's two syllables.

So we've added e-s lunches, lunches.

And then finally, we've got one of our tricky words, which I think we'll need when we're writing diaries, and it's the word today.

Pause the video now and write down each of those words.

looking carefully at the tricky bits, press play when you're done.

In this unit, we're focusing on building up our toolkit to be brilliant writers of recounts.

Were focusing in particular on diaries.

Now remember, in a diary, you write down what you did, what you felt and what you thought about it.

Now, I'm going to practise retelling Molly Young's diary entry.

I'm going to use my recount map if you've got yours handy, and that's great.

I'm going to do this in role as Molly Young.

Okay, Dear Diary.

What an amazing few days I've had.

You won't believe what's happened to me.

First, I woke up and there on my desk was a magic paintbrush, and I couldn't believe it.

I was amazed.

I rushed to the field to help other people.

First, I saw that they had no water.

So I drew a river and it came to life.

Next, I saw some someone that was hungry.

So I drew delicious plates of food.

Then I saw someone who was homeless and afraid.

So I drew them a safe home to live in.

I felt so proud.

Soon, everyone had heard of my magic paintbrush.

But later that day, the greedy King's men came and stole my paintbrush, and they threw me in jail.

I was so scared.

I was so sad and worried.

What was I going to do? How was I going to help the people now? Next, before I knew it, I was being summoned to the king himself.

He wanted me to help him get rich.

He asked me to draw him a golden mountain, I didn't know what to do.

I knew he was a bad man.

But then I had an idea.

So I drew a big sea.

He was cross."Why have you drawn the sea? I want the golden mountain." Then I drew the golden mountain far away.

Him and his people travelled on the big ship I drew.

When they were in the middle of the ocean, I drew away a giant wave.

And splash that was the end of him.

I felt so relieved.

Thank goodness.

I had my magic paintbrush back.

I am so pleased that I get to use my magic paintbrush every day to help other people.

How did you get on? Remember if you forget any part of the recount, you can use your text map your recount map to help.

Pause the video now and have a go at retelling the recount yourself.

How did you get on? I find that every time I retell a text, I leave a bit out or I add a bit in.

That's fine.

It gives us more ideas.

Now we're going to box up the recount, we're going to break it up into different sections and look at the thoughts and feelings that the character might have at different points in the diary entry.

To start boxing up, I'm going to draw a line down the centre of the page, and then four lines going across, which will then help me to make up my five sections of the boxing up.

Okay, so I've got number one, number two, number three, number four, and number five.

So in the first part of the diary entry, we've got the introduction, I'm putting that capital I in my bubble introduction.

Okay, so then I've got the first event.

Event one.

So in this diary entry the first event that he is recounting.

Is finding the magic paintbrush.

But then also using it to help other people by creating a river the plates of food and what was the third thing that he did help the others? He drew houses.


So then move on to event two.

The second event that Molly Young describes in his diary entry.

So that is the magic paintbrush being stolen in getting thrown into jail.

And obviously describing how he feels in jail as well.

Then we've got event three, which is the greedy King, summoning him to him, and then him not being sure what to do have an idea and then tricking him by creating the sea.

And then, of course, the big wave.

And then finally, we've got the conclusion.

So that's the end of our diary entry, where we think back to what has happened in that day, and what we think about what has been written.

Okay, so now we can start writing on the other side, the introduction, the character is feeling amazed about the time that they've had.

All young feels amazed about the past few days that he's writing about in his diary.

How do we think he's feeling what thoughts he may have in the event two? First, he might feel nervous about using the magic paintbrush, but then he feels really happy about helping other people.

And excited.

How might Molly Young feel and what might he think when the paintbrush is stolen, and he's thrown into jail? He obviously feels sad when the paintbrush is stolen.

And he's worried about what to do, because he wants to help other people.

So he feels scared in jail.

And he feels worried about how he's going to help other people.

And then, in event three, when he manages to trick the king, how do you think he's feeling then? At first, he's confused, and he's not sure what to do, but then he might feel clever.

And he definitely feels relieved and I'm going to put in a thought bubble here the word for you? Because he's so relieved that he's got the magic paintbrush back.

And then finally, how do we think? What do we think about how what he might be feeling in the conclusion? He's feeling really happy.

And really pleased that he gets to use the magic paintbrush to help other people.

And I've shown that with pictures there.

Now it's your turn to have a go up boxing up.

Molly Young's diary entry.

Good point Cedric.

Cedric asked me to remind you, you can draw pictures, you can write words.

It's completely up to you.

Pause the video now and have ago.

How did you get on? I find boxing at the text really useful for when I'm writing and we're going to be writing Molly Young's diary soon.

And I'm going to be writing my diary tonight.

I wonder what I'll include in it today.

I've been so impressed with our hard break, Cedric, that I'm going to give us the cheese cheer.

Are you ready? You're going to have to be my cheese grater Cedric, you ready? Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great job.

Well done.

We'll see you very soon.